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Although I think Far Cry 2 is essentially the BEST PC GAME EVER (in my humble opinion), it does have a couple or three minor drawbacks, one of which is there is no easy way to identify weapons in the armoury. So unless you're a card-carrying member of the NRA and/or you're a complete gun nut, you may find yourself a little lost trying to acquire your weapon of choice. This Far Cry 2 weapons guide is intended to alleviate this problem.

On this page and the ones that follow, I'll provide screenshots of the weapons as they appear in the armoury with identifying labels below each weapon. This will enable you to tell what's what.

Below is a screenshot of the first batch of Primary weapons which appears on the wall on your left as you first enter the armoury. This is the left side of that left wall and consists primarily of assault rifles. Click on any of the weapons in the screenshot to jump to a full description. Please note that the weapons availability is based on the PC version of Far Cry 2 with patch 1.03 applied.

far-cry-2-primary-weapons-01 (81K)

AR-16 assault rifle FAL Paratrooper assault rifle AK-47 assault rifle MGL-140 Grenade Launcher G3-KA4 Assault Rifle Silent MP-5 Machine Pistol

Assault Rifles


As an assault rifle, this is not bad and is essentially the default assault rifle of the game. It's fairly reliable and surprisingly has the least recoil when compared to the AK-47 or the FAL Paratrooper (see my Far Cry 2 Recoil Test). However if you're going to go with an assault rifle during Act 1, you're better off unlocking the AK-47 and swapping it out for that. Whether you should pay to have G3-KA4 available in the armoury is questionable since a used G3-KA4 can be found on the second floor in the hotel in Pala right near the beginning of the game where you're tasked with escaping town. This will easily last until you can acquire the golden AK-47 for free (see below).

The G3-KA4 is unlocked at the weapon shop from the START OF THE GAME.

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In my humble opinion, this is the best assault rifle in the game. Its effective range is not as good as the FAL Paratrooper but it makes up for this by having a less pronounced recoil (for short bursts) and an iron sight that gives you a 'clean' view making it very easy to handle. It is also more reliable than the FAL Paratrooper. On the subject of reliability, there are eight special golden AK-47s to be found throughout the game; four in Act 1 and four in Act 2. These golden AK-47s are extremely durable (one of these could probably last you throughout an entire Act in the game before breaking down). These golden AK-47s are also free for the taking. All you have to do is find one (see my Far Cry 2 video strategy guide). Hence it's very questionable as to whether you should actually pay for one at the weapon shop.

The AK-47 is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the SECOND CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 1.

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FAL Paratrooper

This assault rifle is considered by many to be the best weapon in the game and probably because it has the best effective range among the assault rifles (compared to the AK-47, AR-16 and the G3-KA4). Its main drawback is a pronounced recoil which is much more noticeable when firing short bursts (an extended recoil test rates it about even with the AK-47). It is also more likely to jam than the AK-47 and its circular iron sight may take some getting used to.

This weapon is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the OPENING MISSIONS OF ACT 2 (Barge/Marina Missions).

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This is an assault rifle with a reflex scope that fires in 3 round bursts in semi-automatic mode. This weapon is essentially for mid range to close combat although it can get a little awkward with extreme close combat because of the scope. What it excels at is mid-range combat in areas where visibility is poor, especially out in the bush when you are having difficulties locating the enemy. In a pinch, it can also double as a sniper rifle although the range is limited.

The AR-16 is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the SECOND CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 2.

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This grenade launcher's strength is in the fabulous scope making it an excellent long range anti-vehicle weapon. However, despite it having four rounds in the magazine, it does have an excruciating slow reload time making it a hazardous choice to rely on for extended periods as an antipersonnel weapon. It is also very expensive ringing in at the cash at 35 diamonds and having reliability and accuracy upgrades costing you 8 diamonds each. But after purchasing the grenadier webbing (which increases capacity for grenades and all grenade loading weapons), this weapon will allow you to carry a whopping 20 grenades (4 in the magazine, 16 spare).

This weapon is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the FOURTH CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 2.

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Silent MP-5

This is one of three silenced weapons in the game and serves as a close range antipersonnel stealth weapon. Its strengths —like all silenced weapons— lies in the fact that it can be used without giving away your position since enemies in Far Cry 2 use the sound of your gunfire to locate you. (Note that enemies will still respond to seeing their comrades getting killed which will put them in alert mode.) The main drawback of the Silent MP-5 is it packs a weak punch and can leave you at a distinct disadvantage if your cover is completely blown and you're getting heavily flanked in an out-and-out firefight.

This weapon is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the THIRD CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 1.

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12 Responses to Far Cry 2: Primary Weapons Guide 1

  1. Puji Supriyanto says:

    Fantastic game.....wait the Farcry 3rd

  2. JerkinMerkin says:

    I Like your weapon rundown and strategies. I find myself using the SPAS-12/AK more in ACT1, and the USAS-12 in ACT2 allot more since playing lately. Also, the MP5 can be a deadlier weapon if head shots are made, of course. I just wish players could get Assault webbing and camo easier.

  3. Alex says:

    Anyone else use a Sniper Rifle/M79/LMG combo? Btw, nice work on your walkthroughs, Slack. :P

  4. Derek says:

    I like the Mp5 in a fire fight. Your right it is weak but it has little recoil and if you aim at the chest of an enemy, the recoil puts your shots right at their head.

  5. Paul says:

    Dudes....is this for real? One of the downsides is that it is difficult to identify which weapon is which and you need to be an NRA card carrying member to know?!

    Come on!!

    Any self respecting FPS player knows these guns by heart! : )
    If there is any downside on weapons it's that there should be more to choose from!

    This is one of the best games I've ever played! Can't wait to see what FarCry 3 will bring!!

  6. PKE says:

    Hey, this is an awesome guide. Your advice and tips are a major reason why FC2 is so fun to play for me.

  7. crowy877 says:

    we all make mistakes some times

  8. Major Slack says:


    Yeah that was a typo. It's fixed now.

  9. crowy877 says:

    not to complane but the mp5 is unlocked after competion of the third convoy mission in act 1 not 2

  10. Zan says:

    Not positive of what mission, but the Silent MP-5 is unlocked before "Third Convoy Mission in Act 2" as stated above.. I'm not close to Act 2 and it's already my main weapon, fully upgraded..

  11. 19881705 says:

    nice guide Slack, it comes in handy for those who're still unfamiliar with the game, or haven't completed it yet. this is great to complement your walkthroughs.

  12. cheesy1188 says:

    nice weapons guide,
    helped me out selecting my in game weapons,
    Thanks again Slack!

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