Bioshock – A Bizarre PC Game Experience

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As of this writing, Bioshock is THE best PC game I have ever played. Actually, it's tied with another game that I love that also came out in 2007 although it's really unfair to compare the two since Bioshock is indeed a strange, strange game. This visually spectacular first person shooter (FPS) with survival horror overtones and elements of an RPG provides you with such a mesmerizing and engrossing environment that you are often tempted to simply hang out in the game and just play around with stuff instead of dogmatically proceeding through completing all the game's objectives.


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Breathtaking water effects

The game begins with you crash landing in the Mid Atlantic in 1960. Right from the start you are stunned by the breathtaking water effects (which persist throughout the game) as you swim toward a distant lighted beacon which appears to be your only hope of survival. Upon reaching the beacon, you realize that it is the entrance to some kind of strange city called Rapture. You climb into a compartment called a bathysphere and it takes you down to Rapture, which at first glance appears to be a beautiful technologically advanced undersea metropolis. On your way down, you are treated to a brief slideshow accompanied by the voice of Andrew Ryan, the creator of Rapture. He tells you that Rapture is something different where "the scientist would not be bound by petty morality" and "the great would not be constrained by the small".

But once you step out of the bathysphere and begin picking your way through the bowels of the city, you discover the truth: Rapture is in shambles. It is in fact nothing but a leaky, broken-down dystopia, ransacked, raped and rife with a screwball citizenry.

By means of a radio you find in the bathysphere, you are immediately contacted by a man named Atlas who pledges to keep you alive and begins guiding you through what Rapture has become and coaching you on how to survive in it. It appears that the citizens of Rapture have been undergoing rampant genetic modifications as a result of recent scientific discoveries. Initially meant to better mankind, these genetic splices have had some egregious side effects on the once good people of Rapture. The citizens —now known as 'Splicers'— have become a band of xenophobic, wrench/gun/bomb-toting lunatics wandering aimlessly about babbling away to themselves with their tempers all on a hair trigger. And into this powder keg you proceed...


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A deranged citizen 'welcomes' you to Rapture

Gameplay in Bioshock consists of exploring the world of Rapture and acquiring weapons, ammunition and health power-ups along the way while doing battle with the mutated and deranged citizenry. The gripping story of Rapture's decay is gradually revealed through the audio diaries that various citizens have left behind. The conflicts and key players are slowly revealed to you as you rifle through the citizens' macabre and often bloody places of business, scrounging through trashcans for food, looting safes, robbing cash registers, finding secret stashes and generally scavenging about for whatever you can find to help you on your quest.

You are tasked with completing goals which are fed to you one-by-one, typically by Atlas. Completing each goal allows you to progress deeper and deeper into the game. You find keys, you blow open passageways, you fetch special items and the like. You always have access to a map of the current level you're on which normally shows the location of your current goal by displaying a star. There is also an in-game quest arrow (thankfully optional) that constantly points you in the direction you are supposed to proceed.

The key element of gameplay in Rapture that resembles that of an RPG is acquiring and using 'plasmids' which are genetic modifications you can make to your character to give you access to special superpowers. These plasmids allow you to do things like shoot electricity or fire out of your hand, or throw objects using telekinesis or control the minds of your opponents (and even turn them against one another).

Many plasmids are simply found and you equip them as you see fit as you go along. But for the most part, plasmids are acquired at special plasmid vending machines known as "Gatherers Gardens". Gatherers Gardens take a serum known as Adam as currency and the Adam is obtained from strange little girls wandering about Rapture known as Little Sisters. However each Little Sister is always protected by a fierce monstrosity dressed in a diving suit known as a Big Daddy (featured on game box cover).

Two or three Little Sister/Big Daddy pairs appear on each of the game's levels. Defeating the Big Daddies in order to get Adam from the Little Sisters and then using that to purchase and equip more powerful plasmids is integral to advancing easily through the game.


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  1. Keith Greffe says:

    Hi Slack

    Will you and the misus be doing a walkthrough for Bioshock Infinite?

    There are already quite a few playthrough's and so-called walkthroughs on you-tube that leave a lot to be desired. Everything I've looked at so far seems to be out-of-box runs and done very hurried (I guess just to get to the end of the game). I have played the first couple of chapters several times and each time I replay I found something that I missed in a previous playthrough.

    I hope that you have put Bioshock Infinite on the backburner.

    Thanks, Keith

  2. Jonathan says:

    Have you played this on the PS3? I can't figure out how to switch to the fire plasma.

  3. waqas says:

    dead space 1 walkthrough rocks man
    hey i am from chakwal pakistan

  4. Carlos says:

    you are the best awsome guy

  5. Carlos says:

    you rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kevin Nguyen says:

    Dude I'm 10 years old but i LOVE your Videos! Bioshock 2 and 1 taught me alot well actually just bioshock 1 but far cry 2 RE2 Ect. I LOVE!

  7. shaggiefresh187 says:

    slack i finally checkd out yur website not to shabby

  8. Unknown says:

    @NJ786MANU There is No Far Cry 2 Demo

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  10. steve says:

    ur kewl man ur videos are so kewl and very helpful

  11. carlos says:

    hey man can you post the video game assassins creed brotherhood thanks

  12. carlos says:

    how many prototype videos do you have posted?

  13. marvin says:

    can you send me some photos of what your rig looks like to my gmail thank you Mr.Slack

  14. marvin says:

    how do i keep track of your videos

  15. marvin says:

    Your comment

  16. Petruchellis says:

    Don't forget... BIOSHOCK 2

  17. heroicpepermint says:

    dude that was sick...i mean SSSIIIIICCKKK. hey think about playing Call of Duty2 modern warfare

  18. lewis says:

    slack ur so cool dude i loved ur borderlands videos they helped me a bit in the game and id love it if u cud do the whole borderlands walkthrough plz it wud help me alot

    thanks :] lewis

  19. Major Slack says:


    I like Far Cry 2 better. But I played Bioshock first. So when I did this review, at that time it was indeed the best game I had ever played thus far (hence "As of this writing, Bioshock is the best PC game...etc").

  20. Koen says:

    But which game do you like more, Far Cry 2 or Bioshock. because you give Far Cry 2 a higher score but in this review you say that Bioshock is the best game you've ever played.
    But I love your walkthroughs, especially those from Far Cry 2.

  21. argy88 says:

    can u make a medal of honor walkthrough please?

  22. argy88 says:

    u made very cool vids slack keep going like that

  23. NJ786MANU says:

    can you put a far cry 2 demo on your website and thank you

  24. Leonardo says:

    hey slack...bioshock is away too hard? i mean.. the is game hard?

  25. philip, your awsome says:

    ur so awsome slack dead space and bioshock are awsome u need to make a walkthrough 4 bioshock after u finish the dead space walkthrough
    ITS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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