The Feedback Thingy

Major SlackDid you find this site useful, informative and edgy? Yes, no, maybe, whatever... Here's the place to lay on the feedback and tell it like it is. Or if you just wanna have a quick yak with ol' Slack on the subject of videogames, this is also the place to do that.

Oh and seriously dude (or dudette, as the case may be), you MUST check my videos on Youtube.

Alrighty then... let 'er rip!

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74 Responses to The Feedback Thingy

  1. Leilani says:

    Re: my earlier post:

    I meant Wolfenstein's not Wilderstein's. - gotta remember to turn off that darn MS Word "auto-correct" feature..

  2. Leilani says:

    Hi Major Slack,

    Just want to say I found your Bio Shock Infinite and Borderlands 2 walkthroughs to be detailed, strategic, to the point, very helpful and very, very funny – you had me laughing out loud quite a bit. In a word, I think your walkthroughs are: PROFESSIONAL. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

    I would also like to add my feedback to your Bio Shock Infinite video review / rant. It’s a bit long:

    I agree that BSI was NOT worth the full $60 bucks at release. I’m hard pressed to think of any video games today that are, imho. Fortunately, I got BSI on a combo sale at Steam for under $30.

    You’re also correct about the pre-designated auto-saves – they are AWFUL and thoroughly disrespectful of a players’ time and life circumstance. Like you, I miss being able to save where I choose and pick up where I left off. And it IS all about cost-cutting aka padding corporate profit margins.

    It’s the same with Elizabeth’s lock-picking “skill”. The costs of producing an animation of lock-picking, I suspect, are much less than programming the actual player skill ala Elder Scrolls, etc.

    And the same goes for other vanishing skills and abilities including the 2-gun limit. I prefer being able to fully load out a character with additional health packs, ammo, guns, etc., on hand rather than having to rely on a sidekick who constantly gets in the way and tosses the wrong stuff at the worst possible times – like Elizabeth
    While I prefer video games with a solid story line, I agree that in BSI it’s over-done, especially with the dueling monologues and cut-scenes players can’t skip.

    In my view, BSI Corporate went overboard with stunning graphics, eye candy, and story to deflect from the loss of many inter-active elements that once made gaming great fun. After all, producing an inter-active movie with maybe 3-5 hours of actual game-play, is much cheaper to produce than a fully-featured 100+ hours video game e.g. see complaints about Wildenstein’s’ latest iteration: NWO.

  3. Rose says:

    Long time no visit. Just dropped by to say Hello.

  4. NeonDarkness says:

    Not sure if my last message ever got to you, but if it did, I have another question you might be able to answer. This is going to be long, but you don't need to read all of it.

    First things first, if you don't need to read something, I will say so at the start of the paragraph. Stuff is here to clarify what I am asking.

    I don't quite fully understand the buddy mechanic. Not that I don't understand how they work, I understand that perfectly, but many things that surround them I don't get.

    For one, I read online that when you enter Act 2, bowa seko, your reputation gets deleted and you need to build it all up again. Now, from what I gather, there are some buddies and Act 1, and some in Act 2. But if I rescue as few buddies as possible in Act 1, does that mean I can rescue them in Act 2 and thus gain my reputation back quicker?

    Two, which is basically the same as question one but in a different way of saying things, if I move straight onto Act 2, are Act 1 buddies no longer accessible? I have this sort of intention to fully complete Act 1 (Diamonds and all) so I can do all the convoy missions in Act 2, buy all the specific weapons I want, and then save the game at that point. It's sort of the way I want to play, but I also don't want to be stuck on a low reputation level if I can do something to improve it with the least amount of actual in game progress possible.


    It may be hard to understand what I am planning to do, but here's the deal. I know exactly what weapons I want in this game, and I want to save it at a point where I feel comfortable to keep replaying whenever I feel like some far cry 2 with different weapon loadouts. I need to reach Act 2 to get these weapons. However, I would also like to have a high reputation level when I make this save, so I can experience the game at it's absolute hardest and enable infamous mode. From what I gather, doing regular missoins as well as buddy missions raises your reputation in the game world. As such, I want to avoid saving buddies in Act 1 if it means I can save them in Act 2 and increase my reputation sooner without doing main missions. However, I do not know if there are certain buddies only available in act 1, or if I can come back and save them later. Such as the guy who you save from an airplane crash. If I save him in Act 1, my reputation gets removed anyway, but if I can save him in Act 2, I can get a higher reputation doing his missions.

    So... yeah, how does it work?

  5. NeonDarkness says:

    I was wondering if you could give me an answer to something Far Cry 2 related.

    Exactly what is up with "History"? I know there's history between buddies which I don't really care about, but I also understand there is history in game that relates back to how well known you are in the game and how enemies react when they see you, going from level 1, "Who is this guy?" "I don't know, let's kill him!" to level 5, "OH MY GOD IT'S HIM" (Runs away).

    I believe there is only 5 levels of this history, but I have no idea how to get a higher level. Would you happen to know how?

  6. Shawn says:

    Love all your videos and walkthroughs, Thanks so much for all your hard work and guidance I never would have made it through Borderlands 2 without you :D.. Anywho I'm glad your enjoying the GTA Franchise as its one of my favorites I loved Niko in GTA 4 and I'm sure you will love GTA 5 when its available on PC. I would like to suggest you try Saints Row the Third (3) NOT 1,2 or 4 (definitely not 4)... The third has the same fun and feel of a highly polished GTA game, It is the One game I found to be so addictive and fun I achieved the 100# completion mark for the first time ever. So many twists and fun things to do its amazing, unfortunately in 4 they lost there edge and its a good game but not GREAT like 3.

    Check it out for yourself when you have time.

  7. Major Slack says:

    @old fat dawg,

    Much thanks for your support! As for the ebook, all orders are processed manually for security reasons. As of this writing, I just finished processing your order and sent it out. You should have received it by now. If you didn't receive anything, don't hesitate to contact me immediately either here or on Youtube. :D

  8. old fat dawg says:

    Just purchased your Far Cry 3 Guide and was wondering what happens next. Got a receipt but nothing else so far. Does this come as a file via email or some other method. Please advise.
    A side note: Although I will certainly use the field guide for gameplay I bought it primarily as a way to donate to your cause. I have watched a bunch of your videos and have enjoyed all of it, so I felt compelled to kick in a few bucks. Keep up the good stuff.....I'll be watching.
    Also, I might be one of your older viewers...turned 66 this summer. You have to grow old but you don't have to grow up. YeeeHaaaa....

  9. Pressly says:

    I have to congratulate you, sir. Undoubtedly, most folks thank you, but I must congratulate you.. Because you have risen above the rest.

    I'm doing a bit of catch-up, and just recently discovered your walkthroughs while playing Resident Evil 4. Before now, I was someone who followed along with written walkthroughs.. I never questioned these pages, because if someone painstakingly wrote 200 pages, they must know what they're doing, right?

    There is a particular portion of RE4, whilst in the castle, that requires you to battles half a dozen armored knights. My trusty pages informed me to used shotgun rounds and warned me that the fight will be lengthy, and to "never use the Magnum! You'll need the rounds later!!" I completed this portion, but not without completely depleting either my ammo and/or energy.

    There had to be a better way...

    I watched your video - I gasped.. Use the magnum? Then a flash bomb? Then purchase the upgrade and get all those rounds back for free??? That, sir, was not only skillful gameplay, but it was also elegant and SMART gameplay. Also a perfect example of what you strive for with these videos, and it was evident that these videos are diamonds in the rough.

    Congratulations, Mr. Slack! You've gained a big fan!

  10. steve says:

    Whenever i want to play a game on ps3, i always look to see if i can find your walkthroughs first. They are the most helpful for me and the best. So far i have not found a better walkthrough. Thank you majorslack for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do these walkthroughs, it's appreciated. Keep up the good work. Take care.

    Thank you,

  11. Joshua says:

    Hey Slack I've watched your Dead space videos (1st & 2nd games) and was wondering if you've ever tried playing the dead space 2 multiplayer?

    PS, thanks for your contribution to the world of walkthroughs

  12. Salldean says:

    Luv ur work slack. I have religiously followed ur craft through dead space and bio shock, both of which are my favourites. Any chance of a ?through for bio shock infinite any time soon?

  13. Rose says:

    Watched the last bit of your Crysis walkthrough. Reminded me of Dead Space 1 except you didn't fall through the floor in Dead Space you got stuck in the tentacles! I was thrown outside them!
    I am a point and click fan and I remember seeing the first Dead Space in the shop and thinking 'no, this isn't for me, I'll just watch the walkthrough'. After I watched the walkthrough I thought 'I want to try that'. Dead Space 1 is the only shooting game I have played on pc.
    Shall I blame you or your wife?


  14. Charles says:

    Hi Slak,thanks loads for all the Skyrim walkthroughs on YouTube! I have achieved Level 60 with your help.However it seems the game is at a standstill.No more quests,no more miscellaneous,nothing new at all! I bought the Skyrim guide,but it's not helping.I just need some advice on which way to proceed.thanks---Charles

  15. Rose says:

    Dead Space 3, eh? As Captain Hammond said in Dead Space 1, 'will this never end'?


  16. Tyler says:

    Hey Slack, I really appreciate the dedication and time you put in every walkthrough. You are my game role model. And I will never be as good as you but you make even the hardest games seem simple. Thanks Slack.

  17. Reg Whelk says:

    Really enjoyed your Far Cry2 walkthru a couple of years ago, and now I'm back and really appreciating your Badlands walkthru. One question though...what's a tea biscuit? Keep up the fantastic work. I'm a fan.

  18. Jill Gibson says:

    Hey slack... Since I've been laid up for the past couple days I've been all over your website.. I was on your Facebook page reading up on what was going on with vids( I hate the dentist) and I saw a link for your review of bl2... Your reviews are very informative and although I watched your entire walkthrough, this will be extremely helpful when I do buy the game ;) I've been telling everyone I know about your channel( including a dude I met in E.R. The other day) and to check it out...

  19. DaveH says:

    Hey Slack, like the blind playthrough, it could never replace a famous "Slack Walkthrough" but it's still entertaining and as long as it works for you I think you should make it a permanent feature. Just my thoughts. Have fun dude.

  20. AbraCadaver says:

    Yo, Slack! Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday season. So, I was finally able to get my grubby mitts on a copy of Farcry 3. LOVE IT! Played through the campaign twice. Did everything there was to do... collected all the collectibles, liberated all the outposts, participated in all the trials, etc. etc... There were alot of improvements made in graphics, gameplay mechanics, and various other areas. And yet, for some reason, I still think Farcry 2 is the better game. It just feels more immersive. More realistic. I don't know... I can't quite put my finger on it. Being that you were such an avid fan of FC2, and I'm sure by now you've had a chance to play through 3, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

  21. DaveH says:

    Just wondered if you ever played the Mass Effect games, and what you thought of them, I just played 2 and 3, thought they were great games. Some great game releases due this year. looking forwards obviously to Dead Space 3, but also to The Last of Us, Watchdogs, and Metro Last Light.
    Anyway keep up the great content, and Happy New year to you.

  22. ImpKiller1812 says:

    Hey Major, I've been playing Dead Space. And, in every step, I wonder "How the hell does he goes thru all this without pissing his pants?".
    I've learned, in the hard way, that you're an amazing gamer. Way beyond all of that speedrun or multiplayer carnage bs.
    I'll repeat: You're amazing :D. I've playing since I was 6, long time ago and don't get even close to your skills. Oh, Master, I lay my keyboard and mouse in front of you.
    (Btw: not english-native, sorry if I missed something)

  23. AbraCadaver says:

    Yo, Slack! Just wanted to give a shout and let you know, I like what you're contributing to the gaming community! Found out about your work when I was searching YouTube for Farcry 2 vids (Yes... FC2!) Never paid attention to the FC series until recently. A guy in my squadron was talking about how he was looking so forward to FC3 (wasn't released yet at the time), and I thought "Maybe I'll check that out". So I picked up FC2 first (cheaper, and too close to Christmas to blow $60 on FC3 just yet...), and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! And I really like your walkthrough videos. Bailed me out more than once (the Barge and Marina missions come to mind!). Thanks for the time and effort you put into your vids and strats. Keep 'em coming!

  24. Rob from the UK says:

    Enjoyed your walkthrough videos and they really helped me when i got stuck, Keep up the good work Slack, you rule.

  25. Kimi says:

    Done~! Your videos have provided me easily over 10$ worth of entertainment. I don't have much to spare but I feel like this is definitely a worthy cause to support and encourage.

    Please please please keep it up Slack!

  26. Major Slack says:

    @Kimi, The tshirts were discontinued. If you'd like to make a donation, buy my Dead Space 2 Secrets ebook! :D

  27. Kimi says:

    Hey Slack, I came to your website looking for a place to buy your merchandise. I heard you say something along those lines in your older videos that I've been going through. Did you discontinue the shirts? Is there some other way to contribute (other than thumbs up of course)

    Keep up the great work Slack, I'd never have time (or admittedly, skill) to play all of these games and your walkthroughs are perfect!

  28. SirPlayalot2012 says:

    Hi Major Slack,hope you and your family are well.66years young and thanks to you now playing Brdlds 2,there is NO better place to get COMPLETE walkthroughs,thanks very much for all your effort and hard work.Thumbs up. Regards Phil

  29. Victoria says:

    I'm glad you liked the picture Mr. Major Slack, Sir. I thought of you when I saw Claptrap in Torchlight 2. ^_^ Made me squee with all the hard coreness..if that's even a word. lol

  30. Major Slack says:


    lol... How did you get Claptrap into World of Warcraft? (That is WoW, right? I don't play it but I think I recognize the graphics..)

  31. Victoria Smith says: didn't go through here..maybe this will work..

  32. Victoria Smith says:

    Mr. Major Slack..I would like to thank you for all the walkthroughs you have done over the years. And here is something that might bright up your life and spirits. A picture of Claptrap and my character together. Hehe

  33. Lilly says:

    Hey Slack,

    just want to give massive thanks for your hard work and dedication. I stumbled upon your Res 4 Walkthrough after having watched a few horribly sloppy "walkthroughs" on Youtube. Your detailed strategies and hilarious commentary were a breath of fresh air and upped the enjoyment factor no end.

    *A big thumbs up!*

  34. Rose says:

    Hi Major Slack,

    Long time no check in. Just stopped by to see what's cooking. Like the new-look site, well new for me which shows just how long I haven't been here.


  35. bohina says:

    You rule Slack, games rule, this site rules.

  36. Chris Hultgren says:

    Hey Slack, I just want to say I appreciate the time you take to make your videos.
    I have been a "Hard Core Slacker" since way back when you were still on the original Dead Space/Resident Evil 4
    Walkthroughs. And while I have never played RE4, or dead Island, or most of the games you post, I still wake up and watch em to see what you have in store next.
    And, for fortunate and unfortunate circumstances I will be starting university as a freshman in the Fall in Northern Wisonsin, so I won't have too much time to follow you day-to-day. But I just wanted to let you know that as fickle as the internet can be, I appreciate your hard work. I'm a 90's brat who remembers the old walkthroughs posted on the net, and I definitely see your work as a continuation of that. So... THANKS AGAIN SLACK!!


  37. Wayne says:

    I am trying to reset achievements in Dead Island. I was able to get the challenges reset following your instructions but achievements are not resetting.
    You game walkthoughs are the best I have ever seen.

  38. Zephyr says:

    Ah it's okay. If I could get some revenue from my servers I honestly wouldn't mind starting up one myself for majorslack purposes only, Yes.. I am that addicted with your commentaries and gaming wit.


  39. Major Slack says:

    Thanks for your input, Josh, but a forum is completely out of the question. That's not the direction I want to take this website.

  40. Zephyr says:


    I honestly think you should set up a forum on your website with an allocated login system, I would be more than determined in helping this project and continuously helping the forum stay alive by staying active. Since I've been watching your content since your far cry 2 series I see that many dedicated subscribers stay true to your videos since your averaging at least 10k views per video as of writing this message, this leads me to believe that there is a sense of community within your fan base which in-turn I think by making this forum system will benefit the community as we could all come together and share our opinions rather than just on the youtube comments were slacknoobs seem to add there incorrect and inconsiderate advice which has many time has made me rather angry.

    I hope you take this into account and maybe consider actually progressing with this project. I believe it can only bring about positives, no negatives.

    Yours sincerely

  41. Zack Tudor says:

    Hey Slack, I know I'm a little slow on the draw, but I have been watching your Hunter walkthrough of Borderlands while debating whether or not to buy it. I got far enough in before i was finally convinced and bought it. I'm really enjoying the game, your walkthroughs, and the tips and tricks you supply during them. Just wanted to say thanks, I'm loving the game and your walkthroughs are very helpful. Keep making walkthroughs, I really appreciate it.

  42. ShawtWinter says:

    G'Day Slack! Dude the work you do on your videos are amazing!! Just want to say thanks for doing what you do, you're great at what you do and the help you give on your site and your videos are always extra-ordinary. I'm always looking forward to the next things you do.

    Regards Shawt.

  43. Jp Chua says:

    Hey majorslack I know there is a R.E 4 that can be control by the mouse and R.E 4 that only uses a keybord if I'm right here is a thing.....
    can I transfer my gameplay from keybord control to a mouse control gameplay??????? because when I'm watching your vids I only hear the keyboard and u don't use the mouse......

  44. Jp Chua says:

    Hey majorslack I'm a kid always watching your videos.....
    I love your funny walkthroughs especially the Resident Evil 4 when Ashely gone.....
    Hey, why don't you change facebook to slackbook? huh for sure subscribe hehehehe......

    I love u majorslack keep on the good walkthroughs

    Jp Chua

  45. Trawler says:

    Your videos realy are a refreshing take on what we mostly see these days. Usualy you have to find a funny video or a video that actually gives you good information about the game.
    You create walkthroughs that are both entertaining and informative. It's especially nice to see the real perspective whereas the bigger youtube commentators usually only show their best gameplays in an attempt to get popular.


  46. hghfd says:

    Mr .Slack
    i want to tell you about (Prince of Persia ) video
    game ..
    this game has three parts ,but the
    best part is ( the sand of time) .

  47. Skull908 says:

    Your awesome and your walkthroughs are really helpfull thanks slack

  48. Timmah says:

    I'm really a huge fan slack, mainly because you paved the way for me in dead space so i didn't feel like i was shitting my pants alone. But uhh we should have coffee some time, chat aboot the latest goings ons and stuff. maybe a double date or something.

  49. Mark Annetts says:

    Hey Major, have you considered re-rendering your Far Cry 2 videos and putting them out on DVD? I'd buy 'em for sure.


  50. Rose says:

    Hello Major Slack, Mrs Slack not to mention Pee Wee and other characters (oops I mentioned them). I watched your humorous videos. It brought a smile to my face. Your special effects are good. It just goes to show what you can do if you have the know how.
    Definitely a thumbs up! As to subscribing I'll just stick to scribing. I'll leave the subs to someone else.

  51. Vinnie 1980 says:

    Galvo. What is the problem, I think some people are reading far too deeply into this walkthrough thing. Correct me if I am wrong Major Slack but its my impression the videos are all about you and us having fun and learning to play the game with finesse and enjoy it at the time we are doing it Rather than it being a serious educational video that should be criticised for the grammer and language.

    I watch these videos to have fun sometimes I just enjoy Major Slack commentating that I dont actually pay attention to the game and I have to watch it back again. Resident Evil 4 Is a huge game and without Major Slack giving up his time FOR NOTHING to help us all ENJOY the games and HAVE FUN!! ( galvo ) A lot of us would get stuck on these things. So a bit of passion and human emotion and realism of the person playing makes these walkhroughs much more relaxed and more FUN. I dont wanna play a game like I am sat in classroom first for a lesson. DO YOU?

  52. Rose says:

    Dear Major Slack, I am playing Dead Space and am up to chapter 10. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star will never have the same meaning at Christmas any more.

    I watched your Dead Space walkthrough. Your commentary is very helpful and made the experience of watching the walkthrough very enjoyable.

    Rose May 2011

  53. David says:

    I was checking your resident evil 4 vids on youtube and i didnt see the final chapters with the military camp and sadler fight. Are you in the process of uploading them. I like to watch other peoples vids to see if i missed anything I didnt know about. you are good for playing on a keyboard.thanks

  54. Wes says:

    Hey Slack,

    I was wondering if you could swear more in your commentary? Thanks! :p

  55. Major Slack says:


    What's your blog? Can you give me a URL?

  56. Major Slack says:


    The dialog in the video games themselves are rife with profanities. You're okay with that but you object to me using strong language in my commentary? How do account for this double standard? It's a little ridiculous, don't you think? :D

  57. Spiky2510 says:

    Hey whats up! Love the Videos, and I agree facebook is a little to exagerated nowadays. I mean come on, who wants to know if johnny feels awsome becuase he just barley passed his test and now he is getting a totally rightouse cola!!

    Well.......I was wondereing if i could get an interview with you actually! its for my blog. I do video games, music, and all, but now i want to acutally get really involved so If i could have a moment of your time on skype or just emailing back anf forth i would greatly appreciate it! You have no idea how much you would be helping me out.

    Thank you for your time and hopefully I hear back from you soon!


  58. Galvo says:

    Of course, the walkthroughs are great. They might even be the best I have seen. But the 4 letter words prevent me from recommending them to anyone. Drop the amateur stigma and get rid of them. You are an intelligent guy, you can think of something better to say. It might even be humorous to bleep them out, but then the videos would be nothing but bleeps. Too bad, you could have been the greatest video gamer ever...

  59. Hellzblender says:


    When you have some spare time could you do the DLC for Borderlands? I have been watching SSoHPKC on Youtube and am getting very annoyed by his stupid comments.

  60. Wayne chen says:

    Hey there major slack! i have seen so many of your walkthroughs, i must say your doing a preetyy good job :) your far cry 2 walkthrough has helped me a lot with my far cry 2 playthrough .your crysis walkthroughs has made me go back to the game and play more of a strategic playthrough than before. you are soo funny and keep up with the fantastic walkthroughs, i watch it almost everyday! Seriously! let me tell you, i have seen many many many walkthroughs and none is nearly as good as yours! Not kidding. and what kind of graphics card do you have. i was thinking about getting a ati radeon 5770! one last thing, are you going to do a walkthrough of gta 4 and how do you make a living out of this anyways! always a mystery to me! :) please reply if you kindly have the time. :)

  61. Wild Bill says:

    Hey there Major Slack, I Have been on lots of your Far Cry 2 pages and found them very helpful, thankyou for the useful tips and information. But to add to your collection of free online games, i have a very good suggestion when i saw the golf games. Try World Golf Tour, its a free HD golf game that operates in your browser, it features real courses and you can buy different clubs, balls, join country clubs and earn points for prizes in real life, such as a Maserati vehicle.

    The 2nd suggestion is a company called JaGeX They specialise in Java gaming and offer a wide variation of games, one being Runescape, which is a very popular RPG and is quite surprising of its power to be able run in a web browser. They also have a 2nd site for smaller casual games called Funorb, I don't know much about Funorb but the Pool / Billiards game they have there is most impressive.

    Please can you have a brief look at them both and i think you will be quite impressed with WGT as you have featured 2 very good golf games, this one is just more realistic. :P

    -Wild Bill

  62. Marius says:

    Nice to see another oldtimer playin new games :) .I'm 47 and I still remember Elite back in the 80's .Those were some cool days with no soo cool PC's .
    Oh and can you please upload your vids in one piece.I'd like to have your walktroughs on a DVD in the same box with my games .I'd pay for them .

    P.S.Pitty you don't send T-shirts to Europe :(

  63. Kemikoal says:

    I believe what you're doing with your walkthroughs is exactly what could become into a more visionary goal. I'm not sure if creating these video walkthroughs are from a passion, hobby, whatever you may want to consider it, but I believe that can be so much more than just walkthroughs. You are already putting a lot of dedication into these videos and I see potential in commercial success. You already have established a fan base. Have you ever considered reviewing a video game? There seems to be a lot of peer reviews via YouTube, which is great, although....none of the peer reviews are high of quality. I'm not talking quality of the video/sound, I'm talking about the quality of meaningful points to critique a game. I believe there is more potential of gaining popularity by posting video reviews, therefore making yourself a bigger name within the gaming community. Whether or not people agree with you of what you say, but I've seen how you can explain yourself in detail and I think that you should dig into this area.

    I'm not here to say your intro sucks whether or not you are here to agree or disagree with me. Like I mentioned above, I believe there is potential to more than what is already accomplished. The next step would to be creating a more professional intro. An intro to anything media based is definitely a key point to gain someone's attention. I do have to say that your intro is probably the best I have seen out of a self-oriented producer. I would just like to see a better one...and perhaps that is the best you can do due to lack of program availability, which is understandable. That shit is expensive! I am sending this message to encourage you into bringing out the best of what can/will offer. I do however, create music as a hobby. I'm no sound designer but I could give you songs or particular sounds to make your videos more appealing. Not saying they aren't at all. But we all like extra elements in videos. I wouldn't ask for money or anything like that. Just thought I could help. Your dedication inspires me and I'm glad to see someone who dedicates their spare time to something that fulfills other people's needs. If you would like to contact me, contact me at :

    Thank you!

  64. Hey Major I have been watching your walk through of DEAD SPACE. I started to play it um I think i ended up till the meteors i had to shot done. Then I checked out your walk threw I stumbled on. Never got stuck just wanted to know whats in store for me. Oh man and your funny a fuck. That bit you did on Dead Space Walk through - Chapter 9 [3/9] near end of the Video when Terrance Kyne was talking to Isic the screw ball thought balloon and after he was done talking playing a coo coo clock sound effect. OMG LMFAO that was hilarious and when you play with the dead bodies I did that to I held a body next to a grave push you know the damage on the floor parts make you shoot up and hit the celling I held the dead body next to it with my teknic and his arm went up. It was like "Yo whats up" XD. Oh and by the way when you were in the ship that crashed into the bigger ship and you were hearing that moaning sound and you could not find the guy after you went threw a massacre of Twitchers, Exploders and Slashers. Its the long hallway with the bunk beds. Well its cause you didn't look up XP. It was one of the crew members pin to the ceiling by the Gravity Push. Tried kill him put him out of his misery but would not let me. you were right there also :P. Anyways your a real help and sure know how lighten things up even if all hell is breaking lose in Gore Rated R Games.

  65. thegerneral says:

    i can play crysis on a laptop its a new one

  66. asteriskperson says:

    Hey Slack, can I use my dead space rig to play videos games?

  67. Deadeye says:

    Thats Ok, note the "if you've got some spare time" part, I've just been asking, hoping for advice, you've been a ton of help as is so I'm pretty sure I can take it from here, Thanks a bunch, sorry for harassing you so much.

  68. Major Slack says:

    Deadeye, I don't have time to provide extensive personal coaching helping you shop around for computer parts. You're going to have to take it from here and do your own leg work. Humble apologies.

  69. Deadeye says:

    Hmmm... I checked it out and there are quite a few, I actually found one more expensive than the laptop I'm getting for school!!! There was one in particular that looked decent but It was pretty cheap, around $70.00 (on sale), Its here, look through it if you've got some spare time, really what I want to know though is if thats too cheap to be decent.

  70. Major Slack says:


    Sorry but I haven't shopped for a video card for over a year (which is a LOOONNGGG time in video card time). So I'm really out of touch with what's the latest and greatest. If I were you, I'd go to NewEgg and just start reading a lot of customer reviews.

  71. Deadeye says:

    Drat, I pretty much have to get a laptop for school, *sigh* oh well, I can dream can't I? lol. I'll still try out some of the games you have on your site though, most of them are available for the 360, except for Crysis (which is one of the big reasons I wanted to switch over)... Wait a mo! I just remembered my parents are getting rid of their old computer, maybe I can do a little begging and bribing to get it, i'm not exactly sure how new it is though, can't be too old though its at least got windows xp I know for sure, but it's probably lacking in the video card department, I don't want to sound...hmm... whats the word? uhhh, obsessive over your opinion but I'd also like to know what you think a good video card would be as well. Appreciate the advice, thanks Slack

  72. Major Slack says:


    Forget about laptop PC gaming. A laptop is not gonna cut it. If you want to play some of the best PC games, you'll need a desktop computer with a good video card. And all the games featured here on my site are the games I recommend.

  73. Deadeye says:

    Nice site Slack, I saw your vids on Youtube and they led me here, I've been seriously considering PC gaming and I was wondering what computer you would recommend when the time comes to buy one, my price range will have to stay in the triple digits unfourtunatley and It has to be a laptop. I was also wondering what games you would recommend to get myself started, I'm definitely going to get Far cry 2 and Crysis, and some type of RTS, get back to me as soon as you can and thanks in advance.

  74. SkAtErD00d says:

    Nice site!

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