Bioshock Strategies & Walkthrough:
Welcome to Rapture


I'm not sure there's much point in doing a full walkthrough of Bioshock since this PC video game already has all kinds of help tools in the Gameplay Options section to guide you about, e.g., Quest Arrow, Adaptive Training, Item Shimmer, etc. (By the way, I highly recommend that you turn all that crap off —including disabling the Vita Chamber— if you want a really good Bioshock experience. The map should be more than enough to help you complete goals and get through the game.)

So what I'm going to do here is just cover a few key areas on the first three levels of Bioshock: Welcome to Rapture, Medical Pavilion and Neptune's Bounty. This should get you well on your way to completing the game.

We'll start with...

Welcome to Rapture

Here's the first real level of Bioshock where you get introduced to Atlas, the city of Rapture, the Bioshock game environment and the gameplay. You'll pick up two weapons: the wrench and the pistol and you'll get your first active plasmid, Electro Bolt.

Some general notes on this level:

  • As always, search everywhere. On Medium difficulty setting, I've managed to exit the level with 9 first aid kits (maximum carrying capacity), 6 Eve hypos, 24 pistol rounds and $72. Especially search Big Daddy corpse at bottom of stairs leading down to the gate to Neptune's Bounty. Two splicers are in the water here and behind them, partially obscured by falling water, is a Big Daddy corpse with a lot of cash.
  • Use the wrench through entire level. There's no need to waste good ammo on these low level splicers. Zap splicers with Electro Bolt then switch to the wrench and aim carefully for the head and then smack them. All Thuggish splicers should go down with one hit. Leadhead Splicers will take 2 or 3 hits.

Surviving the Security Alert at Gate to Neptune's Bounty

When the security alarm goes off when you approach the gate to Neptune's Bounty, there's no need to run around in a panic using up all your pistol rounds. There is a much easier and more economical way to get through this. You'll only need to use the Electro Bolt twice and your wrench.

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Have Electro Bolt equipped and proceed to the gate to Neptune's Bounty.
  2. When the gate shuts and the alarm goes off, turn 180 degrees and rush back to the men's washroom. You'll see a splicer there in the entrance. Zap him with the Electro Bolt, finish him off with the wrench and then loot the corpse.
  3. Equip Electro Bolt again and then return quickly to the pool of water in front of the waterfalls. Two splicers will come down the stairs and jump into the water. Immediately after the second one jumps, zap the water with Electro Bolt, wait until they fall down dead and then loot their corpses.
  4. Retreat out of the water but stay near. Eventually three more splicers will come racing down the stairs and jump into the water. Immediately after the second splicer jumps in the water (don't wait for the third or you'll screw up the timing), zap the water again with the Electro Bolt. Typically, the third splicer will jump into the water anyway after you've zapped it and he'll get electrocuted as well.
  5. After all three splicers fall down dead, loot the corpses. Killing these six splicers will be enough to trigger the opening of the gate to the Medical Pavilion.

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