Crysis Nanosuit Strategies


What makes Crysis so much better than its conceptual predecessor, Far Cry, is the ability to use the Nanosuit to enhance your character's movement and abilities. You should make use of all the Nanosuit modes (not just Cloak) to have the most fun and to make use of a number of strategic advantages.

These are outlined below:

Strength Mode

The Nanosuit's Strength mode should not be underestimated (and is even essential in some situations) as it has many uses. Among other things, Strength mode can be used to:

  • Make extra high jumps. This is useful for moving up rocky cliffs or jumping on top of buildings. The strategic advantage of the latter would be to either hide or take the high ground advantage.
  • Jump down from high places.The game alludes to this ability in the opening cutscene when Nomad loses his parachute and Prophet tells him that his suit will 'absorb the impact'. Hence, Strength mode can be used to reduce damage or survive falls that would otherwise kill you when jumping down from high places.
  • Increase punch power. With strength mode engaged, your fists become deadly weapons allowing you to punch out enemy soldiers with one hit. You can also use strength-enhanced punches to destroy some huts or move large objects.

Speed Mode

To take full advantage of your Nanosuit's Speed mode, you should engage Speed mode and then press and hold the Sprint key to run ahead very quickly. This can be referred to as 'maximum speed'. Speed mode is very useful to do the following:

  • Quickly cover long distances. When no vehicles are around to be, ahem, 'acquired', Speed mode is useful to cover long distances quickly. Speed mode has a faster walk which can be used without depleting your suit energy. So using Speed mode to cover a lot of ground quickly would consist of using bursts of maximum speed (sprint with speed mode on) then release the sprint button and continue to walk in speed mode while your suit energy recovers. Then sprint again.
  • Bowl over enemies. Maximum speed can be used to to simply run roughshod over enemy soldiers. This strategy is useful for when you are close to a group of enemy soldiers that you simply want to get past without having to kill them.
  • Make supersized jumps. Combined with the jump button, maximum speed can be used to catch some big air to jump clear over enemy positions or access positions normally out of reach.

Cloak Mode

Obviously the most useful and loads of fun, this don't-leave-home-without-it Nanosuit mode is going to get you out of some tight spots throughout the game.

Some useful strategies for Cloak mode are:

  • Sneak up close to a enemy base or position. To do this, use Cloak mode until your suit energy is depleted. Then take cover (go prone in thick underbrush or behind an object or barrier), go into Armor mode and let your suit energy replenish. Then go into Cloak mode and move ahead some more until your suit energy is low. Find cover again, etc.
  • Commandeer a jeep. Use Cloak mode to sneak up undetected to a manned enemy jeep. Use a weapon to kill the gunner with a head shot and then commandeer the jeep. Cloak mode is likewise useful for any situation where you need time to line up a head shot for an instant kill.
  • Catch lone enemy soldiers by surprise. To save ammo and/or avoid setting off an alert, switch to your fists (press 1 on your keyboard) and then use Cloak mode to sneak up on lone enemy soldiers. When you get close enough (you'll see a 'Grab enemy' prompt) grab them, switch quickly to Strength mode and kill them with one punch. Alternatively, you could throw them against a tree, wall, off a cliff, into the water, etc.

Armor Mode

And last but not least, don't forget that your Nanosuit's Armor mode not only gives you extra protection against attacks but also it uses no suit energy when it's engaged. So switch to Armor mode whenever you don't really need another suit mode to keep your suit energy fully charged and ready for action.

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2 Responses to Crysis Nanosuit Strategies

  1. Bill Bloom says:

    I have tried Crysis 1 several times with no luck. I get killed ALL the time. Profit keeps saying I should get to cover because my suit is taking damage. I end up being surround by all the Koreans. How can I do better. Write me with an answer please

  2. luke says:

    with the strength mode you know than you have more precisition with weapons because you hold them harder I done it and it works

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