Borderlands 2 Walkthrough:
Mastering the Game Solo as Zero

Would you like to become a master at Borderlands 2 and have a whole lot of fun doing it?

Well let someone who has played the game extensively as Zero the Assassin provide you with a quick primer on the game mechanics and some kickbutt strategies to get you up to speed.

First of all, here's my complete Borderlands 2 walkthrough of the single player campaign.

Congratulations, You Found a Real Walkthrough!

Please note that the collection of videos in the playlist linked above is a genuine walkthrough of the game. It is not, I repeat, it is NOT a blind playthrough similar to that you might have seen with 99.999% of all the other 'walkthroughs' on Youtube.

As with all my Youtube game guides, I study the game and do many practice runs before recording and uploading videos. What you'll see in these videos is an example of playing the game the way it was meant to be played. For a more detailed discussion about the difference between 'walkthroughs' and 'playthroughs' please refer to my website home page.

This Borderlands 2 game guide and the accompanying videos will focus mainly on strategy, tactics, weapon selection, mission scheduling, skill point allocations and more in order to show you how to play this challenging game with confidence and finesse.

Let's start with...

An Introduction to Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 was released September 18th, 2012 and is the sequel to the original 2009 smash hit Borderlands. Touted as the first role-playing shooter, this game franchise combines elements of a role-playing game (RPG) and a first person shooter (FPS).

Borderlands 2 continues with the same gameplay style but brings a much more epic adventure to the table. As with the original, Borderlands 2 can be played in either 4 player online co-op mode or in single player campaign mode.

You can play the game as one of four different character classes (five if you pre-ordered the game and/or purchased the Mechromancer DLC), each of which accentuates a different play style.

Gameplay consists of typical first person shooter fare (shoot a bunch of bad guys from a behind-the-gun view) but also involves managing an XP/Skill point system similar to that you find in other RPGs such as the classic Diablo 2 or the more recent Dead Island.

XP and Levelling Up

XP (experience points) is earned by killing enemies and completing missions. Once a predetermined number of XP is accumulated, your character 'levels up' and advances to the next character level (level 2, level 3, etc).

Thus, as you play the game, you work your way toward the next predetermined amount of XP required to get to the next character level. For example, accumulating 358 XP will move you up to character level 2, accumulating 1241 XP will get you to character level 3, 2850 XP gets you to level 4, etc.

Starting with level 5, every time you level up you also earn a skill point. Skill points are spent on developing skills which can be found in the Skills menu. Developing skills will give you special abilities as well as bonuses to various attributes such as inflicting more damage with certain weapon types or attacks. Building up your skills makes your character more powerful and is essential to taking on the tougher and tougher enemies you'll face as you progress through the game.

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3 Responses to Borderlands 2 Walkthrough:
Mastering the Game Solo as Zero

  1. ratherastory says:


    I am a million years late to the party. A friend wheedled me into buy Borderlands 2 ("Come ride in jeeps and blow things up with me! Plus there's a pony made of diamonds!"), and I thought "What the hell?"

    The next thing I knew, I was hip-deep in my first FPS ever and totally in love with this wacky little game. I kept going, but I'm basically all but completely inept at this stuff (although I'm improving with practice!), and after a while I was running in circles and not getting anywhere. (Yes, I'm a complete n00b. I've played exactly four video games in my whole life, including this one. I also started when I was "old," i.e. 27)

    Google brought me to your walkthroughs, and I wanted to stop by here and say THANK YOU, because you have saved my butt a bunch of times. I very much appreciate the time you take to explain what you're doing and why, and the detail you provide in all your explanations. I have to say, though, that you make things look easy: you waltz in, perform the mission, waltz out. I go in and get my ass handed to me on a platter, repeatedly. ;)

    Seriously, thank you again. I've learned a ton about strategy and gameplay from your videos, and they never fail to make me laugh on top of everything else. ("That's a paddlin'!" makes me giggle every time.) I haven't commented on the YouTube videos themselves because you've switched channels and I'm not sure if it would actually be useful for me to do so.

    Happy gaming!

  2. lucas says:

    & oh yeah, you also average about $1000 per trip from the sale of unwanted weapons, mods, & shields.

  3. lucas says:

    gorillamg from youtube

    Hey Slack, gotta say, I love your walkthroughs. Same sense of humor as me so they're enjoyable to watch.

    Now, on to brasstacks. Yeah, I'm late getting to the party, but I'm a spur of the moment buyer, so I just bought BL2 a couple weeks ago & am just getting into the meat of it. Watching your videos, I noticed that you were always "yum yum yum" excited when you found eridium & weapons chests. Thanks in part to another video I watched & in part to my own playing style, I've got a quick way to get eridium, weapons chests (& in turn, money), and level up to about 17 (after that it doesn't return enough XP to make it worth using the method to level).

    If you're interested, read away. If you're not interested in making a video for fast character gains (eridium, weapons, $$$, and XP), kindly ignore.

    From Sanctuary, fast travel to Bloodshot Stronghold.
    Equip a slag weapon & fire burst grenade (I've gotten to love firebursts thanks to your walkthroughs :)
    Turn around & exit to Three Horns Valley & the entrance bridge of Bloodshot Stronghold.
    Cross the bridge to meet Maw Maw.
    Throw a fire burst grenade next to him or just behind him and shoot him with the slag weapon to boost the fire damage (pending nade strength, it should only take 1 to kill him).
    He usually drops a couple weapons & anywhere from 1-6 eridium bars (I've only gotten 6 bars a couple times, 1 out of 10 times he'll drop 0).
    From there, go back onto the bridge facing away from the stronghold & jump onto the building immediately at the end of the bridge on the left.
    Run around the outside of the shacks on the left for the first chest.
    Just to the left of the chest is a fence; jump on it & then onto the shack immediately behind the weapons chest.
    Run off the front of the shack onto the middle level of the free-standing building & get the 3 storage lockers inside (sometimes eridium is in them).
    Go back outside the door you went in & jump over the railing onto the open platform in the middle of the engagement area.
    Run up the ramp from the platform to the 2nd weapons chest (throw your Slack shadow at will to draw ne'er-do-wells' attentions).
    Run back inside Bloodshot Stronghold.
    Open the chests inside to replenish your ammo & nades (I've found eridium in the box to the right of the health vending machine twice).
    Give the unwanted weapons the red x of death, test maybes on the bandits in the next room, & sell them at the vends.
    Save & Quit.
    Continue from the main menu & you'll start right back in Bloodshot Stronghold with all chests, crates, & lockers reset.

    It takes about 3 minutes round trip & you Average 2 eridium bars per trip.

    Again, I know you prefer doing walkthroughs & not Easter Eggs, cheats, glitches, etc. Just thought you might enjoy a simple one. Heck, even the hints in the loading screens recommend re-killing bosses to keep getting their loot. lol


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