Borderlands 2: Not a Box of Cheap Candy


My Borderlands 2 walkthrough is now going full throttle although I will be taking a break until next Tuesday (November 20th) because I'm essentially burnt out. I've pumped out a whopping 132 videos since the game's release on September 18th plus another 30 Skyrim videos. And considering these are all REAL walkthrough videos requiring extensive study and practice, this is no small feat.

Essentially, my bid to keep pace with the blind playthroughers (those who simply record themselves playing the game with no practice whatsoever) was a failure. After looking over the playlists of numerous Borderlands 2 blind playthroughers I've come to realize that they are skipping over vast portions of the game with their recordings. Assuming the average playthrough video is approximately 15 minutes, this is how many of them can do a 'complete' playthrough of a 30 hour game in less than 60 videos which works out to about 15 hours of gameplay.

And mind you, that is just IGN's assessment of how long it takes to complete Borderlands 2 (taken from the Borderlands 2 Wikipedia page). I feel I'm going to be hard pressed to finish my walkthrough in under 200 videos and that's only if I skip all the rest of the side missions. This is doable because at the current point in the walkthrough, I've levelled up my character enough to finish the game by just pushing straight through the story mission line.

Quite frankly, the 30 hour assessment of Borderlands 2 is a gross understatement. Perhaps that's based on playing co-op and skipping ALL the side missions in the game. I've never played co-op nor do I have any desire to so I don't know. But I believe that completing the game solo with ALL the side missions is more like at least a 60 hour journey (75 hours if you take your time and really explore).

Here's a comment recently posted on one of my Borderlands 2 videos:

Great video, Slack. Your videos have changed the way I play my games. I'm replaying old games and finding them more enjoyable than just blowing through them to say I beat the game.

This is indicative of many comments I get and has got me thinking that there are many of you out there who do the same. So as an experiment, yesterday I did a 7 hour Borderlands 2 marathon session but I played with one objective in mind and that was to blow through the game as quickly as possible.

The result was I did get through the game a lot quicker than if I played at my normal studious pace. BUT —and yes that's a BIG but— I also died a bazillion times, had very little time to experiment with all the new weaponry and gear I was constantly taking on and, most important of all, I had NO FUN. (I also spent an exhorbitant $50,000 worth of rockets on a particularly tough section of the game; something I would NEVER do if I was taking my time playing strategically.)

And honestly, it was downright annoying playing like that. I don't understand why many of you pay $50-$60 for a game and then blast through it helter skelter just for bragging rights that you beat the game. Essentially you miss 90% of the game and I think a lot of game designers who spend many years carefully developing these complex and hugely entertaining and intellectually stimulating pieces of software would have a litter of kittens watching you rip through their finished product like you're gobbling down a box of cheap candy.

So I guess all this to say that I'm starting to realize I can't compete with all the blind playthroughers who continually clog up the top positions in the Youtube search results. They do so by finishing their playthroughs as quickly as possible and they do that by skipping over 3/4 of the game (and/or outright abandoning the playthrough altogether) so they can quickly jump right on to the next latest release in the world of video games and then rinse and repeat with that ad nauseam.

In my humble opinion, this humongous library of half-baked playthroughs they've built (and continue to build) is a gross disservice to the gaming industry. I don't know how many times I've read comments on my videos where people tell me they never would have bought a game had they not seen one of my real walkthroughs. But alas it seems the blind playthroughers are an unstoppable force. I personally can't keep up with them by pumping out 6-10 videos a day (which is what many of them do) and by bastardizing a game's concept by not taking the time to actually learn how to play the game.

In fact, I'm hard pressed to put out four studied and practiced walkthrough videos a day which is what I've been aiming for with Borderlands 2. I was keeping pace in the beginning but it seems any little SNAFU is enough to set me back, e.g., my wife spraining her ankle and being incapacitated and home from work for a week. And this is not to mention that my Skyrim Master Walkthrough has suffered as a result because I've simply had precious little time to work on it to the disappointment of some (and I humbly apologize).

So I think a more realistic goal is three videos a day for me. I'll probably go with that but I'm going to give it some thought over the weekend. So once again, I'll be taking Sunday and Monday off, that is no video uploads whatsoever (November 18th and 19th) just to take a breather and regroup as it were. I'll be back on Tuesday the 20th and I'll be starting off with a spate of Skyrim videos to make up for not uploading any lately after which I'll return to my Borderlands 2 walkthrough a couple or three days later.

Be advised that it's highly likely I won't be doing all the side missions in Borderlands 2 as it's just going to make the walkthrough too long and I'd like to jump on Far Cry 3 as soon as possible (release date December 4th).

So that's it, people.

Just a few quick updates and notes on the world of MajorSlackVideos.

Thanks for reading and see ya in the funny papers. :D

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19 Responses to Borderlands 2: Not a Box of Cheap Candy

  1. jacob says:

    This is amazing what you are doing. First time playing borderlands 2 and I did not even play the first one. Amazing game no doubt. I am not sure if I should stop finish the first one and come back to the second one.

    I still remember back in the days when there were no video walkthrough and had to bookmark IGN website and read through the walkthroughs

  2. Michael Bailee says:

    I usually say more, but this and the Borderlands 2 walkthrough articles were honestly genuinely cool! I'm certainly looking forward to the day when you may start writing the official guides for games!

  3. Major Slack says:

    @Wan, No sorry, I don't have any cheat codes for Bioshock 2.

  4. Wan says:

    Hi, Major Slack. I tried to look all over the place for a personal email contact, but I couldn't find one. Forgive me for being off-topic, but I have a question.

    I really appreciate you providing the super cheats pack for Bioshock 1. It works seamlessly and like a charm, without all the mess of trainers.

    Do you have similar codes for BioShock 2?

  5. Major Slack says:

    @Dean, Hover over a non-equipped item in the inventory and then check out the legend at the bottom of the screen. It should say there -along with other stuff- what key/button to press to drop an item. Also, if you're on the PC version, try right-clicking on the item you wish to drop and you'll get a little popup menu.

  6. Dean Sherer says:

    Your comments are so right on. Especially for a game like Borderlands 2. The amount of time and labor that goes into these games is phenomenal. Why not take the time to see and experience it all!! My only gripe is the inventory system. I'm halfway through the game and still don't know how it all works. Every time I want to pick up a new weapon I have to drop an equipped weapon. Why can't I drop a non equipped weapon? Is there a good explanation of this somewhere?

  7. Tom says:

    Hi Slack. I'm excited to read that you are itching for Far Cry 3 :) I'm lucky, here in Australia it came out November 29, so I am already playing it, but as I started up the game one of my first thoughts (besides - WOW) was "I can't wait to see/read what Slack makes of this!" I have a funny feeling you're going to love it :) keep up the good work man, take care, Tom

  8. Dave H says:

    Hey m8. I love the work you put out. For me, your work has always been the definition of a "walkthrough" and I have always referred to most of the other stuff I have seen on you tube as what they are, "playthroughs"
    You are never going to keep pace with "playthroughs" and deliver the quality work that you do. Also I will say here for the record, I bought Far Cry 2 largely on the basis of a Major Slack walkthrough, as I had never heard of it before. Also I have just ordered Borderlands as a direct result of the walkthrough you are doing now, and that is after having removed it from my short list in the past because I didn't think I could deal with the "cartoon style" graphics. It did take me until episode 30 to get used to them, but hey, you just seem to be having so much fun, and the graphics do grow on you after a while.
    Anyway keep up the great work m8.

  9. aspenboy says:

    Hi Slack,

    Take your time. You're doing a great job, your walthroughs are top-quality :)

    But just for Borderlands 2... I'm a tiny bit annoyed by the fact that I leveled to quickly. I don't remember which chapter it is, but I just got to the point where I should head to Opportunity or take some side missions in Lynchwood. I was level 26 and I chose to go to Lynchwood first. It was really fun, as all the enemies where around my level (25-27) and so was all the loot. I hoped that it will be the same for Opportunity, but once I get there - everything is around level 22-23... no fun at all to be honest. I think I'll have to run to the next location hoping it will be scaled better...


  10. BMWK75S93 says:

    I'll admit I was quite surprised when you started the BL2 walkthrough so soon after its release, and was curious as to your motivation. Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic to see it, and have enjoyed every minute of your videos. Trying to compete with the blind playthroughers is an exercise in futility. The majority of the followers of these types of YouTubers are ADD riddled prepubescents who can only watch videos at 100 mph for a very limited time. The moment you took a second to compare a weapon or buy some ammo, you would have lost such a viewer. It is also why most of the blind playthroughs are never finished. They have to move on to something new or they are bored. Take all the time off you need; you’ve earned it many times over. All your loyal hardcore slackers will be eagerly waiting your return.

  11. Celysa says:

    Take all the time you need, I will still be checking into your YouTube for my complete and detailed walk through.

  12. Ralph says:

    I think your the best at what you do Slack, this is the most fun I have had with my video games in a long time, I found your channel over a year ago with Resident Evil 4 and since then I have watched all your walkthroughs and went back to those games and started over. I hope you continue doing this as long as you have the time, and on another note you have infected my house hold to the point that my wife and son love using your phrase " That's a Paddling " so play on buddy.

  13. Daniel says:

    I used to watch blind playthroughs, then i found your channel and now i almost can't stand the others. Thanks to you i bought Dead Space 1+2 and Bioshock 1+2, four great games that i weren't gonna buy if i hadn't seen your walkthroughs.

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Michael says:

    Hey Slack..take the time you need. The key word in all of this is GAME..its JUST a game...Your real life is what is important. Get back to it when you feel like it.

  15. MrSanta says:

    I am really glad you have abbandoned the try to keep the pace with that blind playthrough bunch.
    I was a little afraid that the quality of your vids will go down when you start to push it hard (but it has not changed, you are amazing!) but honestly speedy run and lot of uploads is not why I am watching your videos. And I believe vast majority of "army of slack" has it the same.
    Looking forward Far Cry 3. I hope I will have time to play Far Cry 2 (I bought because of you).

  16. Tom says:

    I have enjoyed the methodical playing of games. Slack got me hooked on Skyrim this way and if my computer is capable of playing it I may get Borderlands 2.

  17. Tina says:

    As one of those that have bought a number of games because I watched you play them, I'm glad you take the time and care you do. So, as much as I'd like to see Skyrim vids every day, I know that I'd much rather see Skyrim vids that you took the time to play in that awesome Slack way... Smooth...tactical. what you do man...I'll patiently wait for it. 'Tis all good. :)

  18. Major Slack says:


    Thanks for your comment. And just to clarify, I never stopped being excited about the game. The rushing through thing was just an experiment. :)

  19. Jeff says:

    If you don't have fun, we don't have fun, buddy! Take some time off and get excited about the game again. I think trying to compete with the kids who do this for a living is a mistake--they pander to the viewers who want to see the next thing NOW, who cares about the rest of the game or strategy. I personally like the way you play, because you show all the corners and spiderwebs of the games you play. Keep doing what you're doing--it's catching on.


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