What is a Video Game Walkthrough?


Yeah! That's a good question. What exactly is a 'video game walkthrough'? And what is MajorSlackVideos?

Okay first off...

MajorSlackVideos is my Youtube channel dedicated to GENUINE video game walkthroughs. And in case you didn't get my drift with my nudge-nudge-wink-wink uppercase formatting, the operative word here is genuine.

As for the second question, as of this writing, there persists a huge misunderstanding on Youtube as to exactly what a 'walkthrough' is.

Is it...?

  1. A video recording of somebody bumbling-and-stumbling through a video game for the first time with live nonsensical running commentary.


  2. An instructional video recording by a dedicated gamer who is playing through a video game after learning how to play the game well with live running commentary of exactly why he is doing what.

And quite frankly, five years from now (A) will most likely and most unfortunately be the correct answer. That's because five years from now, Youtube will be so inundated with blind playthroughs masquerading as walkthroughs (as if it's not already) that gamers the world over will have adopted (A) as the only definition they ever knew. And (B) will have faded away and become some weird anomaly being plugged by that Major Slack guy who's still on a possibly hopeless crusade trying to redefine gaming videos.

Hey. Just for kicks, let's go back in time ten years (circa 2002), a time before Youtube, yes a time when if a gamer wanted to figure out how to get past a tough spot in a video game he was currently enjoying, he'd have to (*gasp) google "[game name] walkthrough" and then if he was lucky enough to find something, he'd have to (*gasp) read, that's right, READ a detailed written explanation walking him through the tough spot in his video game.

Now let's apply definition (A) of 'walkthrough' and imagine somebody took the trouble to write down in detail his every experience when playing through a video game for the first time. And then he posted it as a web page on the internet and called it a 'walkthrough'. And then somebody was googling one day, circa 2002 once again, and found said web page while looking for a 'walkthrough' and began reading. How ripped off do you think he'd feel as he began reading what was simply a written account of some noob's first experience with a video game?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Blind Playthroughs Have Their Merit

Now don't get me wrong. Blind playthroughs (which is what the vast majority of 'walkthroughs' on Youtube are) do have their merit. They provide solid entertainment value by allowing you to:

  • Watch someone get clobbered playing through parts of a video game you've already mastered.
  • Hear candid girly-screams when they bump into scary parts.
  • Watch an actual and complete video demo of a game you're thinking of buying.

But back to our original example of somebody posting a complete written account of their first experience with a video game and calling it a walkthrough, why are all these blind playthroughs being touted as 'walkthroughs' on Youtube?

Well I'll tell ya —and I'm really sorry but someone's got to blow the whistle on these guys— but the bottom line is this is just a good old fashioned BAIT-AND-SWITCH. That's how this whole incorrect definition of walkthrough began.

Way back in the day, some gamers instinctively knew that what most gamers were looking for on Youtube was a genuine 'walkthrough' of the video games they were playing. And those gamers who didn't want to spend the time or didn't have the smarts to create a real video game walkthrough started simply recording themselves doing blind playthroughs, i.e., their first experiences playing through a video game with no knowledge of what came next as they played and calling them 'walkthroughs'.

Why did they do that?

MORE views on their videos.


More people are likely to click through on a video entitled 'walkthrough' than they are on a video called a 'playthrough'. Don't believe it? Do a comparative search on Youtube for "[any game name] walkthrough" and "[any game name] playthrough" and you'll always come up with MORE results for 'walkthrough' than you will for 'playthrough'. This means that the typical Youtube gamer is more interested in calling his videos 'walkthroughs' than 'playthroughs'. And the bottom line is only a tiny, tiny minority of those 'walkthroughs' are actual walkthroughs.

Honestly, and once again, I really hate to be the one to blow the whistle on this (it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it), but this is straight-up exploitation. And this exploitation is actually redefining the English language.

So now my friends you know what a real video game walkthrough is.

And now you know what MajorSlackVideos is all about.

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138 Responses to What is a Video Game Walkthrough?

  1. Lauren Wise says:

    So, I am a middle aged guy who was never into video games until about 5 years ago when my daughter introduced me a few games. I'm essentially the real life embodiment of Mr. Fumble Fingers and am not very good, but I love it. I found your channel a couple of years ago while playing Borderlands and it honestly changed everything about my approach to gaming. I had no idea the breadth and depth the games contained until I saw your videos. I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put into your walkthroughs. They are hands down the best thing on youtube, seriously.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Major Slack, would you recommend I get Fallout 4 or Doom? Due to specific circumstances (money) I cant get both

  3. Gavin Brosche says:

    Hi Slack, I don't do likes or subscribes. Thanks for your 'real' walkthroughs. Just to let you know, I have watched many of you journeys, and been mightily entertained.

    Don't stress to much about the 'silent' trend. You and Mr Fumble Fingers, Slack Babble, Pee Wee and company are what the Slack are all about.

    I would love a XXLarge black T Shirt with the classic 'Major Slack Attack' font. Maybe you have it already. Maybe I will just buy a bunch o 'Skyrim' guides - one day.

    Much respect.

    Feeling better now? Why yes, yes I am.

  4. Steve says:

    Hi Major Slack,

    I have 40 dollars, what game should I get?
    Sorry if its such a stupid question, i'm insanely new to gaming (teenager) and I pretty much spend 40% of my free time watching your channel. (60% is trying and failing to accomplish the walkthroughs)

  5. Hinteregions says:

    I've seen many games I know and love treated in this shallow way but now, after a timely lecture or two from MajorSlack I understand we do have an epidemic. The antidote is to not accept opportunistic noob playthroughs, that hurt games and gamers and gaming, to click that 'dislike' button even if you don't like being negative, and possibly even to say a little something directly to them, on their page - constructive, polite and respectful always :D

  6. USMChawk says:

    Hey Slack,
    Love your (real) walkthroughs! Am I crazy, or did I hear you mention a Doom 4 (or whatever it's called) walkthrough coming soon? Can't wait for your next series (Doom or otherwise). Keep up the great work!

  7. Trevor says:

    Hey slack, love the new fallout survival beta walkthrough. Quick question though. Are you going to produce a copy of your notes or make another written guide. I love watching your videos sir, but it's hard to do that and play at the same time. If you can shoot an email that would be great. Thank you slack, you are the best YouTuber IMHO.

  8. David says:

    was wondering if you have done a Thief walkthrough?...i find ur commentary very funny and entertaining:)

  9. Ryder says:

    Are you going to do the dying light dlc. Also love your videos!

  10. Matt says:

    Just wanted to say been watching a lot of your videos on Skyrim and I had to buy your book simply because you do a great job at studying the game and put a lot of work in! Thank you so much the entertainment value is through the roof!!!!!!

  11. alex says:

    Dear Slack, my name is Alex (aka Davidyan Aleksandr@youtube) writing you from Moscow, Russia.
    I'm with you for a few years now, checking all your real walkthroughs. really fond of you, please keep up the good work.
    I wonder if you take donations? was looking for this info over the website but didnt find any.

    please write me an e-mail or answer here, thanks in advance!

  12. Joshua White says:

    Hey slack
    For the past 6 years i have been using your walkthroughs to help me get though games such as the far cry series on infamous difficullty and now i am prepared for when the s**t hits the fan.
    Many thanks all the way from the UK

  13. Major Slack says:

    Hello Nicky,

    You'll have to send me an email with your full name, the email address you used to make the Paypal payment and specify which ebook you bought. Send the email to bossman [nospam] majorslack.com. Replace [nospam] with the @ symbol.

  14. Nicky Donero says:

    Hello Slack, I recently moved PCs and it seems I have lost my copy of the eBook. I was wondering if there was any way to get a new copy?

  15. Andybhoy1888 says:

    Hey slack love the skyrim legendary videos & just purchased the ebook (awaiting process and delivery) look forward to receiving the book

    Love all the way from the UK

  16. Meg says:

    On resident evil 3/5-5 I think it is where you put the two blue moon halfs together, I only have 12 shotgun shells, 25 red 9 shells and 6 sniper bullets. Now, I'm in love with your walkthroughs, but I can never save ammo like you do. I've been at this game for 8 mon. Yes I know 8 mon! I can get two the cave with all the monster flies you know right after you kill the 2 gigantors and I run completly out of ammo. Help!!!

  17. Sascha says:

    Thank you Major, the online book has arrived :-)

    Great job :-)

  18. Sascha says:

    I bought your FC3 online book now and I`m pretty sure that I will be a hero in this game now. Thank you Slack

  19. Claire says:

    Hi Slack, I've been watching your terrific videos. I'm a newbie to Skyrim V and I have a really noob question. I've searched everywhere and can't find the answer to my question.

    My Skills menu says "Perks to Increase: 9". I am lvl 10. How do I acquire those perks?? I know. Stoopid eh?

  20. Philip (uberfool63) says:

    Thank you slack just got the ebook for Skyrim Legendary Made Easy: The Quick & Dirty Dark Elf Build! can't wait to read it, thanks bossmann all the best from phil

  21. Pedro says:

    Hi major slack when i saw your Games Walkthrough i got addicted and bought some games for experience them like you,
    Currently i´m playing Dead Space 2 and is an amazing game but i´m stuck because that nuts Stross get me all the time with that screwdriver i do what the game tells me and press the button in my game say letter E and in your walkthrough says letter V could you help me put Stroos to sleep.


  22. James says:

    I love your walkthroughs. Not only are they the most detailed and filled with the best and most useful content, buy you are the only one who can pull it off without sounding like a dick. Your schtick works. I blame it on your being a Canadian, or as we say in the U.S. - upper Mexicans. Why that guy RadBrad gets all the views I don't know. I think he appeals to the younger gamers. I am middle aged. Anyway keep up the good work. Someday I will play a game without constantly alt-tabbing to follow your every move.

  23. Joel says:

    Hi again Slack,

    Received the e-book, thanks for the quick reply and confirmation :)

  24. Major Slack says:

    Hello Joel,

    Thanks for buying my ebook! For security reasons, all ebook orders are processed manually. I just finished processing your order and it has been sent out. You should receive it within a few minutes.

    Best regards,
    Major Slack

  25. Joel says:

    Hi Slack,

    I ordered your Skyrim Legendary Made Easy e-book about 20 minutes ago and still haven't received it at the email address I provided. I was just wondering, do you have to send it manually or should I have it by now?

  26. Major Slack says:

    Hello Antonin,

    Your ebook order was processed and sent out on Thursday January 22nd, 2015 at 4:14pm Eastern. It was sent to the exact same email address you used to post your message here. Some email programs have very aggressive spam / junk mail systems so please check your spam / junk mail folders. If you still don't find it, reply immediately here or better yet, contact me directly at bossman[at]majorslack.com (replace [at] with @) and I'll resend your ebook.

    Best regards,
    a.k.a., Major Slack

  27. Antonin says:

    Hi Rob, i still haven't got your skyrim Ebook, so i was hopping if you can tell me what's happening ^^

  28. Major Slack says:

    @Ern, Yes it can and Windows XP is no problem. All my ebooks are also compatible with smartphones and tablets. :)

  29. Ern says:

    Can your ebook be downloaded onto a desktop computer--Windows XP?

  30. Ern says:

    Can an ebook be downloaded onto a desktop computer--Windows XP?

  31. Antonin says:

    Hi Rob, i started watching your Skyrim Guide on Youtube, and i bought your ebook ! I impatient to read it and follow your guide. A big tumbs up from Switzerland :)

  32. Major Slack says:

    Hello Pete,

    Today was one of those rare times when I was out of my office all afternoon on a weekday. Most humble apologies for the delay. Your order has now been processed and sent out. Please contact me right away if you still don't receive it. All ebook orders are sent to the Paypal email address used to make the payment.

    Rob a.k.a., Slack :)

  33. Pete says:

    Hey Slack,
    Bought the ebook a couple hours ago and wanted to make sure it went through and you got the payment. Also wanted to take this opp to ask you if you're ever going to do a walkthrough of dragon age inquisition?

    * The payment will probably show up under the name Elizabeth in case there's any confusion

  34. Major Slack says:

    @Billy, My wife just tested my Skyrim ebook on her Ipad mini and it loaded right away, no problem. It's also compatible with Iphone. :)

  35. Billy says:

    i have question about the e-book skyrim made easy in one of your vids you said that you have it in PDFs is the PDFs iPad friendly ? Let me know at your earliest convenience thank you very much

  36. Major Slack says:

    @Michael, No problem but for security reasons, I'll have to resend it to the Paypal email address you used to make the payment. You should receive it within 10 minutes of the time of this writing.

  37. Michael says:

    Hey Slack, a while ago i purchased the Skyrim Legendary Made Easy guide book and a few days ago it was deleted. Would you be able to resend it?

  38. Major Slack says:

    Hello Cory,

    Your ebook order has already been processed and sent out at 7:14 Eastern yesterday evening. Did you not get it? Check your email and make sure you check your junk mail folder in case your email program put it there by mistake. Contact me immediately if you still didn't get anything and I'll resend it.

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