Advanced Far Cry 2 Weapon Loadout


After doing the first faction mission (UFLL or APR) in Far Cry 2 in order to kick start your cash flow, you should do all 4 weapon shop missions right away to unlock all the Act I weapons.

At this point, you'll be able to upgrade your starter weapon loadout to the following advanced weapon loadout:

All Act 1 Weapon Shop Missions - Complete Walkthrough
  1. Dragunov sniper rifle
  2. MAC 10 machine pistol
  3. RPG-7 rocket launcher (new)
  4. Grenades (with grenadier webbing)

...which will be your:

  1. Long range anti-personnel weapon
  2. Close combat anti-personnel weapon
  3. Long range anti-vehicle weapon
  4. Close combat anti-vehicle weapon


And a few quick notes...

Dragunov sniper rifle

Dragunov sniper rifle - Far Cry 2 weapon

The Dragunov sniper rifle eliminates the need to work the bolt action after every shot

The Dragunov sniper rifle will eliminate the need to work the bolt action after each shot (รก la M1903 sniper rifle) allowing you to make multiple shots one right after the other without having to disengage the scope. This is excellent for killing 3 or 4 enemies in quick succession from a safe distance and hence is especially good for taking down guard posts.

MAC 10

MAC 10 - Far Cry 2 weapon

The MAC 10 becomes available after doing the second weapon shop mission

The MAC 10 is a huge upgrade from the Makarov pistol as a close combat anti-personnel weapon essentially equipping you with a one-handed machine gun. However, the MAC 10 eats up ammo like there's no tomorrow so fire in very short controlled bursts and continue to aim for the upper body or head for maximum effectiveness.

RPG-7 rocket launcher

RPG-7 Rocket Launcher - Far Cry 2 weapon

Brand new RPG-7 rocket launcher after making it available
at the weapon shop (note the new wood finish)

The RPG-7 rocket launcher you got at the beginning of the game will eventually start spitting out duds and may at one point even break apart in your hands. You'll recognize a dud rocket because it will just flop on the ground in front of you, spin around while spewing out black smoke and then ultimately blow up (RUN AWAY!) Unlocking and purchasing the RPG-7 rocket launcher will allow you to grab a fresh one every time you visit the armory which will greatly reduce the likelihood of spitting out duds so this is an essential investment.

So now that we've got your weapon loadout all straightened away, let's work on...

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48 Responses to Advanced Far Cry 2 Weapon Loadout

  1. Jonathan Phillips says:

    Playing this game recently, I've found that a combination of the Dragunov main, M79 as a sidearm, and the PKM make for a much more reliable combo. My reasoning is that there's little ammo for SMGs and they have little stopping power and are as such not very effective for close engagements.

    To substitute, the PKM is quite nice as a close to mid range engagement option, has decent stopping power and rate of fire, and comes loaded with 100 rounds with 200 more in reserve which practically guarantees you won't be reloading in battle. The PKM also has quite admirable durability, and with routine restocking at your favorite weapon dealer you'll never see it jam.

    That leaves your side arm available for your anti vehicle weapon and luckily the M79 performs serviceably in this role. I've not yet had it fail to destroy a vehicle in one shot, not had it jam once, and the ammo upgrade for it is available quite early giving it two more shots over the RPG until the second area. As a bonus, the ammo upgrade lets you carry two additional frag grenades as well making it a very worthwhile upgrade even if you decide to bring something less noisy as a sidearm later on.

    I'm currently well on into the second area and I've come to favor the AS50 over the dragunov despite its glaringly low durability. It's for that reason I recommend not "upgrading" the PKM over the SAW as, even with the durability manual, you'll have to start unjamming it midway into your second reload, and the stopping power increase is hardly felt with the drop in fire rate. Ammo efficiency is hardly a factor when you can carry 500 rounds for it.

    Anyway, hope this helps someone who picks this game up!

  2. Sami says:

    If you want to be stealthy and silent, with alternative silenced weapons in the crates, I suggest buying the camo suit and weapons crates as early as possible by doing the telephone tower missions, then do the weapons missions, then the story missions. When you have enough diamonds, buy the 6P9 and the Dart rifle. Use these until you have enough diamonds to buy the MP5 and IEDs, then put your Silent Shotgun, 6P9 and Crossbow in the crates, keeping the Dart rifle, then pick up your MP5 and IEDs. Although these aren't the highest performance weapons in the game, I like them because I've recently decided to sneak through everything for fun, and these are the most balanced silenced loadouts I could come up with, although the loadout with the Silenced Shotgun, 6P9 and crossbow is a little more favourable to silenced CQB fights. NOTE: CQB - Close Quarters Battles

  3. Sami says:

    I like to go for a general-purpose all-ranges combat loadout, with a silenced set in the extra crates.
    Act I
    6P9, MP5 and Dart Rifle in the crates for stealth.
    Act II
    Basic upgrade of Act I
    -M249 SAW
    Leave the silenced weapons in the crates, though maybe change the dart rifle for the crossbow?

    I also recommend that you buy the Camo Suit and Extra Crates early on, as well as get some experience with devastating a camp with ur knife and a grenade (I can take out guard posts now with just a knife and nobody noticing - Spec Ops!!)

  4. LAF says:

    It's always a compromise, but I tend to get the 3 safehouse crates ASAP to allow me to swap loadouts quickly. In act 1 I'll have a stealth loadout (Silenced Makarov, MP5 and Dart Rfile) and an Assault based kit (Mac10, Dragunov and PKM). I'll have one set active and the other in the crates ready to swap out. When I fancy going stealth I'll have a kip until nightfall to maximise the effect. For arms-dealer missions I use my vehicle as a blockade at a suitable choke-point, then find elevated LOS and use the explosive crossbow (previously I used the RPG) to take out the lead vehicle, then the rear one (to mimimise chances of enemy on foot) then finally the objective truck.

    Act 2 tends to have a higher enemy density and fewer missions that respond as well to stealth, so loadouts change to a pure assault kit (Uzi, AR-16, PKM) and a sniper kit (Uzi, AS-50, PKM). As only the primary weapon changes, Dart Rifle and Silenced Makarov then live in the sidearm and special weapon crates respectively for convenience.

    RE: Crossbow - It's silent and doesn't betray your location so I MUCH prefer it to the RPG for that alone.

    AR-16: A lot of people hate on this gun. For whatever reason it works really well for me. 3 shot burst means a very high chance of one shot (3shot...) kill to torso, and aimed high on the torso rnd 3 often gives a head shot as the barrel creeps up. It's really accurate and the little scope is effective. I just find it a wonderfully efficient tool. It's crap when you're in a CQB panic and your aim goes to sh*t, but then that's where the Uzi comes in.

    In fairness, though, the *best* kit is the one that works for you, and I'll often find myself swapping kit randomly these days just for the change of style. The grenade launcher in particular is just stooopidly good fun.

  5. Thebrokenflame123 says:

    Homeland 37 OOPS!!

  6. Thebrokenflame123 says:

    I'm still sticking with my homeland47 my point of view the best shogun in the game it's got the highest stats in damage range and reliability unlocked by default and it's 4 diamond.

  7. isaac says:

    is the RPG-7 better than the crossbow?

  8. Mr_Cereal_Killa says:

    Hey Slack, your loadout guide has helped a ton! Currently, I use:
    Dragunov Sniper
    Uzi Machine Pistol
    Explosive Crossbow (I prefer it as my long range anti-vehicle weapon)
    Grenades and Molotovs

    With this loadout, I took on the assassinate the dude at the polytechnics mission (Act 2, UFLL) and throughout the whole mission, I wasn't spotted once! This was all done by hanging back with my Dragunov, and when the camp was clear, I took out their vehicles with the Explosive Crossbow, then replenished my ammo, went into the office, executed the poor guy, and left, again, without being spotted. I was truly proud of myself! Thanks Slack!

  9. Mitch says:

    Hey I love your walkthrough and you are very funny. I am from Ottawa and I wanted to tell you make me proud to be Canadian !

  10. Jonh says:

    Great little guide you got here BRUh thanks for the weapon set up i kick a** now!

  11. Ryan says:

    I am a sniper in any game that i can be right now but my roommate has an interesting setup for act one going right now. He plays stealth in all games so for his set up he is using:
    primary: mp5 silenced
    secondary: makarov silenced, ied for sabotage missions
    special: forget the name but its the other machine gun like the saw!

  12. Cunt says:

    AK GOLD!!


    Dart rifle!!

    pwnds all bitchs out da

  13. Shadowhawk36 says:


    Just run with the Carl G after you shoot

  14. Shadowhawk36 says:

    Oh ya and im finishing the northern sector, so im owning with the new weapons. Man, those UFLL and APR mercs really suck!

  15. Shadowhawk36 says:

    I like this loadout alot, but i upgraded this whole loadout from act 2: Dragunov to AS50, (I still use dragunov cause i like executing) Mac-10 to Uzi, and Rpg-7 to the guiding missile Carl G rocket launcher

  16. Phantom44 says:

    My main loadout at the beginning was Sniper rifle, mac 10, and the RPG, tho i never used the rockets... Later, i swapped out the mac for the m-79, and the rpg for the Rpk machine gun... combined with the fast firing dragunov, this is the best all-around lineup, i think.... just upgrade the weapons to better versions as they come available (AS50, SAW)

  17. sweetness says:

    for act 2

    1. as50

    2. uzi

    3. rpg-7

    not the carl-g cause of the flames shooting out the back killed myself with that...

  18. Mir says:

    An alternative loadout with stealth in mind:

    Secondary: M79 grenade launcher
    Primary: Silenced MP5
    Special: Dart Gun

    Swap M79 for IED's for convoy destruction...

  19. crowy877 says:

    if your like me (stay away from your target kill at ranges hardly ever use veichles then your what i call a scout)

    the best loadout for a scout in act 1 is;

    -Rpg-7/Dart Rifle (depends on mission)
    the best loadout for a scout in act 2 is;

    -Mortar/Carl G Rocket Launcher (depends if you have masterd the mortar)

    if you like close combat

    in act 1;


    act 2;

    -Fal Para
    -M249 SAW

    but the best load out has to be able to deal with diferent cenarios (when you get to act 2 don't buy ay guns intil you have about 120 diamonds then save game at a weapon shop buy all guns and experiment with out saving. once you have found your perfect loadout load the game where you saved at the weapon shop and then buy he weapons you fell in love with but you have to have a ranged weapon in there)

  20. crowy877 says:

    Act 1:

    - Dragunov
    - Mac-10
    - Rpg-7

    Act 2:

    - AS50
    - Mortar (once masterd it's F@#KING legendary)

  21. crowy877 says:

    hey slack i think you should do a sniping toutorial video
    it would help tons

  22. Raven says:

    I just forgot for point 4) in sniping tips:
    Moving also lets you get line of sight on enemies that were so far behind cover. Lets you kill more guys before you approach the area.

    And I play in Infamous, in case you're wondering. I find it fairly easy actually... I just get tired of the long walks sometimes, that's really all.

  23. Raven says:

    I see many people asking for tips on being stealthy in the commends, so here's how I fight:

    I don't use a long range anti-vehicle weapon. No need for it. You'd think you need one, but that's a trap set by the game to make you waste gear space.

    Here's how I do it:
    1) Vehicle patrols are usually along roads that connect to a check point. You can drive a vehicle without worrying too much on other roads, and especially when you go off-road. Go off-road alot.

    2) When I follow a road that has patrols on it, I go on foot and stay in the grass beside the road. When a vehicle drives by, I stop, hide, and let it pass. Then I continue walking. No need to engage it.
    It's slow, but it gives a "Lone commando isolated in the jungle" or Guerrilla experience.

    3) Should a vehicle see me and attack, I dodge it (it charges at you first) and then I use an automatic weapon to kill the crew once the vehicle is close and stopped moving. I lose quite some health when that happens, but I rarely die. But vehicles rarely see me so that's not a problem anyway.

    4) Around the middle of act one, you can unlock a more powerful machine -gun for the vehicles at your hideouts (if you have done enough Buddy Objectives by then). This machine-gun is very accurate and powerful (it's a bit slow, but the power and accuracy make up for it). With that gun, you can either shoot the crew in vehicles or blow up vehicles - your choice.
    This means you can drive around anywhere you want. If an enemy vehicle shows up, change seats to man the gun and blow them up.
    Doing this with the first machine gun (M249) is not recommended, but possible.

    Otherwise, when it comes to weapons I have different sets depending on my mission:

    1) My basic set is a sniper rifle as primary, because taking out enemies from far away is important. If you're far enough, you can take them out without ever being noticed.
    As secondary, I go for the silenced pistol. It's weak so many people don't like it, but a head shot is always an instant kill. I crawl up close to my target, aim for the head, and I shoot. You can clear entire outposts if you're good at this, but sniper fire is always a great way to start.
    As a special weapon, I use what I lack so far: auto fire. The PKM or M249 are my choice. I prefer the M249 as it is more accurate, but the PKM is more powerful. Accidents happen and you may end up in a close range fire fight. So I keep the auto fire with me to get me out of trouble should this kind of situation happen.
    I don't have explosives besides grenades, but like I explained above, I don't see their point.

    2) For the armory missions (blowing up convoys), you need explosives. Either a rocket-launcher, grenade-launcher or IEDs. IEDs work best and only replace the pistol.
    When I plan to blow up a convoy, I chose my gear depending on the terrain. If it's open terrain, I go for IEDs, a sniper and a light machine gun.
    If it's dense terrain (jungle or any place you can't have line of sight on your target from long distances), I go with IEDs, silenced MP5 and a machine gun or a dart rifle.

    A few things you need to know:
    - Get the camo suit ASAP.
    - Don't underestimate the silenced Makarov. It's weak, but silenced means you can sneak up to enemies and shoot them in the head without being detected. Best secondary weapon IMO
    - The dart rifle is not the best sniper: too little ammo. The fact it's silenced is useless because you can stay out of the enemy's reach with all snipers (see below).

    - When sniping, here are tips to remember:
    1) Stay as far as you can from your target to avoid detection.
    2) Chose an elevated position to have the best possible sight on the area you're attacking.
    3) Scout the area through your scope before attacking. Try to spot as many enemies as possible, and take note of where explosives and ammo crates are located. Decide who to shoot first depending on where you want the enemy to run once they realize they are under attack. Try to make them run out of cover in the initial confusion, or make them run near explosives that you can then shoot.
    3.5) Wounding an enemy will make his buddies run to help him. But be careful as wounded enemies tend to get up and run to cover fairly quickly.
    Use this technique to draw enemies out of cover, but if the guy you wounded gets up and run, finish him off.
    4) Move regularly if you think enemies are looking for you and coming near. You can keep them running around uselessly for hours that way, if you like.
    5) Use the environment: Shoot explosive barrels and ammo stacks. It makes good diversions and can injure/kill enemies (great technique if they're behind cover and out of your sight). Don't shoot ammo stacks if you know you'll need them to reload after the fight.
    6) If the enemy reaches you, throw some grenades to cover your temporary retreat. You can also try to stop the enemy with a Molotov by creating a wall of fire between you and them.
    7) Shoot the back/torso. That's an instant kill with any sniper rifle. No need to aim for the head. And of course, practice your aim.
    8) Only shoot moving enemies if they move parallel to your line of sight. If they move perpendicularly (from one side to the other), then only shoot them if you can predict where they'll be in 2 seconds. If they run around randomly, don't take chances, you'll just waste your ammo ; instead, be patient and wait for them to stop moving (they eventually stop moving for 2-3 seconds once in a while)
    9) Be aware of enemies other than the ones you are engaging that may hear your shots and attack you. Be especially careful of vehicle patrols as your camo is useless when a vehicle knows you're around (they seem to find your exact position instantly once they are alerted of your presence). If you're positioned next to a patrolled road, take out the patrol first.
    10) If you plan to approach the area you just snipped to finish the survivors at close range, don't go there straight from the place you were shooting from. Move to another spot and then approach the area you just sniped. The enemy could know what direction your shots came from...

  24. crowy877 says:

    primary: sniper (m1903/dragunov)
    secondary: pistol/sub-machine gun (if you run out of ammo for other guns)
    special: pkm (your anti-vechicle and close range weapon)

  25. Altastrike says:

    Can you please place an walktrough for Act 2/3?

  26. Altastrike says:

    Dude, wouldn't this be a better loadout:

    1: Dragunov
    2: PKM (or M294 in act 2)
    3: M79

    That way you can have a LMG and a anti-vehicle weapon.

    I have obly bought this game 2 weeks ago and i've only played it for 15 hours. I do love your vids. Personnely i think everyone who hates this game plays it the wrong way!!!

  27. Major Slack says:


    Go to any weapon shop when no other mission is active and interact with the guy behind the counter.

  28. alsix19 says:

    how do you get the weaponshop missions slack???

  29. RayCis says:

    I use either the Dragunov, or the AS50 (this doubles also as a very good telescope for reconnoitering), the UZI, ofcourse, as a personal defense gun for close-up and medium (up to 30 yards or so) range, and for fire volume I have the 5.56mm M-249 machine gun. Having seen the detrimental effects of the flame-thrower with it's short range, I don't use it....For the convoy missions, I have learned to make effective use of the IED's, space them out along the route and it saves you lots of works, 3 simultaneous explosions, and no convoy is left....job done...Now I understand why the US military hates these things!

  30. Major Slack says:

    John E.,

    The MGL-140 and the Uzi aren't available in Act 1.

  31. John E. says:

    oh wait, advanced loadout? I got confused

  32. John E. says:

    oh, and for the dart rifle, I meant instant kill

  33. John E. says:

    nah, here's my idea of an advanced loadout:

    Uzi: your close combat anti-personnel weapon, a slow firing but higher firepower machine pistol than the MAC-10, and because of this, you probably won't waste as many bullets

    MGL-140: your long range anti-vehicle weapon, useful due to it being 4 rounds per clip, unlike rocket launcher, where you have to reload after every shot. Along with that, the projectile is as fast as hell, making each shot pretty much instantly reach the target at short/medium ranges. Plus it has a scope!

    Dart Rifle: your long range anti-personnel weapon, it's silent AND it's instant, not to mention the cool camouflage. Not so friendly with the reloading though :(

    and well, grenades, you can't change em'

  34. alsix19 says:

    how to you get the weapons missions

  35. josh4b says:

    some people do convoy missons boy sniping the driver of the trucks

  36. Alex Kidd says:

    Working the bolt action feels so much more satisfying than just getting a kill with no challenge. The bolt action requires more patience from the sniper and teaches you to make every shot count.

  37. Cyril Thomas says:

    Sorry Major, I actually jumped into the topic when I saw Dragunov on the list and the word "advanced", mea maxima culpa....I should have read the comments too before posting, it already has the answer. Thanks for the reply.

  38. Major Slack says:


    I thought it was clear that I was referring to an advanced weapon loadout that you would be using in Act 1. Did you, uh, read the first paragraph?

  39. Cyril Thomas says:

    Why Mac 10 instead of Uzi?
    Right now my arsenel consists of
    1. AR 16 (primary)
    2. Uzi (secondary)
    3. Dart Rifle (stealth and sniping)
    Each mission it will change, for example if I am in a full sniping mood, then AS50 could be the primary weapon, effective in disabling the assault trucks too..but after the purchase of the Uzi, it became my constant secondary weapon, always a new Uzi in the Secondary Weapon Crate :)

  40. jay s says:

    sorta agree with hugh c the bolt action is good, but you have to go outta the scope to put a new round in and it doesn't do it automatically. the number of times ive died from this im sure is in the hundreds, AS50 all the way for me

  41. Major Slack says:


    I agree 100% regarding the Uzi and in fact I swap out the MAC 10 for the Uzi as soon as it becomes available. The problem is, it doesn't become available until Act 2.

  42. HughC says:

    Edit: D'oh I meant secondary, not primary :P

  43. HughC says:

    Great guide. I followed a similar progression and it works well.

    I do disgaree on the choice of primary weapon in the Advanced setup though.

    The Uzi is a basically a mini assault rifle and is much more versatile at close to medium range than the Mac-10. It's better accuracy and more conservative rate of fire make it a better backup gun for a sniper imo.

    Oh, and real men use the M1903. Bolt action FTW.

  44. Major Slack says:


    I don't understand the question. But you should do the weapon shop missions. And don't worry about running out of malaria pills so much. You'll always see when you're taking your last pill because your character will show you that the pillbox is empty. From there, I'd say you have a good two hours (real time) before having your next malaria attack

  45. Wayne Fisk says:

    How do I get a Grenades (with grenadier webbing)?
    I'm at 69%. I didn't do many side missions as I was overly afraid of Malaria attacks. ANd then rushing back into town for the Minister and then off to a underground loaction for more pills and then back to side mission, etc. Whew!

  46. Wayne Fisk says:

    Thanks for all of your help! Problem is I didn't do many side missions as I had little idea of their importance. Now I'm at 70% on Xbox 360 and still cannot get ammo upgrades, case upgrades or Camo suit. I do have a lot of weapons at my disposal...but I think I need both more diamonds and more side missions. Thanks, I wish I would have known about you much earlier!

  47. daneiel marlow says:

    oh yeah i have only had the game awhile can u do an act 2 walkthrough

  48. daneiel marlow says:

    thanks that is ma fave loadout cheers major slack

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