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Maelstrom - Free Online Game

Maelstrom Flash Game

Platform: Flash

Maelstrom is a graphically advanced clone of the arcade classic, Asteroids. It was originally released in 1993 for MAC computers and then later ported to Windows and Linux and then eventually ported to Flash so that it can be played online. Gameplay is the same except that the hyperspace option is replaced by a shield.

To play, click on the 'Play Now' button and then click inside the game window and press P on your keyboard.

Game Controls:

Up Arrow Thrust forward
Left/Right Arrow Turn
Ctrl Fire
Space Shield
P Play/Pause
Q Quit

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5 Responses to Maelstrom

  1. Joe Salazar says:

    Maelstrom Rocks! one of my two favorite old games, the other being Space Invaders the remake for PC with 3D images.

  2. Sam Hobson says:

    Can i buy this game for my dell computer that runs on windows 7?

  3. Major Slack says:


    Put your mouse cursor 'in' the game area (mouse cursor may disappear) and left click once. Then the specified controls should work.

    P - Start game
    Ctrl - Fire
    Up arrow key - Thrust forward
    Left, Right arrow keys - Turn
    Spacebar - Shield

  4. ahr says:

    click in the game window once before trying the buttons. The app needs to know that it should interpret your keystrokes.

  5. G says:

    Clicked on the button to try the game, but when the new window opened up, none of the buttons that were specified did anything!

    Loved this game many years ago; would love to try it again.

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