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Far Cry 3 Master Field Manual book shot

Once again, here's the stuff they don't tell you in other game guides...

Alright, as many of you may or may not know, I produce REAL walkthroughs on my Youtube channel and these real walkthroughs take a lot of time, practice and study to produce. They also require that I do some extensive note-taking and my Far Cry 3 walkthrough is no different.

There have been many requests that I produce another ebook and I decided Far Cry 3 was the perfect game to do it for since, among other limitations, the game's save system does not save your exact location.

This can be quite tedious for Far Cry 3 enthusiasts who want to test certain strategies on various enemy positions but have to repeatedly hike in from distant predesignated respawn points in order to do so. So basically, I've done all the leg work for you.

Yes, that's right.. Here is a compilation of all the notes I took behind the scenes in order to produce a game plan for my video walkthrough of Far Cry 3. The notes have been transformed from point form into an organized well-written full blown 153 page ebook and it's like no other game guide you've seen on Far Cry 3.

It's entertaining, it's fully bookmarked for easy navigation and it contains all of the following:

...and more!

And best of all, this ebook was extensively tested on the new very hard Master difficulty setting so in effect, it's compatible with any difficulty setting you decide to play on.


Wanna take a little peek?

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