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It may be hard to think of a videogame as an acquired taste but that is exactly what Far Cry 2 is. This open world first-person-shooter drops you into a dusty African outback, sandwiches you between two warring factions and, furnishing no clues whatsoever, challenges you to locate and terminate a mysterious gunrunner named the Jackal. It also challenges you to explore the Far Cry 2 gamescape and understand the rules of engagement, as it were, in order to find your groove and figure out exactly how to have fun.

At your disposal to accomplish this enigmatic task is a potentially wide array of realistic weaponry including assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and grenades, a smattering of which you acquire at the outset of the game. The remaining weapons are acquired by visiting weapon shops where you can either purchase more weapons to make them available for acquisition in adjacent armories or go on missions to unlock new weapons to make them available for purchase.

Weapons are purchased with diamonds, the game's currency, and diamonds are either found in hidden briefcases liberally scattered around the gamescape or are earned by completing missions for either of the two warring factions. You can also earn diamonds by taking on assassination missions which are dispensed at various cell tower locations.

Navigating around the Far Cry 2 gamescape is accomplished by using a handheld map which may be equipped and studied at will. The map which —depending on your current location— has up to three zoom settings, marks the location of all weapon shops, cell towers, faction headquarters, your current location and the location of your next mission's objective(s).

Upon finishing a comparatively brief series of training missions which adroitly acclimatizes you to Far Cry 2 gameplay, you are simply stranded in a town that has been declared a ceasefire zone and left to your own devices to decide what to do next. You are armed with little more than that which is described above and surrounding you is 50 square kilometers of open African country filled with backwoods, fields, deserts, dusty dirt roads and winding rivers all of which you may freely explore. Numerous vehicles including boats, jeeps and the occasional hang glider are scattered about which you may use to travel about the landscape. For the most part, there are no set paths or corridors confining you. You may drive down the roads, hike or drive through the bush and swim or boat down the rivers. You simply travel about as you wish.

You may go anywhere, anytime.

Frustratingly Repetitive or Fabulously Intriguing?

And this is essentially the make-or-break point of the game. Depending on your approach and how much you savour your freedom, the game will either very quickly become frustratingly repetitive or fabulously intriguing. Personally, the needle on my fun meter teetered wildly between the two until about halfway through the game when it finally and firmly settled on the latter.

What can make Far Cry 2 repetitive is hastily proceeding through the game choosing the most obvious (and orthodox) route to the location of your next objective which will result in stumbling blindly into the numerous enemy patrols and guard posts.

Far Cry 2 Vehicles (Click here to enlarge...)

You'll encounter plenty of enemy vehicles and guard posts while driving around Far Cry 2. (Just get used to it...)

The former of these two will necessitate what may eventually become an increasingly monotonous routine: stopping your vehicle, switching to the mounted gun on your vehicle, killing the enemies, getting out of your vehicle, repairing your vehicle (they always seem to find a way to damage it), getting back into your vehicle and continuing on your way. This may get old quick and you may yearn for the occasional opportunity to peacefully drive to your next destination without being accosted by yet more enemies. (A big clue that you're not having fun is when you hear yourself screeching "For f#@k sakes! Not again!" every 3-4 minutes.)

As for the enemy guard posts, although they may be clearly marked on the map, as a Far Cry 2 newbie, you may eventually tire of being repeatedly forced into close combat on account of an AI that can seemingly spot you a half a mile away. Plans for stealth and strategy may quickly dissipate as you realize that once again you have been 'made' and the enemy AI has executed a flanking attack on your position before you've had a chance to do any recon on theirs.

What eventually made Far Cry 2 fabulously intriguing for me was learning to approach the game correctly. This involved a number of key strategies including the following:

  • Enemy patrols are part of the game. If you regard them as some kind of nuisance that must be endured and swatted like buzzing flies, you will find them annoying. If, on the other hand, you learn to fully expect them and even learn their routes, you will get a big kick out of getting the drop on them and even ambushing them.
  • Proceed slowly. Yes, enemy guard posts can spot you from great distances but you will never learn just how close you can get without getting spotted if you keep barreling around the game like it's the Daytona 500. Once I learned to slow down, watch the map carefully, get out well before guard posts and cautiously approach them on foot, the game completely turned around for me and I found plenty of opportunities for stealth and strategy. Oh and don't forget to purchase a sniper rifle at the weapon shop.
  • Go off the beaten track. Learning to hike and/or drive off-road to avoid enemy positions and patrols was another key to enjoying the game immensely. Here it's all about exploiting the open ended nature of Far Cry 2 to the max and on top of which it's off-road where the immersive quality of the photorealistic graphics in this game really shines.

Now granted, having to take the right approach to a video game in order to have fun may seem like a foreign concept to some. After all, you're paying good money for it. It should entertain you, plain and simple. But personally speaking, I am so glad I did not give up on this game so easily as it is now, far and away, the best video game I own (as my Youtube page clearly attests) and the bazillion approaches to completing each mission guarantees tons of replay value.


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69 Responses to Far Cry 2 – Freedom of Game

  1. kulgion says:

    Hello Slack - I have enjoyed many of your far cry 2 videos. Keep up the good work.

    In one of your tutorials you mention that the guards you encounter will be in 1 of 3 modes - relaxed, alert, and combat mode - iirc those are the names you gave.

    Have you ever had the experience where near the end of the Act 2, the guard mode changes and the guards are constantly in combat mode, no matter what. Even if it is dark, even if you are crouching in the grass, no matter what, they are attacking and sometimes the snipers are shooting at you from a point where it is impossible for them to see you. Sometimes you run into a safe house and they continue to shoot at you. I had the experience of a guard dropping mortars on the safe house I was in. Has this ever occurred to you, and if so, do you know why this happens?


  2. Robert.W says:

    on my first run i got very frustrated at the patrols, couldn't get 5 minutes peace. looking at the african landscape then gun blazing at me. but i watched your walkthrough, it taught me not to get frustrated and just pop a mine on the road.

  3. CBankston says:

    Your Far Cry 2 walkthrough series is very helpful and entertaining. The frustrating part is that the YouTube pages sometimes do not include a link to the next video in a series. Even when the link is present it often is listed in random order along with unrelated videos. Is there any comprehensive list with links to your videos in sequential order? A video I still have not found is for the 4th APR mission of Act 2 (at the Brewery).

  4. mark says:

    damn does anyone know where you go to get missions, every single gun shop is derelict thought id try the bar anyone know where too find a mission.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. JOHN says:

    This is my fourth run on normal. First run was largely frustrating. Till i figured out to slow down and be stealthy. Grenade or Rpg patrolling assault trucks. Very few get away in time because they use cars as cover.
    Before I really felt the pressure when low or out of ammo. On this run I have really discovered the power of the machete. If you run up even on multiple enemies there is no defense. You take out that gun as quickly as the MGL-140. So you end up taking less damage pr. enemy. What little damage you take you can quicky repair.
    This freedom of the game is why I recommend it. You may play in your own style and evolve as you go along. And you will kick some serious ass!

  7. slackfan424 says:

    Hey Slack, i have seen your far cry 2 gameplay videos and i tought they were awesome.And i wondered if you couldt do an walktrought on far cry 3 that is comming september 7.It woultd be really fun to se you do on walktrought on far cry 3,Think about it and tell me what you think,Bye.

  8. allan says:

    how to download this game i like to play this game please help me....

  9. bohina says:

    I can´t waith for farcry 3 too. Now i am still playin FC2, can´t get tired of it. I am playing story mode on hardcore mode on PS3. The problem started in act 2. When i complet the mission or i travel with bus i can`t save the game. In act 1 the game always askd me if i want to save, in act 2 all that stoped. Does enyone know what is going on?

  10. Mr50calpown says:

    I can't wait until Far Cry 3 comes out in September! BTW today iz my b day

  11. Skechy says:

    Maaan i love Far Cry 2 im a sneaky guy and i can really scare the sh*t out of the AI dudes i love it

  12. AdmJDL says:

    and second and third...... wait... DO... I... SMELL... BACON!!!!!!!!!!

  13. AdmJDL says:

    lol first 2012 comment

  14. AdmJDL says:

    yo slack before I started my youtube channel I watched your vids all the time I had far cry 2 and I really enjoyed the hell out of it but I traded it in for saints row the third that game is pretty fun to. You can just sit back and kickass on a totaly stupid and awsome game LOL... hehehe
    looking forward to your skyrim videos!!!

  15. yingnay000 says:

    I totally feel the same way as you about this game, Slack. It was one of the first open world games I had ever played and at first, the overall pacing of the game just seemed to take too long. And as you said, having to face respawning patrols and seemed to be a nuisance initially and I just couldn't get into it. I traded it in and eventually bought it back to give it another chance after seeing your walkthrough of it and when I learned to take my time and figured out the pacing of it, it became a lot of fun and is definitely one of my favorite games now (except for the voice acting...it sounds like everyone is on speed or something!). Definitely going to be giving it another play through this summer now that I know how to play it!

  16. Rob says:

    I just bough Far Cry 2 for like 3$ in a game shop. All because of you, Slack! I even find myself think 'kaching' everytime i pick up a diamond. :) Keep up the awesome walkthroughs!

  17. Roy_Liber says:

    Hi MajorSlack! LOVE your Far Cry 2 videos... If I can give a susgestion to everyone which wanna go dimond hunt... First you guys should have Steam... If you dont have Far Cry on it then its not a problem to add it...
    You can add it by doing "add a non-steam game to library". After you do it enter Far Cry via Steam and then
    prees Shift-Tab to open Steam community... Go for Youtube and look for Major's dimond hunt vidoes at the place you need... Freeze the video when you see the map with all dimonds... And now you can prees Shift-Tab back and you have like a dimond map and you can always prees Shift-Tab again to see if your in the right place and KA-BAAM! You got a dimond map brought you buy MajorSlack! :D

  18. christopher says:

    Your comment plat moor prototype please if your nice please i are from norway

  19. Major Slack says:


    Wait till you really need it. The Camo Suit is really for Far Cry 2 veterans. It's benefits are subtle.

  20. Peter says:

    Should I save up to buy the camouflage early in the game, or should I wait till I really need it?
    Is it really worth 45 diamonds?

  21. MATO says:

    I need your help i was playing far cry 2 and i was taking the long way.... doing all buddy missions, finding all diamonds, unlocking all posts, etc... i got to 50% and for some reason it will not load my last save. i have unistalled and reinstalled, used a different loading point and it doesnt load at all... it ran fine, graphics are pretty good... any ideas???
    thanks for reply.

  22. Jeffrey says:

    Just wanted to give props where are props are due. I started playing Far cry 2 a month or so ago. I had built a new pc and a friend gifted me the game over Steam. He said to use the Benchmark tool to test my settings. After that was done, I was hooked. I found your Walkthroughs on YouTube and they have been a huge asset. Keep up the great work.

  23. Anthony says:

    Hey Slack,

    Not too long ago I watched your walkthrough of Act I only because I wanted Act II to be a surprise for me (I shall watch the rest of the walkthrough eventually because it's great) now that I have the game (PS3). I thank you for the great walkthrough because if it wasn't for having watched you play, I, sadly, may have become one of those people hating the repetition. It's not at all repetitive, not only did I learn to take my time, but I've also done the first few missions in my own unique way. Thanks a lot, this may be my favorite (for many reasons).

  24. Curtis says:

    Thank you very much for all of this.
    Could you possibly do a video on Multiplayer Classes and Ranking up and unlocking weapons.

  25. marvin says:

    the pc version of far cry 2 is different than the consule version email me back.

  26. sangsta says:

    also just wondering have u ever had the glitch when u just start act 2 and u have to go to the marina to help out ur buddy on the barge? he/she is ment to be in the bridge uptop but i found he/she was not there and insted was directly underneith and i couldnt talk to him/her, really pissed me off coz i just found all 112 diamonds in the north and only had 1 save so i had to restart =/

  27. sangsta says:

    this game is mean the only bad thing about it is that u cant walk up some steep hills or rocks that u would be able to in real life and if it had another 10 or so weapons to choose from i wouldnt be complaining

    sangsta out.


  28. Beltzii says:

    i have look all the far cry videos in you tube and my brother and i has laugh a lot because your coments are very funny!!! :D sorry my english are bad because i am german^^

    greets: robert and philpp b.

  29. Benny27 says:

    Hi slack, im just wandering how u got so freaking good at this game :D i keep dying at the patrols and can never control where my grenades go. I need some advice Please help :o)

  30. nikhil says:

    ok in one of ur videos in your channel in youtube
    i saw far cry 2 fortune pack,now u updated tat game via internet or purchased new fortune pack CD??
    plss.. reply...if u see dis comment...........

  31. sweetness says:

    hey slack love ur vids and just got far cry 2 and ur vids and tips realy helped

  32. ??!!?? says:

    my dart rifle has 20 bullets is that the ammo upgrade or not (its definatly 20 1 in the clip 19 spare)

  33. aaron says:

    give me some videos i can put on my web and please make more videos

  34. ThePrince135 says:

    why don't u do a map editor tutorial in far cry 2 because i think that's gonna be real fun. Who agree with me ?????:D:)

  35. Martythemerc says:

    This game is the best thing since sliced bread - totally immersive - like "playing a movie with karma". The fools who rush in, don't get the concept, and should play it like they were actually there - not wanting to get shot.

    The glitch in the South where you can't enter the marina bar to talk to the reporter can be solved by buying the "magic mortar" - go up to the door, place it, then turn like you're aiming right or left and you'll enter the marina with weapons ready.

  36. Joeman says:

    Sup major

    I have seen every far cry 2 video u have made i think far cry 2 is the best game I ever played


  37. dick says:

    yo major slack , your the fuckin man!

  38. David says:


    You are awesome. I have been playing through Far Cry 2 for the 1st time and use your videos all the time for guidance. I usually play a section and then go back and watch what you did. I enjoy your comments while you play and seeing your skills for the game. You helped me get many a tricky diamond. Thanks for all your hard work in helping us gamers.

  39. kyaw says:

    hay slack can u help me with this i don't know how to get the daimond form the top left corner of the map . i mean the daimond on the train

  40. josh4b says:

    thanks major slack

    now i just need diamonds

  41. Major Slack says:

    @josh4b, Yes to the first and clicky clicky below for the second-


  42. josh4b says:

    is the fortunes pack worth buying. and is the as50 sniper rifle worth buying.

    i have the springfeild m1903 - m79 grenade launcher and the pkm machine gun

  43. Major Slack says:


    Read my tutorials on "How to Have Fun Playing Far Cry 2" for details about the best weapons (link at top of page).

  44. 8Ball says:

    sup slack just was watchung ur vids on youtube urr really good i was just wondering what do u think the best wepon set is.

    dude its really good to have a decent walkthrough guide ive been trying to watch the IGN ones but urs are awsome by the way when the grenade truck flew over ur head tht was class onestly nd allso i think igame totorials suck i mean most people no how to play and as u said if u dont read the fukin manual i mean it ruins the game some times press the A boutton it just makes u lose the feel u no wht i mean!!!

  45. tjheslin says:

    I'm not sure if others have mentioned it, but i think a great set of videos would be a Stealthy approach to Farcry 2.

  46. navyseal205 says:

    slack keep up the good vids ans ive been watchin ur infamous vids and just wonderin why ur usin the PKM when the M249 SAW is better

  47. JOE says:

    Hey dude are you by any chance going to be doing videos on modern warfare 2

  48. Jack says:

    Far Cry 2 is a amazing 'sandbox' FPS and i'm glad i picked it up in spite of some lacklustre reviews. It is a challenging game but will reward of you approach it like this guide shows. My favourite so far.

  49. Major Slack says:


    There's a link to that article right on this page (top right in the 'See Also' box).

  50. TrueGamer778 says:

    Hey wheres the part with how to have fun playing far cry 2.

  51. Dr. Watson says:

    I love this game.

  52. Major Slack says:


    Read my tutorial "How to Have Fun Playing Far Cry 2". Link is near the top of the page on the right.

  53. gibran says:

    dude i cannot complete the game ! the game was awesome and i was very much looking forward to play farcry 2 (i did completed farcry twice) ! but i was banging my head while playing it ! i mean i get missions to the other end of the map ??? this really frustrated me out !!

  54. Patrick10152 says:

    Man, I'm so gunna get this game when I have a spare 30 dollars. (I think it's 20 or 30 bucks in Canada for the 360...

    I sure hope it's $20. :D well, then I'll need atleast 25$...


  55. Major Slack says:


    How in the world did you manage to kill the Jackal?

  56. DelFeugo says:

    Awsome walkthrough but is it possible to win the game if you killed the Jackel because i did -.-.

  57. pchuman says:

    can i play far cry on ML 330V ATI HD 4350 512MB HDMI HS SPH 500 GB 7200rpm SATA II 16MB
    Intel Pentium DC E5200 please answer

  58. luigi rocks says:

    thanks to you slack im actualy taking the time to memorize the patrols routes. and it gives you the sweet satisfaction when you ambush them :)

  59. Thanks a bunch slack! I'll totally search for this game when i get the time! KUDOS! ;D

  60. Major Slack says:


    I don't know. I never tried it. And I don't see the point really. Just make sure you do everything you want to do in Act 1 before taking on the Act Finale mission.

  61. greenfire says:

    hey slack, i was just wondering once you start act 2 and are in the southern territory can you go back to the north??? also is there a point ????

  62. Gamerkhid says:

    this game is SICK especially when major slack plays it he make it look fun !!!

  63. Bad D0g says:

    I got that 27% glitch once, but i was only a few missions away from finishing the game on my 3rd runthrough. I always overwrite the previous save file when i save, so I only have 1 file(I can't waste any hard drive space), so I couldn't avoid it.

  64. .Exorcist18 says:

    Nice to see a good review once in a while about a great game. Its just like you said it, this can be a shitty game but if you play like you should, then you have a great game!

    Really liking all your video's also,
    Can't wait till I can see more of Act 2.



  65. Don-O says:

    Hey Major,Your videos are awesome.So awesome that I went out to get Farcry 2 the day after I watched all 40 of your videos.But there's a game that I think you should make videos about. WANTED Weapons Of Fate.Check it out!

  66. Major Slack says:


    No worries about the time stamp on your post! We all gotta live somewhere. :o)

    And yeah I was definitely thinking of working the use of the camo suit into my walkthrough.

  67. kralc says:

    it looks like i posted my last comment at 4 in the morning. sorry, im down under, not a freak!

  68. kralc says:

    Hey, Major Slack.

    turns out 'm a follower of your Far Cry 2 walkthrough and have used your antics to get me through the game.

    do you ever just do assassination misions to gain a quick buck. stupid question.

    one thing that helped me emensly in my experience was the use of a camo suit! they're f**kin ACE!

    could you try one in your walkthrough. they work really well.

    cheers! :-)

  69. Naz says:

    Is it possible to have a stealthy approach to a mission? As in MP5, Silent Makarov, etc. Could you post a video how to?

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