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Given its open ended nature, the PC game Crysis is a complete natural for allowing one to go hog wild developing various strategies to completing the game in a lithe and lively fashion.

Here are some of my favorite approaches and maneuvers:

Use Stealth Tactics to Get Close to a Base

You can go at this game Rambo-style, e.g., barge in a-blazin, but you probably won't get very far unless you've got lightning quick reflexes and you're an expert marksman. Moreover, you certainly won't do the game justice as the gameplay in Crysis obviously rewards a strategic approach of which the most important aspect will be stealth.

Using your Nanosuit's Cloak mode, you can stealth in close (or even all the way in) to enemy encampments completely unnoticed. To do this, engage Cloak mode, run a short distance until your Nanosuit energy meter goes into the red. Then find suitable cover, go into the prone position and enable maximum armor to allow your suit energy to fully recover. Then enable Cloak mode again, stand up and advance while looking ahead for another spot to hide to allow your suit energy to recover. Like this, you can 'leap frog' your way close to bases —or even right into them— or stealth your way past enemy patrols completely unnoticed.

Use the Binoculars to Help Plan Your Attack

After stealthing your way close to an enemy base/post/position (see above) don't forget to use your binoculars to scope out what lies ahead. As well as tagging enemies so that they'll show up on your HUD map radar, you can also recon exactly what you're running into so that you can plan your attack. For instance, you'll definitely want to locate KPA soldiers posted in guard towers first as they are often snipers that can spot you at a distance and will kill you instantly as soon as they do so.

Commandeer Guard Towers and High Ground

If an enemy base or post has one or more guard towers, a real good strategy is to first kill the soldier manning the guard tower and then climb up into the guard tower yourself and take it over. From this elevated position, you'll have a huge strategic advantage over the surrounding area. This is especially deadly if you have managed to acquire a sniper rifle. However, be careful if you do this in a base that contains a tank as it will eventually catch on to your position and will use its cannon to completely destroy the guard tower altogether. So be ready to quickly abandon the guard tower if need be. (Jump onto a nearby rooftop to get out of the guard tower quickly without having to use the ladder.)

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Guard towers are key positions to take over
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Climb the guard tower, kill the sentry and take his weapon
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Cloak mode, high ground and a sniper scope are a powerful combination

Always Go for a Head Shot for an Instant Kill

Whenever you can, go for a head shot to get an instant kill. This is even useful for intense fast paced firefights in close quarters (assuming you don't have the shotgun and/or a lot of shotgun ammo). In many situations it is well worth risking a few extra split seconds to carefully aim your weapon at the enemy's head to get an instant kill.

Reload Your Weapon at Every Opportunity

The single most important strategy you can employ in Crysis is to simply reload your currently equipped weapon at every idle moment. Reloading doesn't waste any ammunition but rather simply tops off the magazine. You'll find that getting caught short in the middle of an intense firefight happens all too frequently and will probably be the number one reason you buy the farm when you first start playing Crysis.

Look for Explosive Objects

Any red barrel in Crysis is an explosive barrel and is a great opportunity to wreak havoc with the enemy. Shoot the explosive barrel when the enemy is close to it and it will take him down with a bang. Other objects can be used in a similar fashion such as gasoline containers although you will need to be more observant to spot them. Explosive objects can also be picked up and moved around to place them in strategic positions. Instead of hitting the 'Use' key to throw an object you've picked up, you can right click on your mouse to simply drop it.

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An explosive red barrel is next to an enemy machine gun position
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Shoot the barrel to cause it to explode
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Bad guy fall down, go boom.
No muss, no fuss...

Dealing with Aliens

The aliens in Crysis successfully combine the attributes of deadly and annoying. Since they fly, your cover options are greatly reduced and hence you'll want to take them down hard and fast. So number one, make every shot count. Using a machine gun to spray in the alien's general direction is probably the least effective method of killing them. And number two, use weapons that pack a big punch. Hence, you'll be relying heavily on the Gauss rifle or the shotgun.

How to Call in an Airstrike

The game doesn't make it clear exactly how to do this. They only tell you that you can 'lock' on the target using the binoculars. So I'm including this here just for posterity although it's not really a strategy, per se.

To call in an airstrike, do this (this can only be done at certain designated spots during the game):

  1. Use the binoculars to locate and lock the target ('locked' target will become outlined in white in binocular view).
  2. With binoculars still 'on' and locked on the target, left mouse click to call in the airstrike.

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