Planning Your Attack in Far Cry 2


If you really want to have fun playing Far Cry 2, you should learn to always plan your attack.

Preferably, this is done from a good vantage point at a safe distance while the enemy is still in idle mode. What you want to do is scope out as many enemies as possible in preparation to take them down in quick succession before they can take cover. You should also scope out any enemy vehicles at their position as they will use them to rush you. Remember, as soon as you take that first shot or huck in that first grenade, the enemy will run for cover.

Some attack plans I frequently employ:

Sniper Rifle/Rocket Launcher One-Two Punch

Use the sniper rifle to quickly kill 2 or 3 enemies and then immediately switch to the rocket launcher and blow away the vehicle they're most likely to use to rush you. After you given them a good spanking, equip your close combat weapon and your molotov cocktails and approach the enemy position on foot. If you don't see anyone, throw in a few molotov cocktails to get them to react and come out of hiding. Then finish them off with your close combat weapon.

Shock and Awe

This tactic is especially useful when there is no high ground position to take, e.g., a guard post on a road flanked on both sides by jungle. Scope out the position and find the enemy vehicle that is likely to produce the most splash damage if it blows up. Then blow away that vehicle using your rocket launcher and then quickly pepper their position with 2 or 3 grenades. This will soften them up enough so you can go in and finish them off with your close combat weapon. Don't forget to search all your kills for grenade drops to replenish your supply.

Assault Truck Techniques

Using the mounted gun on an assault truckUsing the mounted gun on an assault truck - Far Cry 2 vehicles

Using the mounted gun on an assault truck
to take down a guard post

There's a couple of strategies you can use with an assault truck (the jeeps with the mounted guns) to take down guard posts. One is especially good for guard posts that have a road that goes right through the middle. Stop your assault truck a fair distance away, man your mounted gun and turn it around so it's facing directly backwards. Then drive right through the guard post and once you get just a little ways beyond it, man your mounted gun and wait for them to follow you with their vehicles (and they always do). Since your mounted gun is already turned around backwards, you'll have the drop on them and you'll be able to blow them away no problem.

Another strategy I like to use is make sure your mounted gun is facing directly forward and then rush their position in your assault truck. As soon as you get close, man your mounted gun. Don't stop your vehicle to do this but rather just let it coast in while you man your gun. Then just blow away everything that moves.

Both of the above assault truck tactics depend heavily on taking the enemy by surprise so make sure they are in idle mode when you execute these attack plans.

Close Combat Panic Plan

If you get stuck in a position where you're in close combat and you're hopelessly outflanked and taking enemy fire from all sides and you're too flustered to find cover, a good way to get out of this situation is to simply throw a few grenades randomly all around you. You have a good chance of getting some kills just out of sheer luck and more importantly the explosions will force the enemy to stop shooting and displace or take cover. This will give you a little window of opportunity to retreat and/or take cover.

Finally, let's discuss a little about...

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7 Responses to Planning Your Attack in Far Cry 2

  1. RobJ says:

    I'm glad to read how other people get the game as i do, it is probably my favourite open world shooter, i actually hike through most of the game its beautiful.

    I wanted to know your opinion on far cry 3.

    I personally think far cry 2 is much better, far cry 3 for me was nice the first time around but you couldnt play it through twice, far cry2 i make a habit of it every christmas (Australia's summer)

  2. Thebrokenflame123 says:

    Ubisoft is my favorite game company, and far cry 2 is my favorite free roam game after watching ur walk through

  3. bohina says:

    you are the man slack!

  4. chris says:

    thanks for helping me on far cry 2 slack :)

  5. Kouassi says:

    Yo Slack, I remember buying this game when it came out 4 years ago, i never finished it i was just rushing it, playing it like a common FPS (COD). 1 week ago i fell on your walkthrough on youtube, i just watched the complete walkthrough. I finished the game twice already, and still love it. Keep up the good advice, i'm sure this guide helped a lot of other peewees like me

  6. insane2103 says:

    Man, nice to see this "hints", I have started from the beginning playing with the sniper, that sub machine gun the MAC 10 and the rocker launcher, as soon they were avaiable... And I think the game is very fun! I always stop the car away from the outposts and try to snipe the fuck out of the bandits, or when I got rushed by a patrol on the move, I pull out my car sometimes, get cover, and try to kill the driver or the turret guy... ANDDDD to the people who gets bored driving and driving, try to run, swim, travel by bus, or change the roads that you travel, get shorcuts... And the online is pretty neat too!

  7. daneiel marlow says:

    thanks again

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