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As for the Far Cry 2 story itself, in a nutshell, it has you playing as a mercenary galavanting about in a rugged African outback hiring yourself out to opposing factions in a civil war. The factions send you out on various 'missions' to further their own ends and these missions can then get potentially subverted by various NPC 'buddies' who reveal plot twists and alternate routes to complete your missions. All the while you have been supposedly hired by persons unknown to hunt down and terminate an elusive gunrunner named 'The Jackal'.

Right from the outset, it is revealed that the civil war has become pointless and self-perpetuating and that neither side is to be trusted. Into this confusion you proceed with the redeeming factor of actually accomplishing some ultimate good getting quickly swallowed up by a murky mish-mashed tale of rampant double-crossing, backstabbing and blatantly larcenous intentions (not to mention your unabashed role as a double agent).

As you progress through the game, you eventually realize that there are no real 'good guys'; ultimately not even your so-called 'buddies'. As a result, the convoluted backstory tends to move backstage as you begin to retain only the gist of each mission, i.e., GO KILL some guy, GO KILL SOME MORE guys, GO KILL YOUR EX-BOSS, et cetera, ad grisly blood trails. This soon leaves you with the distinct impression that you're nothing but a heartless, cold-blooded scumbag mercenary hiring yourself out for blood diamonds.

This fading of the plot behind a litany of disjointed dirty deeds was probably not intended as such although it fits anyway since the Far Cry 2 story finally reveals that you indeed are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Your final encounter with the Jackal involves an unorthodox remedy to end it all and a mysterious denouement that has left many scratching their heads asking, 'What the hell happened here anyway?'.

All in all, this anti-hero take on things is satisfyingly unique although the fact that it neatly circumvents the need to explain any lack of loyalties on the part of your character in order to jive with the shoot-anything-that-moves gameplay cannot be ignored.

My only gripe about the story is I would really liked to have seen a complete rundown of everything that had transpired storywise in the so-called 'Journal' in the game menu just to get a better grasp on the conflict between the two warring factions (however meaningless that conflict may have been).

Save Game Glitches

Be advised that as of this writing, Far Cry 2 still suffers from a major game-breaking glitch which may occur at various key points in the game, e.g., the 27% glitch (referring to the fact that the game menu indicates that the game is 27% complete when the glitch occurs).

What happens here is that after completing all the faction missions for both sides in Act I of the game (there are three acts in the game) you'll find an exclamation point appearing on your map beside the APR faction's headquarters in Pala, the ceasefire town in the center of the map. Upon returning to the APR headquarters, you'll be let into the headquarters by the guard at the door but after going upstairs to enter the APR office, you'll find the door to the office strangely closed. In effect, there is no way to continue the game from this point.

Far Cry 2 players have reported similar glitches at various other points in the game mostly involving doors being shut that are usually open or shut doors that cannot be interacted with to open them (no interact icon appears upon approaching the door). In each of these situations, it is necessary to open the door in order to receive a mission that will allow you to progress through the game.

Far Cry 2 developer, Ubisoft, has identified the glitches to be the result of corrupted save games and has promised on the official Far Cry 2 forum a patch is on the way to fix this. However the patch is long in coming and some are getting understandibly a little testy about this.

As for me personally, I did not experience this so-called corrupted save game glitch on my first run through the game so I kept wondering what everyone was talking about when reading about it on the forum. However, on my second run through the game, after completing all the faction missions in Act I, I decided to complete all the cell tower assassination missions before returning to the APR headquarters to get the Act I finale mission. Upon finally arriving at the APR headquarters, I was able to enter but found the door to the APR office upstairs strangely shut (it's always open) and hence could not get the mission to continue the game (the infamous 27% glitch).

Like many others, I managed to work around this glitch by simply loading a previous save game and continuing from there. I went back to a save game that I made just before embarking on my quest to complete all the cell tower missions and upon returning to the APR office and going upstairs, I found the office door open and I was able to enter and get the Act I finale mission, which in this case was the Goka Falls mission (kill Dr. Gokumba). I continued from there and was able to successfully complete the game. It should be noted that I also deleted all save games that came after the save game I went back to continue from. (This last part is key and may be why some have not been able to successfully work around the save game glitch.)

So do I feel ripped off? Not really. Number one, I've played Far Cry 2 extensively and have only encountered the glitch once so I can't really say it's had a huge impact on preventing me from playing the game and having fun. And number two, I have yet to play a video game on my PC that did not glitch out on me in some way or another (Crysis crash-to-desktops come to mind).

Will the Real Far Cry 2 Please Stand Up?

Regarding the fact Far Cry 2 has no mutants (or Trigens, as it were) like the original Far Cry, one may wonder why Ubisoft actually called it Far Cry 2. In fact, the PC game Crysis bears a much greater resemblance to the original Far Cry than Far Cry 2 in that it was made by the same developer, it has the same tag-the-enemy-with-the-binocular system and it has the same way of mixing mutants (well, aliens, same diff) into the storyline and gameplay. So did Ubisoft just use the Far Cry name to sell the game? (And can we say 'busted'?)

Ooops. Sorry Ubisoft... Maybe I better shut up... heh heh...

(Soo... about that patch...? ...heh heh... ...)


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15 Responses to Far Cry 2 Review – Story

  1. Mike says:

    Well, when I got this f***ing error, I suddenly remembered all over again, why i never finished the game years ago (just started some nostalgie playing after FC3), besides it being quite boring (FC2 - African Driving Simulator ^^).

    But was hellfire said worked twice for me (loaded the bugged save game twice to confirm): Kill the guard, that checks you, and maybe some other mobs - come back, hail to the new one and the door is open.

  2. dad says:

    I have a glitch at the 68% point and it's madding. Can't aim, shoot, change weapons, jump, duck or anything involving the A, B, or X buttons but I can open doors, save, buy weapons, walk, run, drive, use crew served weapons on boats and trucks. And I've only been using a single save file. Any ideas?

  3. StonnyMc says:

    Well unfortunately FC3 is not out for a few months so after not touching FC2 for many months (a year or so) I am about to restart the game as there is no way past the 27% glitch for me (1 save file BUGGER lol). I am downloading the game off PS Store now as I noticed it is now for free (PS+ member). Will just try to save the file on a USB device and install the downloaded game the try to load the file there, will most probably not work but what have I got to loose? lol
    FC3 looks ok as there isn't all that much available to us at the moment but I have high hopes for that game.

  4. K21 says:

    My glitch is at 46% where you have to talk to the guy at the barge in act 2 where it is ambushed he is supposed to be in the room at the top of the boat you can go in there but he is not there but he is actually underneath where he is suppose to be you can go up to him and it gives you the option to interact but when you do it doesn't work he just stands there and moves his mouth ! I only have one save slot which sucks any options. Besides restarting the entire game ?

  5. alm says:

    eeey i play far cry 2--but far cry 3 is better than 2---but i like them both

  6. Zach says:

    I have played the game many times and only encountered one glitch, I was suposed to go somewhere and kill someone, but the guy i was supposed to kill was not there. It happened at 87% complete,

  7. KVR says:

    I am having an extremely annoying door glitch. At the end of the first half, when I enter the APR building to get the mission to kill the ufll guy, the door into the Kuassis room is closed. There is no option to open it. I have no pending missions. Help please.

  8. houston says:

    i had the 27 glitch too same as everybody the first time around i did the mission fine but i kept redoing it over and over cuz i wanted to survive
    ((((((((((((((spoiler========= the part where all your buddies dieWTF>:()))))))))))) but yea then i loaded the previous save and saved over those slots that i was doing the mission on and it stopped me from doing the quest. but when i loaded a previous save, the save before it started the glitch it worked fine even when i dident delete anything and i saved a new save like that because i was scared that it might not work again but then i loaded the glitched save and it was still glitched. and then i went back to the previous save again and it worked fine. so i think it is specific to that exact save and only that save and that save doesn't mess up the other ones you just have to use a previous save (i still wouldn't save over them thou i would delete them) but yea this comment is for those people that might be scared that they messed up there game by not deleting the saves that are glitched i don't think that has any effect on finding a good one or not.

  9. hellfire says:

    If you are stuck with a closed door, engage the enemys' outside the door and run for your life...when you come back...the door will be hopefully open...atleast it worked for me...cheers...

  10. Jezza12 says:

    I got the door glitch twice! And that really put me off the game, but I've started again so if anyone has any tricky ways of getting around the door glitch that would be awesome......so i just need to make a whole lot of saved games and when the glitch gets me i delete that one and go to another?

  11. Philored says:

    I encountered this glitch at 86% in the southern area. I've completed all UFLL, cell tower, and wep truck missions, have the mission icon over the APR base, but there is no one outside the door to let me in. I, too, have made the 'mistake' of only using one save file (mostly) as my other save is all the way back at 43% in Act 1. I echo, "Bugger"...

    Perhaps playing the story mode all over again (with different choices) won't be such a bad thing. Sometimes redundancy trumps futility. (futility being 'multiplayer', with all the associated XP thievery that goes on there...)

  12. kyle says:

    im stuck in a glicth were i opened a diamond cause and it wont let me move wat do i do

  13. Kenji says:

    I have this issue. The only problem is that I have only ever used the 1 savegame slot. Bugger.

  14. Major Slack says:


    You don't have to restart the whole game if that's what you mean. Just delete your most recent saved game and start from the save game before that. Also, if you're going to do all the assassination missions in one go, try to avoid saving the game until after they're all complete.

  15. ben says:

    Hey slack, I read about the 27% glitch and finally figured what happened to my game after about 2 days. Do you know any way to fix this other than restarting, and does it only happen if you do missions in a specific order? (btw I'm on the 360).

    p.s. great walkthroughs

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