Introducing The MajorSlacks

Alright, many of you know us, that is, Major and Mrs. Slack, from our video game walkthrough Youtube channel, MajorSlackVideos. But what you may not know is that we have another Youtube channel where we post comedy videos not necessarily related to video games.

So IF you've always wondered:

  1. What Major & Mrs. Slack look like-
  2. What we do when we're not playing video games-
  3. Why we need the therapy we're always talking about not being able to afford-

GO NOW to our other comedy Youtube channel and check it out (and SUBSCRIBE while yer at it!)


Just watch this video!

Or you canwatch this video on Youtube...

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52 Responses to Introducing The MajorSlacks

  1. warhawk1955 says:

    Major I am an old board gamer, and I do mean older then you. I have just started playing FPS and when I got stuck in dead space I went looking for a walkthrough. I found yours and I have to say they are the best, most informative, and just plane fun I have ever watched. Keep up the great work. I know I am behind the curve just now playing dead space I can't wait til I watch your DS 2 & 3 walkthroughs.

  2. Original 6IX says:

    Its been a while since anyone has shown this meet the slacks any love so I just wanted to drop in and say hello and that I enjoy all your vids. You make game walkthroughs fun, I mean real fun to watch... I never would have guessed you were in your fifties but brother keep rocking on and rocking out. Peace be with you Slacks.

  3. Darius says:

    my steam account is TheDekan41

  4. Darius says:

    u should make a steam account and play dead island with me

  5. david koller says:

    Please respond to me i just want to know r u guys done with youtube because i understand if you are seeing as how now you are probably just trying to live your life but it has been killing me waiting to see if you post something new?

  6. hardcore of the slacker says:

    slack, can you be honest? do people in canada actually talk the way they show them on tv?

  7. Ralph says:

    Thank you, I will order it today! Keep on playing bro.

  8. Major Slack says:


    Yes, my Dead Space 2 guide is definitely compatible with the Xbox 360 version. :)

  9. Ralph says:

    I started watching you videos for Resident Evil 4, and since then I have been hooked, you do great work, I wanted to know will your Dead Space 2 guide help me with my Xbox 360, or is the PC version a bit different?

  10. Samuel says:

    I think everything you do is great but how old are you?

  11. anonim says:

    dude do you heard about mass effect 3????if you heard well.................. try it

  12. hgfdhg100 says:

    million thumps up for each video you have been made it Mr.Major Slack

  13. Mitch says:

    I was watching your Sam B dead island walkthrough when it hit me. Slack would love the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games. Im not requesting a walkthrough, but I strongly suggest you do some research on them during you spare time. They feature FPS survival horror aspects along with amazing ai and very realistic gunplay. its a hard game, You are as strong as your enemies, and it's free roam.

  14. ghadeer says:

    did you played (evil dead )for play station 2 game??!

  15. 0rochi21 says:

    A+ grading for the skyrim blind playthru..i personally enjoyed it alot..and i am also interested in you and mrs slack think of skyrim.

  16. dani1731 says:

    Wow; never disliked facebook just that it is pretty confusing just as Major Slack said.

  17. george 17 says:

    hey slack i know this is an older game but thanks to your videos i finally beat resident evil 4 and i wanna say that your the best thing to happen to the game world and lastly i wanna day that I'm going to keep playing games in general because of u i live in beachpark illinois and i think we should have a game battle . i choose one game u choose one game and a random game is chosen we also choose the system for those games best 2 out id 3 wins but they would be multiplayer thanks for the help

  18. 0rochi21 says:

    Wishing you and Mrs Slack a blessed and joyous Christmas.

    -08:53am Singapore Time-

  19. Major Slack says:


    Yes, my Tshirts ship internationally, no problem. :)

  20. 0rochi21 says:

    hey MajorSlack sir, just wanna know if you export your Major Slack shirts to other countries. Coz it will be a great honor for me to wear the shirt of the man who defines the word PROFESSIONALISM while doing the walkthroughs, and yet have the balance of comedy.

  21. 0rochi21 says:

    Just dropping by to tell you that i love all your vids, and that i cannot get enough watching the No Shave November video, and that you are better than any of the anti stress meds that i am on..

    Long live Master Slack

  22. skateass76 says:



  23. tori says:

    Thanks so much for making video game walkthroughs!! You helped me so much when playing Far Cry 2 :)

  24. skateass76 says:


  25. JP says:

    Gears of War 3: any chance for a review.

    Your review of Dead Space is the best. Really great.

  26. steven says:

    hey slack will u do a half life 1 or 2 walkthrough

  27. ryan says:

    everytime i see an enemy burn to dealth in one of your borderlands episodes, this is what i think: "DO THE BURNDOWN DISCO". and your walkthrough of farcry 2 has helped a lot and i agree with your weapon loadout. tons of fun from meters away. i look forward to later videos.

  28. tylar says:

    which game do you recomend dead space or dead

  29. Mitch says:

    Farcry 3 is announced watch the trailer looks epic !!!! What do you think Slack????

  30. Stasis says:

    Stumbled upon your videos quite randomly, and despite not actually playing any of these games atm, or needing a guide, I found myself watching them for extended periods of time. Needless to say, great job... you're entertaining. Also very impressed that you're doing all of this, and still into gaming, at age 51 (52 now?). Cheers from a fellow Montrealer, and here's to hoping I'm playing whatever next game you make a guide for =)

  31. uh...ok? says:

    epic vids ma]0r 514cK

  32. jamesko says:


  33. jamesko says:


  34. major50flak says:

    well... slack i'm wiht you:) i dont like facebook

  35. richard says:

    I have been watching your videos on YouTube for the past several months, I would like to say that what you are doing is great. I have seen many videos, and yours are by far the most entertaining and informative. Thank you and can't wait to see your newest upload.

  36. lewis says:

    Happy Birthday to Mrs. Slack!!!!! Keep up the videos, you guys are Lawl as fuck.

  37. sony says:

    i love the way you have played resident evil 4 pc it is my favorate game . well done thanks

  38. Lucas says:

    Hey Slack, will you play resident evil 5?

  39. Simon says:

    Hey Slack,

    I'm an old school gamer, So you can guess my age when I tell you that I played alot of those Sierra Games on the PC. I.e Police Quest, Leisure suit Larry etc .

    Anyway, I have about about 80 bookmarks which I keep purged, 40 of them relating to PC's, Your at the Top..

    Loving your Narration on resident evil 4..

    Keep the up good work. It's great!.


  40. memo says:

    hi Major,
    Name is Memo (short for Mehmet) from Istanbul. I really enjoy waching your vids on youtube. Now i' m watching Resident Evil 4. Next will be Farcry 2 i guess.I have finished these games on Ps3 but like your commentry and christmas songs though. Anyway, thank a lot... Pls keep up the good work... take care

  41. Major Slack says:


    Thanks! :o)

  42. Heather says:

    Well Slack's, I joined your little Facebook fansite!
    Love you guys!


  43. Bill says:

    I Just finished FarCry2 for the Third time,, on "HardCore!!" Wow.
    All Hail the Slack,, without your un-ending time input for the walkthroughs life would slow to a crawl.
    This is my rig:
    Asus M4N98TD-EVO Motherboard.
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 @4ghz.
    (2) Evga 9800GT's in SLI
    4Gig Corsair XMS3 PC3-10666 @ 1600mhz.
    XFX 850W PSU with 70amps on a Single Rail.

  44. ok slack, how do i say this. i enjoyed your blind playthrough of dead space 2. "that is not a playthrough." it let's os see the jump scare's. i think that is what i enjoy the most. i hate it when you get no real reaction from the comintator. that blow's when you know what's coming and act all non-shalant? oop's how do you spell that. thank's agian you rocked the "not a playthrough" i will add you to my you tube sub when i find you. i do all this from my droid-x and still learning how to use it well. 4-days :-p

  45. Jake says:

    Hey slack I watch your vids. all the time there are awesome. Also have you played Resident Evil 5 yet , if you havent when will you?
    Plus just a suggestion you should play call of duty black ops and make walkthroughs.

  46. Bill says:

    Slack you Rule!! I watched ALL your Walkthroughs and it helped me want FarCry 2,, I've finished it twice now.

    what other Free Roam Games ydo you like??

  47. Fofox007 says:

    Hi Major Slack, I from Costa Rica, and I just wanna say, I'm big fan of you, simply is so funny to see the walktroughs, loved when you played the Dead Space 2 blind playtrough, and I've seen walktroughs from games that I haven't, you are a nice guy keep it up Slack!!!, waiting for the Dead Space 2 Walktrough!!

  48. Nick says:

    I've played all the FPS games that you show on your site, and I just finished with Borderlands (it was awesome). Any suggestions with other FPS?


  49. Xavier Estrada says:


  50. gess how old i am slack

  51. Major Slack says:


    I wasn't kidding. I really am 51 years old. :o)

  52. Hey slack in one of your recent vids you said you are 51 you're kidding right? there are two things wrong with that 1. you look like you're 25 and 2. you did 20 pushups and I knw a guy who's 45 and he can do maybe 11 I don't know if you're kiddin but either way you're so frkn awesome

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