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Once again, here's the stuff they don't tell you in other game guides...

Hi, my name is Rob but most of my viewers know me as 'Major Slack' or just 'Slack' and I'm one of the few dedicated gamers to produce REAL walkthroughs on Youtube. These real walkthroughs take a lot of time, practice and study to produce. They also require extensive note-taking and learning how to play Skyrim on Legendary difficulty was no different.

In fact, it's hard to play Skyrim efficiently on Legendary difficulty without taking notes. This is especially true since Skyrim doesn't offer you any way to get back and respend your skill perk points. So once you commit to leveling up a skill and spending perk points on it, there's no going back unless you start over from a previous save.

And often you may not realize how badly a character build will fail until you've already invested a lot of time in it leveling up and trying to make it work. Needless to say, repeated restarts can get a little frustrating especially with a game that puts a daunting array of options at your disposal.

So what do you do if you can't be bothered getting your PhD in Skyrimology just so you can play Skyrim on Legendary difficulty without getting clobbered back to the Stone Age every five minutes?

Well I've clocked over over 1000 hours in Skyrim. (Gross understatement actually. The truth is a little embarassing.)

Let me do all the trial and error leveling-up leg work for you and then cordially invite you to crack open and peruse my extensive and highly classified Skyrim game notes!

And here they are...


SKYRIM LEGENDARY MADE EASY: THE QUICK AND DIRTY DARK ELF BUILD the result of my capacious travels through the Skyrim gamescape and it will show you how to easily dominate Skyrim playing as a tanked-up Destruction mage. It focuses on getting you into combat as quickly as possible while at the same time efficiently managing resources to create an in-game business model that will finance your character build.

Highly entertaining and beautifully bookmarked for easy navigation, this 160 page game guide contains a complete and easy step-by-step walkthrough of my fully-tested made-for-Legendary quick and dirty Dark Elf build (no exploits!) and shows you how to:


Women love flowers and real men pick 'em. If you really want to make the BIG MONEY in Skyrim, my game guide also offers you the alternative...



Discover exactly where to find gobs of ingredients right from the get-go without having to go into combat. Then combine those ingredients using my extensive and specially designed list of power potion recipes, that is, potions specifically made for resale and made to power level Alchemy. You can make a metric ton of gold doing this. Alchemy is officially the best way to make money in Skyrim but not many gamers know exactly how to go about it. Let me show you!


If picking flowers is not your style...


You're in a really BIG HURRY...

Well you can always do things the quick and SUPER DIRTY way with...




You like to cheat, do you?!

Well don't worry because I've got something for you too!

My Eager Eddie Exploit game plan will show you how to quickly and easily whip up a ridiculously overpowered conjuration mage in under three hours. Yes, that's right. Kicking mammoth, giant and dragon butt all over Skyrim in under three hours (and not as a glass cannon either).


"What is this? Three ebooks, Slack?"


All of the above is included in my Skyrim Legendary Made Easy game guide!

Wanna take a little peek?

Check out a FREE sample right here...

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