A Crysis Intervention: Gameplay Redux

a webcomic by major slack


Okay seriously now, for some actual Crysis gameplay, check my vids on Youtube!

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9 Responses to A Crysis Intervention: Gameplay Redux

  1. Michael Bailee says:

    Must spread... o_o

  2. HawkeyeTwo says:

    G'day Major Slack,
    I am a newcomer to Crysis and at my age (mid sixtys) am a bit slow on the keyboard, with a laptop that also is a bit slow. This means that I save a lot and die a lot, but enjoy this fantastic game like no other. Even better is the enjoyement I get from checking in on the Major Slack videos both when I get stuck and to watch a master at work.
    Your video walkthroughs are not only extremely helpfull, but are also thoroughly entertaining and have a great sense of humour.
    How you find the time to do this is a total mystery, but please accept my grattitude and thanks for your ever entertaining efforts.

  3. Alexandros Landeros says:

    I have a name for games with gameplay that sucks but they do have awesome, OUTSTANDING, TERRIFIC, AMAZING, JAW DROPPING GRAPHICS AND THEY ARE... HD cameras.

  4. carlo says:

    the graphics is cool like CoD black ops but the game play is much more good for the guns are cool!!!!!

  5. TheDarkStarman says:

    That's awesome! It would be cool to see a Machinima made out of this.

  6. braiden says:

    hey slack did you know that there are sharks in crysis
    can you make a video i will give the location: step one get a boat not a motor boat but a boat that has a white top and a blue bottom next get the boat in the water then put on stength mode punch the boat out to deeper waters you will notice a line of land far away from real land then the sharks will show up now it is time to do the fun part killing them thanks for doing crysis braiden

  7. TheNecrocoil says:

    Indeed, graphics do not matter as much as gameplay does.
    I'm not even that old at the age of 22 but even I remember when the whole command & conquer series, age of empires, diablo 1 + 2 etc etc launched. Those were and are exceptionally good games, and not because they look great, although tbh.. back then, they were a gigantic leap forward. Wich is hard to achieve these days since the majority of the crowd expects everything to look as if it were real, and act as if it were real instead of caring what the story line is about, what your options are.. I could keep going on and on and on about this but simply put. Games are games, meant to be fun.

  8. Flashguyz says:

    you saing that graphic isnt a matter.........just the gameplay is the important...............nice....

  9. Ergo says:

    That was HILARIOUS. And so true at the same time. But just look at that sunset, and the detail on those waves... "dreams of a quad core triple SLI powerhouse".

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