Far Cry 2 – Starter Weapon Loadout


Having a balanced weapon loadout in Far Cry 2 makes you versatile and places a number of options at your disposal when in combat or when preparing to go into combat. A good mix of long-range and close combat anti-personnel and anti-vehicle weapons is imperative for a gaming experience that is interesting and fun.

Here's a little about each weapon in the weapon loadout that I start out with in Far Cry 2:

M1903 sniper rifle

M1903 sniper rifle - Far Cry 2 weapon

The M1903 sniper rifle - An excellent starter
long-range anti-personnel weapon

Pretty much one shot anywhere, i.e., head, body, legs, will bring down an enemy with this weapon. It's actually a lot easier to kill enemies than to wound them. With this sniper rifle, you'll have to work the bolt action after every shot which means disengaging the scope so it's advisable to keep the scope engaged for a few seconds after taking each shot so that you can:

  1. Make sure you got the kill
  2. Recon enemy movement put on alert by your shot

Makarov pistol

Makarov pistol - Far Cry 2 close combat weapon

The Makarov pistol - A good starter close combat weapon

As a close combat anti-personnel weapon, this doesn't hold a candle to any of the assault rifles but you'll have to make do with this for now in order to keep your primary weapon slot open for the M1903 sniper rifle (see above). Firing 4 or 5 rounds into the upper body is usually enough to bring down an enemy although it's probably more advisable to take the time to do a head shot which will kill the enemy with one shot. And this will train you to use the MAC 10 and the Uzi properly when they become available later on.

RPG-7 rocket launcher

RPG-7 rocket launcher - Far Cry 2 anti-vehicle weapon

RPG-7 rocket launcher - A good anti-vehicle weapon that will serve you well throughout the game

You can have the RPG-7 rocket launcher as part of your default weapon loadout at the start of the game by doing the following:

  1. Delete all your saved games.
  2. Restart Far Cry 2.
  3. Start a new game, select Marty as your character and select Normal difficulty.
  4. After the opening cutscenes (taxi drive to town, Jackal's speech), all hell breaks loose in Pala and you'll be tasked with escaping town. Make sure you escape town alive and that you escape to the dock on the east side. (Watch this video to see the best way to do this.)

If you do all this, you'll be guaranteed to start in the Fresh Fish location, you'll have Carbonell as your boss and you'll start with an RPG-7 rocket launcher in your default weapon loadout (instead of the flamethrower).


Grenades are part of your default weapon loadout regardless of how you started the game and are excellent close range anti-vehicle weapons. You get to carry a maximum of 3 by default although this can be upgraded to 5 by purchasing the Grenadier Webbing. Grenades are plentiful since many enemies will drop one when killed so there is no harm in using them liberally. The only thing to be mindful of when using grenades is that they tend to roll so account for this when hucking them around.

After doing all the weapon shop missions (a.k.a., convoy missions) in Act 1, you'll be able to upgrade to an...

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16 Responses to Far Cry 2 – Starter Weapon Loadout

  1. MAJOR SLACK'S !MAJOR FAN! (no, really) says:

    hey slack. i am a begginer , will a :
    dart rifle
    silent makarov

    be a good load out.

    sry for bad english

  2. slackfan says:

    the RPG-7 it had bug on version 1.00 if you aim for the person IN THE CAR the rocket just fly away somewhere
    i dont know

  3. kaljaveikko says:

    The only thing I would change about this loadout is the secondary weapon to silenced makarov, great headshot weapon from close to mid ranges, due to its low recoil and accurate iron sights. Its also possible (and really satisfying) to make long range stealth kills using the sniper rifle to aim at the head of a stationary guard and then changing to the silenced pistol to take the shot.

    Anyways, great guides and walkthrough vids Slack!

  4. Jacob McMullen says:

    in the ps3 version you start off with 5 grenades at the beginning instead of 3

  5. Roma says:

    I'm more of a stealthy person, so I use this loadout most of the time

    Primary: M1903 sniper
    Secondary: Varies depending on mission, either MAC-10, Silent Makaropv, IEDs or Flare gun.
    Special: Dart Rifle or PKM (depends)

    Big fan of your vids BTW!! :D

  6. bob says:

    i ran into a glitch and got the carl gustove rocket launcher instead of rpg O_O

  7. MrGamelord12 says:

    Hey Slack, once i started the game, took Marty, but i didn't go to the dock on the east side. I didnt had Carbonell. But i had the rpg-7.

  8. BelgianChief says:

    I like to use:
    the dragunov (primary)
    the M79 (secondary)
    the PKM or M249 (special)

  9. WickedSick says:

    i play this game for so many times on infamous difficulty, but the most useful load out i found is:
    it may sounds odd, but as u ran out of ammunition real quick on higher difficulty, this load out is a must for commandos who like to do close to medium range play, and it pack HELL OF A LOT firepower for one person. Its fun when you sneak down a camp and suddenly start firing crapload of bullets. Suppressing and blowing through groups after groups of enemies, extremely exhilarating.

    If infamous difficulty is made for you, and If you want heavy non-stop action, extreme guerrilla intensity, and an impressively bad-ass amount of firepower, so you should pick the load-out above
    Ditch the explosives weapons on infamous, because you can only fire a few rounds, and they aren't very reliable.

  10. josh4b says:

    i started with the:

    m1903 (primary)
    star 45 (secendory)
    pkm (spercial)
    it was great but i didn't like it much
    so my knew one is:

    mp5 (primary)
    mac-10 (secondary)
    dart rifle (special)
    it works realy well you can do a mission with out allerting any gaurds with the mp5 and when you come across a gaurd post you do the same

  11. RYAN says:

    I've also notcied that you said that the AK-47 was, in your opinion, the best assault rifle in the game. I simply love it and the M79 Grenade Launcher (although I haven't gotten to use them yet).

    What I was thinking to use was:
    1. AK-47
    2. M79 Grenade Launcher
    3. RPG

    Do you think that this loadout would be both fun to play and not to hard to use (I've only gotten the game and I went straight into Infamous difficulty, I 've done the 1st UFLL mission and it took me like 5 times to do it but I don't care) :)

  12. RYAN says:

    What safe house upgrades you can get? I know you can get vehicles at all your safe houses, ammo and what else?

  13. Major Slack says:

    @Ryan, Yes definitely.

  14. RYAN says:

    Could you just use the Star. 45 as I dislike the Makarov simply on the grounds of self-preference, I know that the Makarov is more accurate than the .45 but the .45 is more powerful. Would the M1903, Star .45 and RPG be a viable loadout?

  15. Darian Artis says:

    Your awsome at games

  16. yoyoyodudes1 says:

    i want the game so badly im getting an xbox 360 for my birthday
    [sept 15th]

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