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Alright people... I had to plow through untold buckets of sh!t to put together this short list of free online games. I don't believe in the idea of slapping up a site sporting 1001 flash games if 999 of them aren't worth the time of day. It makes for a very poor user experience —the user being you.

So, wonder of wonders, I actually played all these games (*gasp*) and they're here only because I found them truly entertaining and because it looked like the developer put some thought into the making of them. All the rest didn't make the cut. (And by the way, that's pretty much the idea throughout, i.e., games will only be reviewed if I actually like them.)

So far, regarding free flash games, the sad truth is I'm averaging about 1 good game out of every 20 that I try. So bear with me. It may take a while to put together a huge list of games here. (Like I said, untold buckets of sh!t.)

How to Play These Games

You can play all these online games right in your web browser. No installation required, no promotional crap to download and no strings attached. Some are completely free while others are trials of the full versions. In the case of the latter, they're still free and still no strings attached but I thought there was enough to chew on in the trial versions to make them worthy of mention.

Most of the games are Flash-based while some of the more advanced ones run in Shockwave. You can get the latest Flash player here and you can get the latest Shockwave player here (more free downloads). These are both common browser plugins, by the way.

Slack's Picks

My personal favorites of the bunch are mostly in the Sports Games and Arcade Games categories. And not that I'm a sports fanatic particularly but I just find the games in this genre to be generally of better quality. My absolute favorite so far is nothing conceptually advanced to write home about but is simply a well made virtual pool game. Sink the red balls in the pocket. That's it, that's all. Very relaxing (and very addicting).

For something more visually spectacular, try VertiGolf 2 (virtual golf game).

If you want a shoot-em-up action war game, try Commando or Commando 2.

For a beautiful remake of the arcade classic, Missile Command, try Lunar Command.

And if you want something completely ridiculous, give Clowning Around a shot. (Okay... You may question my sanity on this one but I personally thought it was hilarious.)


And finally, here's a rundown of all the categories of free online games reviewed here on this site:

Action Games
Arcade Games
Fun Games
Puzzle Games
Sports Games

Happy gaming!.. :o)

~ Major Slack

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