Borderlands 2: All About Missions

Story Missions

There are a series of main or 'story' missions that are fed to you one after the other starting with the My First Gun mission. Completing all 19 story missions (prologue + 18 chapters) will officially beat the game, roll the game credits at the end and unlock True Vault Hunter Mode, a chance to run through the game at a higher difficulty setting while keeping all the gear and skill points you earned in your first run through the game.

The story missions will get more and more difficult as you go along and each is rated to be taken on at a recommended character level. If your attained character level is around or equal to the recommended mission level, that mission will be marked in the game as 'Normal' and you should be able to defeat the enemies you encounter in that mission without too much difficulty.

If however the mission is rated considerably higher than your current character level, the mission will be very difficult or even impossible to complete. In this situation, the mission will be marked in the game as 'Tough' or 'Impossible' respectively to let you know what's in store for you.

Taking on and completing only the story missions will not allow you to accumulate enough XP to keep all the story missions that follow marked as 'Normal'. In other words, your character level will quickly fall behind the recommended level to take on the next story mission.

Side Missions

In order to level up enough, you will have to complete many optional 'side' missions. There are a total of 109 side missions in the game most of which are much easier to complete than the story missions. Completing side missions will allow you to accumulate enough XP to level up to recommended character levels to continue pushing through the story mission line.

Hence, maintaining a good mix of story missions and optional side missions as you go through the game is the key to surviving this epic journey without too much frustration. Note that it is not necessary to complete all the side missions to beat the game and that certain missions will reward you with certain weapons, some of which may be more useful to some character classes than others.

My Borderlands 2 video walkthrough will show you how to complete all the story missions as well as list and schedule the 74 optional side missions I personally think are necessary and/or highly beneficial to beating the game comfortably going solo as Zero the Assassin.

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2 Responses to Borderlands 2: All About Missions

  1. Glenn says:

    watching the way u played far cry 2 made me start playing the game again, after being a bit frustrated with it. THANX ALOT
    your walkthroughs are great and Informative (unlike many others)

  2. Gloria says:

    I enjoy your videos as I learn from them. I find some of the other professions play the game but do not give you techniques or pointers e.g. the different types of weapons (damage) and shields and where and why to use them in Borderlands. I am a senior citizen, playing video games (LOL) and have been playing Borderlands 2 and am throughly enjoying it. I have no web site - just a gamer as a hobby. Take care and keep making informative videos - enjoy them immensely. Thank you.

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