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Alright, here's the stuff they don't tell you in other game guides.

As in, here is everything you wanted to know about Dead Space 2 but were afraid to ask.

Youtube video game guru, Major Slack (14,000+ subscribers and counting), shows you how to master Dead Space 2 on Zealot and Hardcore difficulty settings with this 272 page detailed analysis of the single player campaign.

This beautifully formatted, easy-to-read ebook will:

Wipe out enemies in many sections of the game using no ammunition and learn how to manage your resources 'Major Slack style' so that you can finish the game with more power nodes than you know what to do with!

On my initial test-play of the game on Zealot difficulty using my ebook as a guide, I finished the game with 42 spare power nodes. You can too!


...and more!


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