What is a Video Game Walkthrough?


Yeah! That's a good question. What exactly is a 'video game walkthrough'? And what is MajorSlackVideos?

Okay first off...

MajorSlackVideos is my Youtube channel dedicated to GENUINE video game walkthroughs. And in case you didn't get my drift with my nudge-nudge-wink-wink uppercase formatting, the operative word here is genuine.

As for the second question, as of this writing, there persists a huge misunderstanding on Youtube as to exactly what a 'walkthrough' is.

Is it...?

  1. A video recording of somebody bumbling-and-stumbling through a video game for the first time with live nonsensical running commentary.


  2. An instructional video recording by a dedicated gamer who is playing through a video game after learning how to play the game well with live running commentary of exactly why he is doing what.

And quite frankly, five years from now (A) will most likely and most unfortunately be the correct answer. That's because five years from now, Youtube will be so inundated with blind playthroughs masquerading as walkthroughs (as if it's not already) that gamers the world over will have adopted (A) as the only definition they ever knew. And (B) will have faded away and become some weird anomaly being plugged by that Major Slack guy who's still on a possibly hopeless crusade trying to redefine gaming videos.

Hey. Just for kicks, let's go back in time ten years (circa 2002), a time before Youtube, yes a time when if a gamer wanted to figure out how to get past a tough spot in a video game he was currently enjoying, he'd have to (*gasp) google "[game name] walkthrough" and then if he was lucky enough to find something, he'd have to (*gasp) read, that's right, READ a detailed written explanation walking him through the tough spot in his video game.

Now let's apply definition (A) of 'walkthrough' and imagine somebody took the trouble to write down in detail his every experience when playing through a video game for the first time. And then he posted it as a web page on the internet and called it a 'walkthrough'. And then somebody was googling one day, circa 2002 once again, and found said web page while looking for a 'walkthrough' and began reading. How ripped off do you think he'd feel as he began reading what was simply a written account of some noob's first experience with a video game?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Blind Playthroughs Have Their Merit

Now don't get me wrong. Blind playthroughs (which is what the vast majority of 'walkthroughs' on Youtube are) do have their merit. They provide solid entertainment value by allowing you to:

  • Watch someone get clobbered playing through parts of a video game you've already mastered.
  • Hear candid girly-screams when they bump into scary parts.
  • Watch an actual and complete video demo of a game you're thinking of buying.

But back to our original example of somebody posting a complete written account of their first experience with a video game and calling it a walkthrough, why are all these blind playthroughs being touted as 'walkthroughs' on Youtube?

Well I'll tell ya —and I'm really sorry but someone's got to blow the whistle on these guys— but the bottom line is this is just a good old fashioned BAIT-AND-SWITCH. That's how this whole incorrect definition of walkthrough began.

Way back in the day, some gamers instinctively knew that what most gamers were looking for on Youtube was a genuine 'walkthrough' of the video games they were playing. And those gamers who didn't want to spend the time or didn't have the smarts to create a real video game walkthrough started simply recording themselves doing blind playthroughs, i.e., their first experiences playing through a video game with no knowledge of what came next as they played and calling them 'walkthroughs'.

Why did they do that?

MORE views on their videos.


More people are likely to click through on a video entitled 'walkthrough' than they are on a video called a 'playthrough'. Don't believe it? Do a comparative search on Youtube for "[any game name] walkthrough" and "[any game name] playthrough" and you'll always come up with MORE results for 'walkthrough' than you will for 'playthrough'. This means that the typical Youtube gamer is more interested in calling his videos 'walkthroughs' than 'playthroughs'. And the bottom line is only a tiny, tiny minority of those 'walkthroughs' are actual walkthroughs.

Honestly, and once again, I really hate to be the one to blow the whistle on this (it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it), but this is straight-up exploitation. And this exploitation is actually redefining the English language.

So now my friends you know what a real video game walkthrough is.

And now you know what MajorSlackVideos is all about.

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138 Responses to What is a Video Game Walkthrough?

  1. cory spooner says:

    I bought your skyrim ebook how do I look at it

  2. John says:

    Hey Slack!
    Just been watching your new Black Flag walkthrough - great stuff as always.
    I don't do Google+ so haven't commented there, I just wanted to say-

    Q. How to you titillate an ocelot?
    A. Oscillate its tit a lot!

    Thought that was apt...

  3. Dolev says:

    major slack

    what end you like more in far cry 3?

    you gonna do walkthrough of far cry 4 when it cames ?

    im your biggest fan in israel

    your skyrim walkthrough is amazing

    you from america ?

  4. John Skinner says:

    I first found your walkthroughs while looking for Far Cry strategies. I enjoyed your
    technique so much that I started watching your Borderlands walkthrough. Loved it
    even though you never finished it completely. Bought the game and have played it
    right up to where you ended your walkthrough. While doing the Old Haven level I
    found a pistol called the "DOVE" which says it has a 12 round mag but it actually
    doesn't use any ammo at all, you never have to reload and you never run out!
    I replayed the Sledge safe house level with a Gunslinger mod and never used a
    single bullet! Unfreaking believable!!!!!!

  5. JR says:

    I started watching your play-/and walkthroughs and I only have one thing to say: You, sir, are awesome! I get bored with watching game play videos usually, because they are boring (and ultimately, it's more fun to play yourself), but you dfinitely are on my level of humor and I've recently started replaying Dead Space again and am going to get going on 2 and even bought 3 after watching you play. You certainly brightened some of my workdays (I keep watching during my lunch breaks)! Keep them coming and my best regards to Upchuck-Charlie! :D

  6. Nicky Donero says:

    Hey Slack, just bought my EBook of Skyrim Legendary Made Easy. Thank you so much for putting so much time into this. You are by far one of the best YouTubers out there. Hint Hint Nod Nod my YouTube name is "WackMyBeaver" sorry if it is a little profane. It was a funny me and my buddies made up on Xbox. But again, thank you for the book! :D

  7. Major Slack says:

    Hello Renato,

    According to my records, it was the Dead Space 2 Secrets ebook you bought? Is that what you want resent?

    ~ Major Slack

  8. Renato C. Portilho says:

    Hi Major,
    I bought a fry cry 3 manual, but i only saved in my ipad..and it get stoled yesterday.. i wonder if you may send another one?
    Thank you

  9. chris yates says:

    hi major slack I was wondering if your going to do all other resident evil game walkthroughs not resident evil 4

  10. MaverickMach5 says:

    Hey wanna say I recently found your YouTube channel and find your walk throughs entertaining. I notice you are a PC gamer which is something I'm trying to get myself more into. Keep up the good work and thanks for the uploads.

  11. Instinct XB says:

    I love your vids! Probably the best in all of youtube for all Hardcore gamers that want to beat levels you could never dream of beating! Especially your Far Cry 3 Hardest difficulty walkthrough! Keep up the good work!

  12. Gaya says:

    hey there, major Slack,

    a few months a go i was looking for help on a game i was playing and went on you tube and found your game site...
    I was very surprised to see so many walk troughs of various games in there but your game walk troughs helped me out a lot..

    As a 50 year old mama-gamer i love to play a good game but due to arthritis in both my hands playing games on my computer is no longer an option for me, i'm afraid to say..
    But, watching someone else play my favorite games is what i do now.. and your walk troughs are so freaking awesome..
    Thanks for the fun you give me watching you play and having fun doing it..

    Greetz, gaya ( from Holland Europe)

  13. recgar says:

    Hey Slack - Since we are all such fans of how Google has screwed the comments - and I know it may be more work for you - but what about expanding your website and linking the youtube videos to your website - then we can comment on your website and bypass this nonsense. Hopefully there will be a way to monitor new comments just the same as you were used to on youtube.

  14. recgar says:

    Regarding your question in Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough Part 10 - I wish not to interfere with any possible future plans so I would like to disclose my findings to you discreetly should you be interested

  15. Gary Laramore says:

    The only way I was able to complete Dead Space was your wonderful YouTube walkthrough. I am now playing Dead Space 2. Half the fun of playing these games is watching and listening to MajorSlack's commentary. I enjoy watching them even when I'm not playing. MajorSlack your walkthroughs are on so often at my house my 6 year old son herd your voice on the computer the other day and said. "That's MajorSlack. Thanks for all the fun. Gary

  16. Fandozer5 says:


    Will you ever complete your Skyrim Master Walkthrough?

  17. Larissa says:

    I think you've ruined me, Slack. Whenever I go watch other YouTubers attempt walkthroughs, I always compare them to you and realize that they have little to no information about the game that they are playing. Watched all your Far Cry walkthroughs and I have to say that they are the best that can be found on YT right now. So are your Bioshock Infinite videos. Please don't ever stop producing walkthrough videos because YT needs it. Like really bad. Thanks for all your hard work!

  18. Robert.W says:

    I found your youtube channel by searching for a far cry 2 LP. I really liked your way of clearing the missions. Also one of my favourite video series is the Mrs Slack plays dead island. I just constantly laughed that she thought she was playing a "beach party game". From what we see from dead island,the corpses, car crashed, etc, it must've been a hell of a beach party XD. I have never seen such a huge walkthrough of skyrim in my life, you should be in Guiness world records, Have you ever played Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion?

  19. Ali says:

    I'm a huge fan of yours! I discovered you while playing Skyrim (Easily one of my top games) and I believe I searched something dumb like "how to earn a lot of gold in Skryim" and your strategy guide for Skyrim popped up and I've been watching your videos ever since! I love your taste in games, and your general idea for what a real gamer is. Thanks for all the work that you do, I know it can't be easy. Much appreciation!!! (:

  20. Justice says:

    Hey Slack,

    Great work on the Dead Island & Far Cry Walkthroughs. I really enjoy your thoroughness. I look forward to your next uploads! ;)

  21. Justice says:

    Hey Slack,

    Your videos are fantastic. I really enjoy your thoroughness. Are you planning a walkthrough for State of Decay anytime soon? It seems like every video of this game on YouTube is yet another ridiculous Let's Play labeled as a Walkthrough! Help?!


  22. Chaz says:

    Major Slack,
    I know this may sound a little late, but could you possibly do a speed run for Dead Space 3? Like how you did for Dead Space 2? Also, on a side note, Your Dead Space 2 speed run is the world record for fastest completion of the game. Perhaps you could also try to make the completion record for DS3? Whether or not you would wish to include optional missions in the run as well would be up to you.

    On a another side note, I have beaten the game, not including optional missions, in a little over 12 hours.I know that isn't that fast, but it was my first time playing the game, and I had to stop because of time.

    Much Respect, Chaz

  23. Jacob says:

    I am new to video game walkthroughs for youtube. But I have not filled them with commentary so I would like to see by your definitions if mine follow either A. playthrough or B. walkthrough.

  24. gamerleo says:

    Wassup major,

    I am a 40 yr old GENUINE pc gamer. I have to say that (1) love your walkthroughs/guides (2) massive respect to you!!!!!!!!..... As a GENUINE pc gamer ( I take it you are?) I understand the want and love for pc games, although I have the ps3, I'd rather sit at my pc and play the game ( love the keyboard/mouse combo). I just want to say THANK YOU for the guides you bring regardless if its on pc, Xbox or ps3 as they are #1 for everyone who views them.

    Much respect,

  25. Karthik says:


    im just curious to know which one is your favourite game you played yet and why. ?

  26. Chaz says:

    Alright, thanks

  27. Major Slack says:

    @Chaz, If you want to do a genuine hard core run, you should not be using the riot suit (or any other DLC extras) in the beginning.

  28. Chaz says:

    Major Slack,
    I just started DS2 on Zealot, in an attempt to practice for Hard Core. But when I got to the first Store. I have run into a dilemma. I've beaten it already on normal, so I have the riot suit in the Store. Would it be wrong if I use it instead of using the first suit? It's annoying the heck out of me. Any Advice?


  29. awesomness 101.1 says:

    slack i know you get this a lot but can you do a dead island riptide walk through?

  30. karthik says:

    hey slack ur doing really well with walkthroughs. I am waiting for ur future ones. Hope its Far Cry 3????????

  31. Chaz says:

    Major Slack,
    I don't know if you think it's worth it, but you try making some walkthroughs for the Infamous game series. They're ran on the same type of game engine Prototype is, but they're much better, trust me.

  32. Ilene says:

    Please, Please do Dead Island Riptide, the first one is how I found you and I would love to see how you play it. Thanks for all of your work

  33. steve says:

    Mr. Major Slack,

    Thank you for doing these walkthroughs.Have a wonderful day. The walk throughs that you do are appreciated. Take care. Thank you again.

    Thank you,

  34. Calvin K (commander monky) says:

    Major, finally a way to contact you! Your walk throughs are better than a few strategy guides I have. I really appreciate what you do, your work in Dead Island....amazing! And to even take on a huge game like Skyrim, that is a lot of work. Just curious, will you do dead island riptide?

  35. Major Slack says:


    Thanks for your feedback and if I recall correctly, Far Cry 2 installed and ran flawlessly on my Win7 64 bit rig so I don't think you'll have any problems.

  36. OverTheHillGamer says:

    Your descriptions of walkthroughs and playthroughs are spot on. What a shame that's how it is. Since your Far Cry 3 walkthrough isn't up yet, I've been trying to find another one just to get a feel for the game. Every single one I've found on youtube is a blind playthrough, mostly on consoles. Geez, I can't imagine playing an fps with a controller *shudders*.

    Patiently waiting for your Far Cry 3 walkthrough while I wait for my copy of Far Cry 2 to arrive. (Fingers crossed that I can get it running on Win7 64 bit. Any tips?) The original Far Cry is one of my favorite games of all time, but I would never have ordered #2 if not for your walkthrough since there is so much negative attitude about it on the net. They obviously don't know how to 'Slack' the game. Their loss.

    Keep up the good work - your skills (You made some incredible shots in your Far Cry 2 infamous playthrough!), knowledge of the games, and sense of humor make all of your walkthroughs (and playthroughs) a must-watch! Better than most movies out there these days.

    Also love it when the missus sits in on the mic. Looking at you 'Far Cry - Realistic'! I can't play a shooter anymore without the phrases "Git Some!" and "Yum Yum" running through my head.

    a geezer-gamer. If my math is correct, I'm a 'few' years older than you are. "No brag, just fact." (Guessing you probably know which TV show that's from - lol.) Best regards.

  37. GrannyMoe says:

    Greetings Major Slack
    Diablo I and II had me spending far to much time in front of the computer instead of taking care of kitchen duties :) Now I'm addicted to Skyrim, just love the game. I've played the whole game several times (lately on master difficulty), with different types of chars and thought I knew the game pretty well. Yet you opened my eyes for a whole new approach - picking flowers :)
    Your videos are really well thought out and they are very entertaining. Really good walkthrough. Your videos has nothing in common with what I call "run-through's" when I'm in a good mood. To me the fun part of gaming isn't the killing of the "bad guys" (hack and slash). The really fun part is building a char that does the killing (missions/quests) with skill and as little HP loss as possible - and that takes some in depth knowledge. Now I finally have an idea on how to level up my Skyrim Paladin (master lvl) without getting killed all the time. Thanks :)

  38. Bonetopick says:

    Greetings Mr. Slack,

    I found your walkthrough on Crysis (the first one) only In the week past week. I must tell you that I've enjoyed your instructions immensely! The sense of humor that you project through the game is priceless. You devised new psychopathically murderous methods in shooting and blowing up those poor North Koreans and I certainly had a lot of fun watching you. Thank you.


  39. Cubsman23 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your Bioshock walkthrough. I decided to replay through the games with Infinite coming out next week. You are so entertaining and informative. Better than most stuff on television...they need a customary rap on the noggin...LOL.

  40. clyde trowbridge aka JESUSFREAK says:

    hi i would like to say THNKS 4 the videos on "FARCRY & FARCRY 2" in can u PLZ make more viedos with the WIFE PLZ cuz i thnk she was FUNNY n "FARCRY' wen ever she was on the com with u in i would like to say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK in plz dont stop makeing the videos cuz we all love what u do in how much funner u make the games 4 us.

    Love one of ur fans Clyde Trowbridge aka JESUSFREAK

    P.S if u dont know what a JESUSFREAK is look up "DC TALK JESUSFREAK"

  41. Major Slack says:

    @Jack, Sorry but I haven't touched Dead Space 1 in years so I couldn't really advise you on that.

  42. Jack says:

    Hey Slack, Ive been thinking about going back and trying a run through Dead Space 1 again but on Impossible Difficulty. I've watched your walkthrough many times for the game, but, is there anything you would suggest doing differently when playing on the hardest difficulty? Maybe a different strategic approach than how the game can be played on normal difficulty?


  43. Chaz says:

    Major Slack, I hear that in Dead Space 3, there is a an amazing one hit kill weapon you can craft. If you make a Javelin Gun on a small standard frame, then add the electrocution module for the javelins as the secondary tool, you fire at Necromorphs, then electrocute them and anybody near them. And by what I have seen, it works.(though you may have to put a few damage upgrades on it)


  44. NyNy says:

    A really nice post on what a walkthrough is. I like to think of walkthroughs as B because A, an uploader's voice annoys me while they speak through the game. I hope you will be able to check out my post and comment with your opinion about game walkthroughs: http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/5-reasons-why-watching-walkthroughs-is-okay/#comments

  45. Major Slack says:

    @Erik B., Yeah sure. No problem. Drop me a line when you start it up. :)

  46. Erik B. says:

    Hey slack I'm thinking about making a YouTube chanel based on you and your jokes. I wanted to know if that would be ok with you

  47. Chaz says:

    I just finished Dead Space 2 yesterday and thanks to ur videos, I was able to get past the Ubermorph without much trouble, even though I did kinda freak out at one point. Thank you so much for making these walkthroughs and I hope to see myself getting Dead Space 3 and seeing ur videos on it. Your the Best!!!!!


  48. Chaz says:

    for DS3, are you going to give commendations to people like you did in Resident Evil 4

  49. Chaz says:

    Thanks. I've still been playing dead space 2 and I wanted to be sure there wasn't anything wrong with following your videos.

  50. Major Slack says:


    That depends entirely on you. If you like figuring things out on your own then only use my walkthroughs when you need help. On the other hand, if you don't like having to mastermind everything as you progress through a video game then use my walkthroughs.

  51. Chaz says:

    I've been thinking. Is it okay if what I've been doing is following your walkthroughs to the letter, or should I just play the game and only refer to your walkthroughs if I need help?

  52. Michael(geezer gamer) says:

    I have learned a TON from your walkthroughs, especially Skyrim. I honestly learn something everytime I watch them and it has added to my enjoyment of the games.
    Keep up the great work and dumb jokes...

  53. Justin says:

    man, your amazing. I cant believe how much work you put into a single game. after watching your guides i bought your ebook. I paid for a guide once and it was terrible so i thought never again. But I thought your walkthrough was awesome id take a chance, and again i still cant believe how much work and research into one game. Awesome job man. absolutely awesome

  54. lily says:

    First time I started playing FEAR2, I was in a couple of tight spots that was pretty hard for me to get out of. I typed 'fear 2 walkthrough' on youtube and your videos were one of the things that popped up. It's thanks to your videos&strategies that I was able to finish the game fairly quickly. Your walkthroughs are fun,detailed and useful. Thanks for all your hard work. And I hope that you post a FEAR1 walkthrough someday,I would love to hear your commentary and strategies for that.

  55. Alex says:

    I just started skyrim and would like to watch your strategy guide on you tube. Does it start at #26. I would like to start at the start. i watched some master videos and there great. i am new to rpg gaming.

  56. Matt H says:

    I love your strategic way of working the problem and your ability to avoid reckless temptations, you are a closet battle planner (although if sims in games were programmed with proper battle techniques using covering fire, holding position, not sitting on barrels full of explosives, blah de blah, noone would last more than 2 minutes and the games industry wouldn't be worth billions). I love to find the edge on how to get through a mission by doing all the prep, noting all the key detail sh*t, best spots, gun switches etc. but watching your Farcry 1 walkthroughs I was blown away that there were better ways to crack some of the levels and was demoted from Major Smug to equal rank with your co player Mr Thumblefingers (who by the way is a bit too shy to have his own blog - missed opportunity - some chicks out there love the sensitive dweeb type).
    Keep up the good work.
    All best to you and Mrs Slack (ps she's a keeper, any missus who lets you game more than 1 hour a day is diamond)
    Colonel Thumblefingers signing off

  57. Chaz says:

    After watching a good number of your walkthroughs,( mainly Dead Space 1 and 2), I've been thinking about possibly making one myself. Could the Ratchly be et and Clank series possibly be worthy walkthroughs?

  58. Sam says:

    Greetings from the Rock, Slack.

    I just wanted to say I found your Skyrim walkthrough last week and I'm loving it. It's very difficult to be both informative and entertaining, you nailed it! I subbed right after a couple of episodes. I'm enjoying all the helpful hints, especially the alchemy tips. I've been enjoying Skyrim since release and I'm always finding something new. Looking forward to the day you do the DLC's, I know, I know, vanilla Skyrim is still huge on it's own.

    Anyways thanks for the vids, all the best, keep up the great work.



  59. John Patrick David Chua says:


    I am a kid always watching your videos....... I love majorslack than everyone one else on youtube... will you mind.... having a walkthrough for Resident Evil 6.... because I'm having a hard time playing that.... but I've finish that game, that's awesome...... I've seen you're video in youtube when I'm finding a walkthrough for Resident Evil 4....... You're very awesome even though I'd never met you.. because I'm from Phillipines . I've not watch you're new videos because I focus on my studies but weekends I watch your videos.. so..... wish you the very best to come and have a better relationship with mrs. slack

    I love majorslack forever and ever

    PS: How old are you now?

  60. John Kershisnik says:

    I just discovered your YouTube video walkthroughs recently after I purchase Far Cry and Fry Cry 2 in a bundled 2-disc package and just love them. I did not have a clue on how to have "fun" with either game until I watched your videos of same. I almost immediately subscribed to your channel, it is the only subscription tha I deem worthwhile so far. To tell you the truth I was not a fan of FPS UNTIL your Far Cry videos. WOW, now I am addicted to these two games. I have almost finished Far Cry and am at the Swamp level. I am in the process of working through Far Cry 2 now for a bit and would really like to run Far Cry 2 on TOTALLY stealth night missions. After you unlock the weapons you can buy the silenced MP5, the silenced Markarov, the CAMO suit and you even have a crossbow weapon to use. If this doesn't smell of stealth kills I don't know what does. I only played stealth type of games before Far Cry. I loved the old Thief series and have all three of those games. The Assassin Creed games and the Splinter Cell series are great. I even like the Max Payne series and have just finished Max Payne 3 for the second or third time. I am in the middle of trying to upgrade to a quad PC, after tax refund time as I want to also get the Nvida 990 GTX, if I have the number correct. Once I get my new game macine I will get Assassin Creed III, Far Cry 3, it requires 8 GB of RAM you know? Dishonored, the newest Hitman is also on by get list and possibley Black Ops 2....Thank you for your videos man, you humor and dedication to getting these out for us in the really professional manner that you do is worth many thanks. I have commented some on your Far Cry and Far Cry 2 videos but they are almost four years old now and not sure if you can remember details of those games or not. In Far Cry 2, I have read online that the hang glider is needed for one diamond case. Is it the diamond case just below the hang glider? You can't get that one without using the glider. I am saved there wondering if I should leap off the cliff or not.


  61. lj says:

    I recently got Dead Space 2 when it went on sale on PSN for PS3. ($7 is a steal!) Anyway, I got through 5 chapters and realized that I suck at this game! I was horrible at TK and never used the right gun at the right time.

    After a few videos from people that didn't really help I found yours. You got me through chapter 6 stalkers and I am much better at TK now. I even got through chapter 6 with very little ammo.


  62. Jonathan Walworth says:

    Playing Borderlands 2 along side your walkthrough right now. I watch a video and then play...watch, play....so on and so on.

    Everyone above has already said it all so I'll just say ditto.

    I do want to say one thing though. Before I found you, I had "cheated" (quick-leveled) my way through Skyrim to the point that I didn't even enjoy the game anymore. It becomes more of a chore when ALL that matters is reaching 100 (hours and hours and hours of smithing and enchanting iron daggers is exhausting and not fun).

    You reminded me that its not about how fast you finish the game or how fast you level up; it's about sucking the marrow out of a game and really becoming part of the world and playing and exploring that world in the way the game designers intended. So I pledge to no longer exploit the exploits! (This is starting to sound like a recovery session for gamers) Anyways, thank you for showing me how to game.

  63. Pethom says:

    Hi! If you ever would like to do a playthrough (a walkthrough would be impossible I think) of a post apocalypsis game with zombies and killer dangerous players you could try out DayZ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOB7YGgREFg

  64. Aishwar Sharma says:

    Hi MajorSlack!

    Played Dead Space 1 and 2 with your walkthroughs and it was fantastic! (bow)

    Now, one thing I wanted to say and note that I am by no means an expert but maybe this will help? When you record through FRAPs and you get humongous file sizes, why don't you use Handbrake first to encode them to MP4 (preserve the resolution) but lower the unnecessary bitrate a bit (I recorded a short 4 minute video of Dead Space @ 1280x720) - It was a 4+GB file; used Handbrake got a 100MB file :D

    Then you can do all the editing on the 100MB file which would be helluva lot faster than working with 10GB files? Just a suggestion. Let me know if this helps.

    BTW, starting with Borderlands 1 now. Wish me luck (probably won't need it coz of your videos) :D

  65. noisy boy says:

    your the best. o by the way if you find a sniperrifle name morning star keep it its a hillarious funny sniperrifle

  66. Major Slack says:


    Thanks for buying my ebook! Your order has been filled. Please check your email. As for Dishonored, I don't think I'll be doing that as I won't have time.

  67. Robert says:

    Major Slack - I just ordered your Dead Space 2 guide. I wanted to thank you for all your work on all your videos. I have learned so much since I found your YouTube channel and you videos are funny too. Your videos help me to enjoy games more. I really enjoy your videos too. Please keep making them. Do you plan to do a walkthrough for Dishonored? - Thanks again! - Robert

  68. valmont333 says:

    Dishonored has Slack written all over it !!!!( from a fellow middle age gamer )

  69. Leo says:

    Hey MajorSlack,
    I was wondering if you would ever do a Deus Ex Walkthrough. I've had the game since it came out and was thinking of playing it, but i'm kinda intimidated by the some of the trophies on it. I've been looking for a really good guide on it, but nothing has really caught my eye. I know you do amazing walkthroughs that are the best i have ever seen on youtube, so if you can message me back about it i would appreciate it a lot. i understand that if you don't do one, you already have a lot on your plate with the other walkthroughs. Thank you for your time :)

  70. joseph says:

    will you be playing resident evil 6? :D

  71. Travis Swan says:

    hey Major, have you checked out the custom weapons building feature in Dead Space 3?

    would like to hear your opinion on the combi-weapons you gonna use.

  72. Chaz says:

    Anyone can answer this. In dead space 1 and 2, do you have to keep hold of the kenesis button or is it a toggle-on/toggle-off kind of thing

  73. Chaz says:

    Major Slack, I just got one of the dead spaces and i was curious. I got it for ps3 and I'm worrying that based on the controller layout I won't be able to use kenesis and aim at the same time. should i be worrying?

  74. coyoteduster says:

    Just found your channel while looking for DS2 hardcore mode tips. Your strategies worked wonders for me. Not to mention the entertaining commentary.

  75. Josh says:

    A video game walkthrough, oh shees!

    You could ask this question on Youtube and you would never get the correct response!

    All these Youtubers call their videos "walkthroughs" whilst seriously, it's completely blind through the entire game, I often find myself getting frustrated with these f*cking noobs because I sit there thinking "I could play this game better than you with no hands and only using the balls of my feet" but I can never understand how other people enjoy this?!

    A real walkthrough is a progressive thing, you want some in-depth information about the game along the way, information about the history of the game, an insight on what the player is thinking/feels within the game environment, and most importantly allowing the audience to enjoy watching your games as you are playing them.

    You can do so many things wrong whether its just too boring, too bland, or just basically a guide on how to complete the game. A walkthrough should be funny, personally challenging, tense, exciting, and definitely the player has to have some knowledge on what the best plan of attack/weapons/strategies should be used or can be used to help the player get the most out of his gaming experience:)

  76. Chaz says:

    @slacker627, thanks for the heads up

  77. Rick says:

    I know its been a while since youve done your Borderlands Walkthrough. I just recently started the game a few weeks ago after i watched some of your walkthrough. Im on the Headstone Mine/Sledge misson. I find that i am running out of ammo/getting my but kicked. Im playing as the Soldier and im level 14.... Any suggestions? O and how do you telaport/fast travel? Thanks for your time.

  78. slacker627 says:

    @chaz,ill answer that for u,its no,the gameplay might change a little bit but its basicly the samething

  79. Chaz says:

    Major Slack, i got a ps3 and im planning on getting both dead spaces.will the the fact that its not on a computer affect the gameplay watsoever

  80. slacker627 says:

    Major slack, i worship u and ur videos on resident evil 4, i found u on youtube while looking for a walkthrough of resident evil 4. ur an AWSOME gamer.

  81. Major Slack says:

    @Chaz, Yes, any game I completed a walkthrough on is a game that I highly recommend. Also, check my Dead Space and Dead Space 2 reviews right here on my website! The only game that I started a walkthrough on and then aborted was Prototype. I have a review of that here as well.

  82. Chaz says:

    hey Major Slack I have been watching your dead space vids and they're AWESOME! Now I'm dying to get them both.Are they really that good?

  83. Bartev says:

    Respect for your work !
    Dead Space Fan

  84. Todd Wasik says:

    Entertaining and insightful. Your personality and humor engage the viewer through your experiences. It reminds me of Mystery Science Theatre, only for gamers. Keep up the good work.

    All the Best,

  85. dave mcwilliam says:

    hey slack, dave here from christchurch new zealand, im playing dead space and have used your walk through a couple of times, very funny to watch and listen to keep up the good work cheers dave

  86. Stacie says:

    I just wanted to thank you for you awesome walkthru videos on Skyrim. Watched a lot of others on utube but would get irritated at the quality of them, most never finished watching. Stumbled across yours & laughed out loud for the first time. Now when I'm stuck on a part of the game, I look to see if you have the walkthru & I am thrilled when you do & bummed when you don't & I have to watch some idiot stumble thru the game.....thanks so much for your hilarious & amazing Skyrim walkthroughs! They are the BEST!! I've never searched for any certain videos on youtube until I saw yours!

  87. Keith J. Van Kirk says:

    My thanks to you. I am new to the gaming world and new to RE-4. 60 yrs old . Can you believe that I enjoy this?

  88. ChickenChaser says:

    I totally agree with you Slack! I make video game walkthroughs myself and usually post my videos on a Chinese video website (I'm Chinese). And that website is also flooded with so called walkthroughs, which are actually blind playthroughs. Viewers love those crappy playthroughs only because they got funny commentaries. ( And seriously, I don't think they are funny at all. Most of them are just meaningless rambling. ) And most genuine walkthroughs didn't really get as many views and likes as those playthroughs did. See, it's not just Youtube that has this kind of problem. Serious video game walkthrough makers are rare nowadays. I salute you sir.
    (I'm not a native English speaker. So plz excuse me for my poor English if my words confuse you.)

  89. Andrew Rice says:

    One fateful day, I went to YouTube and typed in the word "walkthrough". Now knowing what I was getting myself into, I was instantly bombarded with a unending tsounami of little kids playing the game blindly. As I swam through the sea of inrelivent playthroughs, just as I had lost all hope of finding a real walkthrough, I came upon an island. Rising high above the sea of bumble and stumble playthroughs was MAJOR OF SLACK!!!!!!!! *applause*

    Haha, seriously though, I have loads of respect for what you do. You actually try very hard to make your walkthroughs real, legitimate, walkthroughs. And I am a huge lifetime fan!


  90. Chaz says:

    Hey, Majorslack, I'm a big fan and I've really enjoyed watching your RE4 walkthroughs.They've helped out allot, and your little jokes and gimmiks throuhout them made them funny.I've been wanting to ask if you'll make walkthroughs for RE5 and walkthroughs for RE6 when it comes out.

    Alright, thanks for the time to listen.

  91. aces chia says:

    hi slack, i'm a big fan of yours since dead space walkthrough, just wanted to ask if you have any plans on making walkthrough for fear 3 ?

    also i loved all your walkthroughs, love your slang and everything about you.
    forever your fan <3

  92. Dadevilswar says:

    I did a search for resident evil 4 walk throughs and found your YouTube channel, it helped  me a great deal and I have been hooked  ever since, I find your walk-throughs to be the most informative on YouTube and the most entertaining, I've gone back to look at your crisis walk-throughs you're dead space 2 walk-throughs and your borderlands walk-throughs, you're the best in the business major slack and I hope you keep it going. 

  93. Susan says:

    Love all your walk throughs, there are funny, you have all the info we need to through a difficult part. Totally enjoyed deadspace 1+2. did you play the 'Extraction"mission?Anyway I am looking for mission 1 for the Prototype Walkthrough. Keep up the great videos.

  94. Simon says:

    Hey Slack! Iv'e loved your videos ever since i discovered your far cry 2 walkthrough, and i didn't even watch them for the walkthrough, your just so damn entertaining lmao, and i haven't watched half your skyrim walkthrough just because a lot of the stuff would be spoilers (if i can't beat something, i'll be sure to find your vid that tells what to do) Keep up the great work and I look forward to your Far cry 3 walkthrough. I hope the game rocks!

  95. Peter says:

    Hey mate love wat ur doing just playing dead space for first time and love ur comentry you keep cracking me up mate love the fact its. Proper walkthrough not some idiot. Trying to get through the game keep up the good work

  96. Major Slack says:


    Yeah sorry about that. I never should have started that walkthrough. I didn't really like that game. You can check out my review here - http://majorslack.com/game-reviews/prototype-review-01/

  97. ramon esguerra says:

    your walkthroughs are awesome. i discovered your vids when i searched prototype walkthrough, but you dont make anymore prototype walkthroughs, you only made 3 parts.
    i searched for other parts there were no results. i wish you finished those walkthroughs, but your still awesome =)

  98. GodlyM4A1 says:

    I really like the way you do your walkthroughs because it shows the amount of time and effort you put into your videos and also reflects your work ethic which is obviously outstanding because I've hardly ever seen you die. I only remember the suicide at the end of Dead Space (which technically doesn't count) and also when you got clobbered by the tentacle thingy also in Dead Space. I try to make somewhat decent videos like yours but they obviously don't compare. I love watching/listening to your videos while I'm playing on RuneScape :D your "dumb jokes" as you call them are always fun for some larfs!

  99. SirPlayalot2012 says:

    Spot on,66year old xbox gamer,I had been struggling and thought my gaming was coming to an end,WRONG,discoverd Major Slack,Brilliant proper walkthroughs with fun commentries ,NOBODY does it better.Thanks mate,you are the man,thumbs&big toes up.Phil

  100. MrSanta78 says:

    Some bumble-and-stumble videos are definitely fun and I watched them a lot. But now, after I got used to your walkthrough (B) vids, it's almost impossible for me to watch (A) style videos again. I still watch them sometimes, but hardly for a long time. Amount of mistakes is just too high for me. I usually just watch a few vids to find out what is the game about.
    You know, Major Slack, some of those people don't even read the manual before doing walkthrough - the horror! :).
    I used to watch "walkthrough" videos (A) but then I found Major Slack :)

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