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A lot of you ask the same questions over and over again in the comments threads on my Youtube PC video game channel, MajorSlackVideos. Initially I tried to answer all these questions directly on my channel but I eventually ran out of room because there is a character limit for text put in Youtube channel descriptions. So I decided to move all that information here to my website instead.

Okay, so here we go. Below you'll find the most frequently asked questions and the answers. We'll start off with the number one most frequently asked question of all time.

And that is...

Q. What kind of computer do you have?

A. Here are my specs:

  • AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz CPU (Quad core)
  • ASUS M488T-M/USB3 Motherboard
  • SATA2 Seagate 7200 1 Terabyte Hard Drive
  • 650 watt ATX Truepower TP-650 Power Supply
  • Kingston KVR 1333MHz DDR3 Memory (4 Gigabytes)
  • Radeon 6850 1 Gig Video Card
  • Plantronics Headset
  • Cheapo mouse, keyboard, DVD drive

And here are some more questions and answers...

Q. What walkthrough are you going to do next?

A. I don't really think that far ahead. It's not that I don't have any ideas (on the contrary). It's just that I've basically got my hands full doing what I'm doing now. And a lot of you have made suggestions to do a walkthrough on this game or do a walkthrough on that game. I thank you for the comments but the bottom line is these suggestions have very little impact on my choice of what walkthroughs to do.

Q. Are you going to do a walkthrough of Fallout 3?

A. No. It's been done to death already. A search for "fallout 3 walkthrough" on Youtube yields a whopping 11,800 results. Besides, there are so many other games I want to play before playing Fallout 3. I'll probably get around to playing it eventually but definitely not anytime soon.

Q. What games do you recommend?

A. Any game that I did a video on and uploaded to my Youtube channel and/or did a review here on my website —with the exception of Damnation— is a game that I recommend. Re: Damnation... Surprisingly enough, my Damnation videos get a ton of views but I personally think it's poorly made game. The Metacritics PC Damnation score is currently 41 (out of 100) and the user score is 4.2 (out of 10).

Q. What is your favorite game?

A. As of this writing, it's a toss-up between Skyrim and Far Cry 2.

Q. What do you think of my Far Cry 2 weapon loadout?

A. I don't know. Try it out in the game. It's really a matter of what you feel comfortable with. I can't make those decisions for you.

Q. Can you add me on Steam/What's your gamertag? (etc)

A. Most humble apologies but I don't enjoy multiplayer gaming at all anymore. Did a lot of it back in my PS1 days playing Tekken 3 head-to-head with my buddies and also a lot of Command & Conquer head-to-head by hooking up two playstations together. Nowadays the big thing online is playing team game modes in first-person shooters like Call of Duty, etc and the bottom line is I'm just not a team player. Never have been. Have always been fiercely independent (which is why I'm self-employed). As for FPS death match modes, I find them to be a collosal bore. Sorry. Notwithstanding, regarding all of my game reviews here on, wherever there is a multiplayer component, I would greatly appreciate it if people left comments regarding the multiplayer aspect of the respective game. Thanks.

Q. Here are my system specs... Can I run [ insert name of game here ]?

A. With all due respect, it is beyond me how someone can know the systems specs of their computer and have no idea how to look up the system requirements for a video game and apply that information to figure out whether they can run the game or not. It would take about 30 seconds of browsing on the internet.

Here are two things you can do:

  1. Go to and put the name of the game you want to find out if you can run into the search box and hit Go. Click through to the wikipedia entry on your game and simply scroll down the page on the right side until you find the summary info box (Developer, Publisher, Engine, etc.). In that box you'll always find the system requirements for your game, both minimum and recommended. Compare your system specs to the RECOMMENDED system requirements. If your system matches or betters those requirements then you can run the game. It's that simple.

    OR even easier...

  2. Go to (This website is self explanatory).

Once again, either of those two operations should require no more than 30 seconds of your time and once again with all due respect, I don't know why people clog up all the game forums and comments threads on Youtube asking other people to do this leg work for them.

Q. Are you really 53 years old?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you put up a video showing us what you look like?

A. I already have many. Here's one of them:


Okay that's it for the first installment of MajorSlackVideos FAQs. As more frequently asked questions start to pile up, I'll post a second page (and third and fourth if need be).

Much thanks for reading and your comments are most welcome.

~ Major Slack

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79 Responses to MajorSlackVideos Official FAQ

  1. JR says:

    You know what, I couldn't agree more with you if I tried. I used to play multiplayer a lot back in the day, and I remember rigging up LANs on coax cables for Quake/Quake II sessions and even DOOM/DOOM II. All that good stuff. I also played online a lot, especially Battlefield 2142 which I loved, but I can't stand it anymore. If I play games (and I'm not ashamed to say I often start on Easy these days) I'm playing for the fun and to enjoy the experience. It's not a damned competition, it's suppose to be fun! Why get frustrated with a game for no reason? What do I have to prove? Nothing. Not to me, and certainly not to anyone else.

    I'm glad I'm not alone when it comes to my opinion about multiplayer. I'm barely hitting the 40, but most of my younger co-workers (4-8 years younger) apparently love multiplayer. It's just not for me, so your sentiment not wanting to do it, I approve!

    What does annoy me that certain games REQUIRE co-op to complete (Splinter Cell: Blacklist for example). Now I'm lucky that my wife is also a gamer, and that works out in that regard, but I still find it absolutely idiotic to create a Single Player campaign that requires another human co-op player. I just wanna be able to game when I feel like it and not make plans with people and then having to force myself to play even if I'm not in the mood, because otherwise I'd let someone down.

    Come on developers, stop catering for the masses only. Listen to the guys that were gaming already when your were still dreaming about C# in diapers! ;-)

  2. Chaz says:


    Each thing does have a locator point. When you activated the locator and all pointed to the bench, it was simply because the store bench objective and etc. were in the direction.

  3. steve says:

    I am playing dead space 2 on ps3. I know you can pres R3 and the d-pad for different locators. Does the stores have its own locator? Does the bench have its own locator? Does the save have its own locator? I was playing dead space 2 on ps3 and i was playing around with the locator. I was in a room where every time i pressed R3 it pointed to the bench. I thought i have the locator set to bench and my game has no glitch. So all i have to do is press R3 and goto the location locatar. Is that right ? Great job on the walkthroughs. Thank you for doing them. Its appreciated.

    Thank you,

  4. mrunal says:

    hi major really really waiting for far cry 3 walkthrough plz :) let me know wen :) thnxxx and as always u rock......

  5. Carl says:

    Hey slack what's your real name?

  6. Harjit says:

    Hey Slack, will you be playing Far Cry 3?

  7. Tina says:

    I second the suggestion of Assassin's Creed II walkthrough. Oh and RE5. :)

  8. Chaz says:

    Major Slack, are you gonna do a walkthrough when dead space 3 comes out?

  9. david says:

    Hey what video recording softwear do you use? really appreciate if you help.

  10. Highcube78 says:

    What happend to the T-shirts ?? I can't find them anymore... :-(

  11. Sapphire says:

    Like Your Style, man!!!! Thanks for doing so damn good videos ;-)

  12. Thebrokenflame123 says:

    So u develop webs for other companies or ur self??? And is mrs slack a web developer like u???

  13. R6G says:

    Major Slack, I completed DS2 on hardcore mode (both PC and PS3) and I thought I knew everything. I recently purchased your DS2 secrets e-book to see if there was one or two tips for me to improve my game. To my surprise the guide taught me so much about DS2 I could hardly believe it! Your thoroughness and attention to detail have inspired me. Thanks.

  14. Tina says:

    I know, I'm a noob for saying this...but i have to...just gotta...

    You're RE4 walkthrough was awesome. The best one out there...period!

    With the flattery out of the way...I am soooo hoping you do a RE5 one as well. I cannot find a good one out there at all.

    I do hope you're considering doing one down the road. :)

    Thanks, T

  15. Major Slack says:

    @Nick, I'm currently redesigning my website to make up for Youtube retiring all our channel descriptions. In a few weeks, I hope to have all kinds of info on MajorSlackVideos up and running here including my keyboard setup. Thanks for your patience! :D

  16. hardcore of the slacker says:

    slack, you are so awesome... been watching your vids for so long. I've seen you bioshock, bioshock 2, far cry 2, borderlands pt 1 and 2, and am working on your skyrim. whens your bday?

  17. Nick says:

    What is your keyboard setup for Skyrim? I read the FAQ and searched your channel for information regarding the matter, but couldn't find any. It would be greatly appreciated; you know, using the best walkthrough-er's key spec. ;)

  18. Pernarutto says:

    Dude..! I love your walkthroughs, especially Crysis and Far Cry 2. I have a kind of stupid queston for you:
    Do you buy many games in one, say, month or so and how much do you spend money to games in a year?

  19. Katlyne says:

    Just gotta say your videos are well done great narrative, gameplay, and its a pretty awsome hobby I watch them a lot to use your effective strategies I would love to see what kinds of creative strategies you come up with for Borderlands2.

  20. EzeEnwereuzo15 says:

    Can you do a walkthrough of battlefield 3 on your PC?

  21. Spikejwh1 says:

    Hi Slack.
    I was wondering, do you realize that when you apply mechanical energy (like compressed air) to an electric motor (the fan) it will generate electricity.
    The faster the compressed air makes the fan spin the higher the voltage generated by the fan will be.
    More than high enough to fry electric parts on the motherboard.
    Perhaps not a bad idea to disconnect the fan first before applying air pressure.
    I have strong indication that some months ago I fried an Asus motherboard and an Intel processor this way.
    I used the compressor in my workshop to clean my computer and did fool around with the fans and the compressed air.
    The computer was really clean..... but never worked again.
    Had to buy new motherboard + Processor because both (!) died a horrible death.
    As electronics engineer I should have realized the dangers involved but what can I say ?
    The kid in me is sometimes still to strong.

  22. Pedro says:

    Hi Major Slack I saw ur walkthrough´s and become a fan keep the good work and post more of them; I´m following the new Dead Island and Skyrim videos and like we use to say here 5* (five stars) .

    Pedro - Lisbon, Portugal

  23. Jonathan says:

    your videos are the best, are u going to make a video game walkthough of crysis 2 , cause you are the best at video games

  24. Kaiden says:

    Slack, i'd just like to say awesome job on the website! I only recently found you on you tube where i was very impressed with your Dead Space 1 walkthrough.

    I love that type of game but find them difficult to play as i panic easy and get eaten a lot :(

    Just watching your walkthrough made it that little less scary and an actual laugh riot. I have mentioned you to all my friends. Keep up the awesome job and hope you and your loved ones are well.

    Kaiden - Scotland (P.S Nessie says hi) :D

  25. Major Slack says:


    I'm a self employed web developer.

  26. EzeEnwereuzo15 says:

    please do a commentary about Far Cry 3

  27. Brakus says:

    Major Slack! I dont know if I misread anything, but what kinda job do you do? I love your walk-through videos. Thanx


  28. Daniel says:

    Major Slack, could you please do a walkthrough of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction?

    Daniel (aka mr.randomguy999 on youtubes)

  29. EzeEnwereuzor15 says:

    which faction do you like most

  30. BrutalKiller says:

    will u play assassins creed 2 plzz replay

  31. KS says:

    Really enjoyed your walkthrough for Crysis. Do you plan to do one for Cyrsis 2 ?

  32. Bill says:

    Major Slack,, i was just looking at your "Rig" and i noticed your still on the 9800GTX Platform, i was wondering if you plan on Upgrading to the GF104 or GF110 (GTX460~ GTX580) Grafics cards? I personally went from Two 9800GT's in SLI to One GTX460 and dude what a difference.

    Your Humble Follower.

  33. parker says:

    major slack where did you get the name major slck from just wondering....:)

  34. TC says:

    Major Slack thanks for the suggestion on the E button workout great. Thanks Again.

    P,S. I also watch your walkthroughs I think there great and a lot of times funny. Keep making them for a good source of info and great entertainment.

  35. Major Slack says:


    You shouldn't have to press A. Just use your directional keys (forward, back, left right, e.g., WSAD) to guide Isaac up, down, left or right while flying to avoid the debris. Then when he grabs on, rapidly (and repeatedly) tap E until he gets back on the train. That's what I do and it works for me.

  36. Surflife09 says:

    Hey slack, no joke you are the best ! You have a great sense of humor, easy-going attitude and screech like a little girl when the sh@t gets thick. Thanks for making really entertaining videos. Also, just a quick little reminder here, about a month and a half ago you said in one of your videos that when you finished making FC2 and RE4 you would officially work on the Dead Space 2 walkthrough. No PRESSURE or anything dog, but I cannot tell you how anxious I am about that walkthrough and really look forward to your gameplay and commentary! Peace out Mr. And Mrs. slack, and thanks again for just being an amazing entertainer.

  37. T C says:

    Major Slack, I just got the PC version of Dead Space II
    I've gotten up to train part of the game where you have to fly across to the next car. For some reason when I grab on and follow what it say's on screen press (A with circle then E) I just fall off and DIE. Any suggestions!!!!!!!

  38. Verno says:

    Your comment
    FarCry2 walkthru was huge fun. I could not access secret missions however -- I saw your vid on the subject. Invalid password was all I could get. HA!

    52 in Calgary

  39. Roberto says: If you wanna check out my blog.

  40. Roberto says:

    I am looking to start reviewing games on youtube using my account. But I don't know what materials I would need to record actual game play and to voice over the gameplay and have mix that with video of me. Ive followed your walkthroughs for a while and though I might ask for some advice from you considering I thnk you have some of the best gaming videos I've seen. Also, I would like to mention your channel on my blog. If that's ok with you.

    Thanks For Your Time,

  41. Verno says:

    Your comment
    Yo, fellow 51-ish Canadian guy. I loved your FC2 walkthrough. Huge fun!!. I cannot access the secret missions. I am using the correct password but keep getting "invalid password". Any ideas? Calgary.

  42. Danny says:

    Hi iv got to say you walk through for dead space was AMAZING, loved your commented through. Thanks your a legend

  43. dr sid says:

    hei slack when you gone to do a call of juarez walktrought

  44. Have you ever considered adding more movies to your weblog posts to keep the readers a lot more entertained? I imply I just study through the complete write-up of yours and it was really fantastic but given that I'm additional of a visual learner,I discovered that to be far more useful. Just my my strategy, Fantastic luck

  45. Major Slack says:

    @B33 ENN,

    Thanks for your well written comment!


    1. Zero. All my leisure gaming time is spent either practicing for a walkthrough or doing a walkthrough.

    2. One game.

    3. Usually but only if I have time.

  46. B33 ENN says:

    Dear Major Slack,

    I've been visiting your site and watching your videos regularly after I began playing Far Cry 2 many months ago, which is currently also my favourite FPS openworld game. I found your video of Dead Space where you tackled a new level against the clock because of claims by reviewers to be most enlightening, not to mention entertaining! I agree with you, I think developers and artists put in a lot of time to create such elaborate and beautiful virtual worlds, and we pay good money to experience them, I think we'd be cheating ourselves if we rushed through without taking it all in as much as possible. I've logged over 100 hrs on FC2 and still not completed that playthrough! In Crysis, I spent an hour floating about in that first chamber where the gravity shutsdown just to appreciate the design work!

    After reading your "The Making of a Major Slack Walkthrough", I felt it needed to be said: The work and effort you put into your site and walkthroughs is very much appreciated. After seeing your FC2 material and the style in which you approached it, I became interested in the other titles you have demonstrated and reviewed, such as BioShock, Borderlands and even the corridor shooter FEAR 2, which I probably would not have given a chance otherwise. Your walkthroughs don't just help someone complete a game when they get stuck, I think they help people learn to enjoy them more - perhaps enjoy gaming itself more. Certainly, I have become a better gamer because of your presence on the web! Well done, and keep up the great work and colourful humour!

    PS - In case you have time to answer some question:

    1. When not making walkthroughs, how many hours on average would you guess you spend gaming in a typical week?
    2. When playing, do you just focus on one game at a time to completion, or often play multiple games in parallel?
    3. Once you complete a game, do you challenge yourself to play it through again better, or only if you particularly enjoyed it?

  47. Major Slack says:


    Yes I have some strategies for Crysis. I did an entire walkthrough on Delta difficulty. Check out my Youtube channel -

  48. Major Slack says:


    1. Shooters
    2. Far Cry 2
    3. None in particular

    Re: New Xcom... I read it's going to be a shooter. Hmmmm...

  49. Harry Puzas says:

    Ok well ive been watching your Videos alot for along time and ive just decided today to go your website and ive looked it over and have few Questions:

    What Type of game do you like Best(E.G Si-fic,fantasy,shooters)?

    Whats your favourite game?

    What game are you looking forward to?


    Seeing bioshock infinite is coming out i think you should definetly do a walkthrough on that.Also seeing you liked the original Xcom so much as did i. I might add theres a new Xcom coming out By 2K the makers of bioshock which i also loved.

    See you around
    Harry Puzas

  50. wac says:

    whats your fav plasmid in bioshock?

  51. wac says:

    i bought crysis and its so freakin hrd!!!!!!!!!! you make it look so easy. any strategies?

  52. wac says:

    dude do you listen to linkin park?!

  53. wac says:

    hey slack,
    could you please finish your prototype walkthrough?when i saw the beginning i went and bought the game.i loved it. plz reply.keep up the good work man!

  54. MADDY says:

    HI...major wats up? i buy a far cry2 (PC) but is not working in my window vista home premium do u know y..plz...?and any solution..? thanxx

  55. Major Slack says:


    For everyone's convenience, we decided to post the IMFAQTHOP right here on this page. Scroll to the top. :o)

  56. pimpdaddy says:

    your fucking awsome

  57. Richard says:

    ok, this is soo anoying i cant find your IMFAQTUP video anywhere, so i dont know your PC specs, you shold put them here!

  58. JS says:

    Any chance you are working on a walkthrough for Borderlands - Secret Amory of General Knoxx?? If so, when would we be able to view it on Utube?

  59. perry says:

    far cry 2 play the game with everthan evend the utelity truck and the atv

  60. Jasonvoorhes44456 says:

    Dude your videos rock! I watch them everyday, currently playing Borderlands again and watching your walkthrough again.

  61. Ray_31 says:

    Hey MajorSlack,
    I think i've seen all of your video, you are great !
    I hope you're going to continue the walktrough, i saw you began an Crysis walktrough, I waited this, cool!

    Oh, and, I saw the video, you with Mrs.Slack, and I can't believe you are 50 years old! You look like 20-25!

    Bye, Major!

    PS: Excuse me if there are some faults in my message, that because I'm french, yeah Slack, you've a French fan!

  62. the dude with the shotgun says:

    Hey do you ever play very co-op oriented games like Left 4 Dead, or Army of Two? I mean you have 5000 subscribers (less than 2000 when i first subbed) so I figure you could find somebody up to snuff for you to play with.
    Btw, what do you think about the rumours that Far Cry 3 will have a co-op story mode? I thought that not having one was the biggest mistake Farcry 2 made, and I wanna see what you personally thought about it

  63. dmmmsarith says:

    hi major slack i know you like fps but what about medival games? This i reccomend: dark messiah of might and magic

  64. crowy877 says:

    why don't you try oblivion it's a great fps/rpg set in a medival period with weird monsters and tons of side quests

  65. Face O.o says:

    no one on his web knows about his videos with his wife live O__o?

  66. Major Slack says:

    @jacob barefoot,

    Go to our new video channel-

    ...and you'll see a video of me and Mrs. Slack.

  67. jacob barefoot says:

    post an image of yourself, reveal ur identity man :)

  68. heroicpepermint says:

    Yo, just likin' the fact that all... well, your deadspace walkthrough... and that its highly respectable that you don't have the time to do any others. Recomendation though, checked gamestop and there was Modern Warfare 2, could you walk us through that?

    That would be fucking awesome...

  69. Barack Obama says:

    Are you gonna be doing a walkthrough of the Secret Armory of General Knoxx? Its much harder than the actual game...

    It would be a gold mine of videos for you!

  70. ZinZenWho says:

    Do you play any console games i.e. Halo 3, resident evil 5, final fantasy, ect.?

  71. Raiden says:

    Is it true your going to be doing a bioshock 2 walkthrough

  72. alex mercer says:

    hi dude!!!!ur walkthroughs of prototype rocked!!!!
    keep up ur gud work...welll m known by major slack in ma collega can u also make walkthroughs of x men origns wolverine??????bye....

  73. Clement says:

    You...... FUCKING ROCK!!! Keep on with the good work bro!!!!!!!!

  74. jonny says:

    how how comes you dont use the fortunes pack weapons. but their better. you missed some diamonds.could you use the AS50 please

  75. jonny says:

    could you post an image of your self?

  76. chr says:

    damn youre so funny, i love your voice :D

  77. TheSevenNationArmy says:

    "Slack, I read your channel. Give me a thumbs up!" and mention the secret word (but DON'T SAY IT'S THE SECRET WORD or you'll tip off the cheaters)

  78. TheSevenNationArmy says:

    yeah, BTW.... I probably sound like a complete idiot saying this, and maybe i am, but in that case i'm to stupid to know.
    But where does it say where the secret word is?
    i've read your channel two times, but for some stupid reason i can't see where it says...

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