Crysis Weapons Strategy: Explosives


Okay (*rubbing hands with glee*) now for the fun stuff.

Let's make things go boom with the arsenal of weapons in the Crysis explosives category. These big-bangers will be used primarily to blow up vehicles and can also be used to complete certain objectives (e.g., destroy anti-aircraft emplacements).

We'll start with...


You get three kinds of grenades in Crysis with strategies for them ranging from smoke-em-if-you-got-em to what-the-hell-is-this-good-for.

  • Fragmentation Grenades - These can be used to put a big hurt on groups of KPA soldiers and/or just get them up and running so that you can gun 'em down easier. Take special note that you can watch your HUD for explosions (indicated by a series throbbing concentric circles). So if you're hunkered down in the bush or behind some cover and you can't see exactly where you're throwing, a good strategy is to simply huck a grenade in the general direction of your target and then use the explosion indicator in the HUD to see how accurate you were. Then adjust accordingly and throw another grenade.
  • Flashbang Grenades - Delivering a powerful blast of blinding light and deafening sound, the flashbang grenade will temporarily blind and disorient your enemies at which point you can take advantage of their helplessness. Be sure to turn away if you use these close as you are not magically exempt from the flashbang effect. Excellent for chucking into buildings or rooms that you know are occupied by the enemy.
  • Smoke Grenades - Okay I've been through Crysis from start to finish at least twice and I've replayed certain levels countless times and I have yet to find a use for these. The first thing that comes to mind is what the hell are these good for when you've got Cloak mode? If someone would like to comment on how they put smoke grenades to good use in Crysis, it would be greatly appreciated.

Missile Launcher

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The Missile Launcher is very useful against helicopters

Each missile launcher comes with three rockets which when expended render the missile launcher useless and it's automatically discarded. Your missile launcher strategy will consist of saving them for tanks and helicopters (don't waste them on jeeps unless you've got some launchers to spare).

Missile launchers come with an infrared laser pointer as well as a scope. Use the scope for distance shots. Otherwise just use the infrared laser pointer to cut down on aiming time. When firing against tanks, aim for the lower portion of the tank instead of the turret as you'll do more damage. It should take no more than three shots and sometimes you can take down a tank with two.

When taking on helicopters, go for the tail rotor —if you can— for a one-shot kill. Also be advised, when taking on choppers DON'T MISS because if you do, your cover is blown and choppers will make your life one living hell even if you take hide inside a building.

A good strategy for missile launchers —albeit slightly wasteful— is if there are two or three launchers to spare in an ammo cache and you used up two rockets in your currently equipped launcher leaving you with only one rocket left, sometimes it's best to simply to fire that last rocket into the air (or at a lesser target). Then you can equip a fresh fully loaded missile launcher to take on the road with you. Getting caught up against a helicopter in open country with only one rocket in your launcher is no picnic. (By the way, choppers can actually be taken down with assault weapons, e.g., machine guns or shotguns, although it takes a bucketloads of ammunition to pull it off.)

C4 Explosive Charges

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You may have to "strap on a pair" to get close enough to a tank to use the explosive charges but it'll be worth it...

These C4 explosive charges are great for completing objectives where you have to destroy something because you can just run up, stick the charge to whatever you want to make go boom, run away a safe distance and push the trigger (use your right mouse button to switch to trigger mode). Cant' miss, no muss, no fuss. Excellent for blowing tanks as well (assuming you've got the moroccas to get close enough to a tank to stick the charge to it).

Another fabulous strategy you can employ with explosive charges is to stick one to the side of a jeep you've commandeered. Then drive the jeep towards the target, abandon the jeep while it's moving, switch to the C4 trigger mode and set off the explosive when the jeep rolls into the target. Check my Crysis Warhead Gameplay video on Youtube for a good example of this strategy.

Use C4 charges wisely as they are not exactly plentiful.

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4 Responses to Crysis Weapons Strategy: Explosives

  1. Craig says:

    The military use for smoke grenades is for obscuring the enemys vision and line of sight to you. For example, in an urban environment such as cities and towns (not so much villages as they are usually small enough to get by without smoke grenades) and you needed to cross one side of a street to the other with heavy weapons fire coming in on you, a smoke grenade will be very helpful in the middle of the street (be ready to run uber fast though as any enemy with a lick of sense will be spraying all he's got into that smoke). For the game Crysis, I can imagine several situations that a smoke grenade would be useful for example creating confusion, tossing one into a machine gun nest to cover your escape and one I find most practical for Crysis, using it to obscure a tank's view of you. Tanks have got very small windows of vision especially at the front and when aiming the big fuck-off gun. I would use a smoke grenade to advance on the vehicle when it knows you are there and you don't have any LAW rockets and need to get up close and personal.Cloak mode as well would be useful for this.

  2. Joe says:

    No matter what i do, what cheats I enter in the console, my weapons are always the same: assault rifle, gun. There are 0 grenades, I do not get the LAW or the FragGrenade even if I have issued the i_giveitem command successfully in the console. Help!

  3. Sean says:

    smoke grenades are good for approaching heavy fire, especially from more than one mounted gun. i usually chuck two or three across the area, run into the smoke and just before exiting the smoke to face the enemy, switch to cloak

  4. iambecomedeath says:

    u can throw smoke down range and prevent kpa from seeing u. good for assaulting machine gun nests.

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