Far Cry 2 Video Game Strategies


As well as slowing down your approach and carefully building and maintaining a balanced weapon loadout, there are a few other key strategies you can employ to make Far Cry 2 a helluva lot more fun.

For starters, you should always...

Take the High Ground

Taking the high ground  on a rooftop in the Private Property area

Sometimes you may have to improvise to take the high ground overlooking an enemy position. This is on top of
a roof of a garage in the Private Property area.

This is something the game tries to teach you right from the get-go in the training mission. For me it didn't really start clicking until I had made a sniper rifle as a mainstay in my weapon loadout. Then it was a matter of realizing the best way to put a sniper rifle to good use was to always gain a commanding view of the enemy position which is obviously any high ground near said enemy position.

So once you've learned to slow down your approach and habitually get close enough to see your enemies without putting them on alert, you can scout around for that perfect high ground spot from which to launch your assault (presumably with a long range weapon).

When you are constantly forcing the enemy to react to you and your maneuvers, it's a lot more fun than being constantly taken by surprise by flanking attacks and rushing enemy patrols.

But to be able to successfully recon enemy positions, you should develop an intimate knowledge of the...

Enemy Alert Levels

Enemies in Far Cry 2 basically have three distinct modes of activity.

These are:

Idle Mode

Enemy soldier in idle mode

Enemy soldier in idle mode

In this mode, the enemy is not aware of your presence in the area. He walks leisurely about, smokes, drinks from a canteen, sits down, etc. It is preferable to keep the enemy in idle mode until you have thoroughly reconned his position and are ready to launch an attack from a good high ground position that —if possible— provides at least some cover.

Alert Mode

In alert mode, the enemy is aware of your presence in the area but does not necessarily know where you are. In this mode, the enemy is usually either taking cover or skittering about looking for cover. He may also spread out in preparation for a flanking attack.

It is this mode that makes Far Cry 2 most frustrating for new players because what will happen time and again is the newbie will put the enemy in alert mode without even realizing it. Then as the newb approaches the enemy position, it quite often appears as if there are no enemies about at all when really they're all just hunkered down behind cover waiting for him to blunder in. And blunder in he often does which immediately recreates that repetitive situation of suddenly coming under attack from all sides and being forced to run and gun his way through with no time to strategize.

This is the situation you want to avoid as much as possible. The less control you have in this game, the less fun you will have. It's that simple.

Be well advised that once one enemy is put in alert mode, all enemies at that same position/area/guard post are also automatically put in alert mode. So once your cover is blown, that's it. It's game on. That's why it's best to put the enemy on alert on your own terms, i.e., when you are fully ready to deal with him.

Combat Mode

In this mode, the enemy knows exactly where you are and is hell bent on terminating your existence. The enemy will quickly and effectively flank your position basically making your life in Far Cry 2 a living hell.

If you are not in command of the situation when the enemy is obviously in combat mode, RETREAT and/or TAKE COVER in order to buy time enough to plan your attack. Otherwise, you're going to get into a repetitive situation where you're just simply running around trying to hunt down each enemy soldier individually while taking fire from all sides. And as you may well be aware, THIS IS NOT FUN.

And that's why it's important to consider...

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15 Responses to Far Cry 2 Video Game Strategies

  1. Barry says:

    As you can only carry one weapon of each type I don't understand how one can buy a sniper rifle but cannot carry it with your assault rifle.
    I might buy the rifle at Mikes Bar and have to keep it in the armory in a pre-purchased primary crate as the assault rifle is more versitile I may be miles away when the need for my sniper rifle arrives but cannot
    travel all the way back to Mikes Bar to swop weapons.
    Am I missing something in this game?

  2. Jay says:

    How do you find and kill the enemy mortar crews??? OR .... Do you just keep running ahead of the shots while finishing the current mission?????

  3. charl human says:

    Hey slack witch game do you like most Far Cry 2 or Borderlands or Bioshock or Bioshock 2?

  4. the rusher says:

    you know my type to kill the enemies is go to the location prepare my weapon and my FAL paratropper ready and after that you know kill em all so no doubt that i cant play far cry 2 with sniper rifle because i not type of, fire change location and fire again in high grounds. so is funny when you ust go straight and kill em all

  5. Sniked111 says:

    And: @crapsniper - Molotovs fly quite far, but grenades do not.

  6. Sniked111 says:

    If you throw a Molotov somewhere far into the trees, your enemies will go (usually) in the fire direction. Using this I went through a very populous post :)

  7. crapsniper says:

    what about grenades they don't make noise at you location and also Molotov's are quite quiet

  8. DBDub says:

    as said above, you cant always sneek around guard posts , the fun way i've been doing it is blast straight through with by truck, running over anyone out in the open, get down the road outa sight, man the 50cal .

    i've built one successful roadblock with stolen vehicles .set with explosives, drove up to the edge of an area with the buggy ,did some do-nuts and hauled A. DOA

  9. KillerOne says:


    That's not entirely true dude. I've actually used my silenced Makarov without getting caught. :) You just have to be aware of their every movement... and your's too of course. Basically just go slow and watch them, and when you see one alone (*silenced shot*) to the head. Just hunt them down one by one... take it slow. It's not impossible. :)

  10. Kai says:

    What angers me the most about this video game, is the constant push towards a full out, dangerous, frontal attack on almost every situation.
    The fact that it is almost an impossibility to take the stealthy approach which angers a lot of players due to the fact that some of the most powerful weapons are sniper rifles, and also due to the fact that there is hiding places everywhere.
    The thing that turly irritates me is that no matter how silent you are, right when one enemy is killed the others 'magically' know that they are under attack, even if the assault was done with a silenced weapon!

  11. RBFG says:

    If an enemy is standing out in the open, wound him with the SVD to draw his friends out. When someone pops out to help the poor guy, land a headshot on him.

  12. Anjo says:

    Tnx bro...

  13. Major Slack says:

    Woops. Thanks Jay. Fixed now. :o)

  14. jay(chaosorcer) says:

    Good tips, btw you had 3 p's in approaches, in alert mode :D

  15. daneiel marlow says:

    i good guide thanks major slack :)


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