Building a Weapon Loadout in Far Cry 2


There are over two dozen weapons ultimately available in Far Cry 2 and the assortment is spread out over three weapon groups: Primary, Secondary and Special. And first of all, by weapon loadout, I'm referring to the weapons you are currently carrying. Building a balanced weapon loadout means carrying a variety of weapons that can deal with a variety of situations. If all you carry are close combat anti-personnel weapons, e.g., assault rifles, submachine guns and machine pistols, of course your Far Cry 2 gaming experience is going to narrow right down to one kind of combat which will get very repetitive very quickly.

Once again, been there, done that.

When I first ran through Far Cry 2, I was adamantly clinging to the idea of having an assault rifle (G3-KA4, AK47, whatever..) in my primary weapon slot. It just seemed the 'normal', natural thing to do in a first person shooter.



Far Cry 2 weapon shop computer screen

The M1903 sniper rifle becomes available in the weapon shop right after finishing the Far Cry 2 training mission
M1903 sniper rifle in the armory

The M1903 sniper rifle as it appears in the armory

Part of the epiphany I had which turned around my Far Cry 2 gaming experience was realizing that the M1903 sniper rifle becomes available in the weapon shop as soon as you finish the training mission. This means that you can have this right from the get-go in your weapon loadout. It only costs 10 diamonds and it makes a huge difference in the gameplay to be able to wack the enemy from half a mile off.

At this point, it began to dawn on me that the best weapon loadout is that which can deal with a number of different situations and hence I strived to always have at my disposal:

  1. A long range anti-personnel weapon
  2. A close combat anti-personnel weapon
  3. A long range anti-vehicle weapon
  4. A close combat anti-vehicle weapon

And in the beginning, you can put this together by having the following:

  1. M1903 sniper rifle
  2. Makarov pistol
  3. RPG-7 rocket launcher
  4. Grenades

You can get this weapon loadout up and running by purchasing the Makarov pistol during the training mission and then right after finishing the training mission, return to the weapon shop near Mike's Bar —either before or after you pick up the first UFLL mission— and purchasing the M1903 sniper rifle.


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13 Responses to Building a Weapon Loadout in Far Cry 2

  1. tzanthos says:

    I use the Dragunov SVD, Star .45, and the PKM. All have max reliability which proves invaluable in any and every situation. Would you rather do more damage to enemies but suffer the higher fire rates of other weapons and have them jam on you? My setup never ever jams. I keep an AK-47, Star .45, and RPG-7 in my crates as a closer range backup, but again, max reliability. Leave it to the russians and one very lucky american company to make the hardiest weapons in the world.

  2. james says:

    One loadout I used through part one is The silenced makarov, the dragonov, and the RPG. The makarov is hard to use, but you eventually will get good at using it. You can get a headshot from a pretty far distance with it. The mortar isnt exactly practical but it is extremely fun to use.

  3. GIjoePR says:

    Played the game twice now. First with Hakim then with Marty...turns out when I played as Marty, he kept getting all the chicks. First Dachs as best buddy, then Flora as the first recue ready, then Nasreen as the new best buddy after Andre was inevitably killed on the buddy mission. Having fun with the girls until they go psycho bitch on you and turn on you towards the weapon combo period: MGL, Dart Rifle, Uzi...Don't get a flame thrower to put distance with the enemy, thats what molotovs are for. Dont bother with silenced weapons other than the dart. Why be silent if you'e right up in their grill. And Uzi over Mac 10 for ammo purposes and accuracy. I fire in burst sometimes single shot wit the Uzi, so it really makes a difference. The MGL is great for repetitive strikes on vehicle and outposts and is pretty handy in taking out those pesky mortar dudes. With that weapon combo, you'll never go hungry and never be short of firepower nor variety...and if you wanna go Rambo, go machete

  4. Thebrokenflame123 says:

    I use homeland 37 till the SVD and the Uzi is available don't like Mac 10 it eat bullets

  5. Daniel says:

    I played Far Cry two like a month or something ago so my memory will be crap,
    but dosent the RPG 7 rocket launcher become available ar the end of the first act (or i might just spend my money unwisely on weapons...)


  6. bob says:

    i am honestly, bad at first person shooters in general
    so, with far cry 2 i get by on only strategy
    my favorite weapon is the dart rifle definitely (though it jams waaaaay to much)
    then ill use a m79 and then an AR
    i have careful reasoning for all of them
    dart rilfe is all about strategy, killing someone to draw others there as a distraction while you complete the objective, its a great strategy weapon
    m79-patrol defense is hte simplest way to put it
    then AR because even though i try to avoid firefights, you still need a weapon for them
    also-for me a machete is like having a close range silenced weapon
    you can go on great killing sprees if you draw enemies into bushes with the machete-but i will usually complete a mission on entirely the dart rifle (if it doesnt explode or run out of ammo)

  7. OgamiItto says:

    Gotta agree with the advice to take your time in this game. I've played through the game twice now, and partway through a few more times. The first time, I spent about 120 hours on it, just getting to know the game, learning strategies and stuff. Since then, I've given myself various challenges for subsequent games--finishing with a high accuracy (second time playing was like this, but glitched near the end of Leboa Sako), using only close-quarters combat, and seeing how fast I can complete the game (38 hours doing all the subverted missions, predecessor missions, assassination missions, but skipping the buddy missions and some diamonds etc; currently trying again but skipping the subverted and predecessor missions; 7 hours and halfway through Leboa Seko). If I'm not trying to finish as fast as possible, I'll usually take the time to get every diamond, guard post, and safe house in the region before proceeding with missions (other than convoys, which I always do first).

    Personally, I prefer to skip the M1903 and most of the stuff initially available (I get the Homeland for the weapon purchase mission, it's the best option of the 3), collect a few diamonds and buy IEDs, immediately do the convoy missions, and prioritize the Dragunov, Dart Rifle, Mac 10, PKM. Various combinations of those serve me for every mission in Leboa Sako. Generally I'll grab the M79 and RPG as well. Adding the M249, AS50, UZI, MGL-140 pretty much sorts me out for the rest of the game. Other weapons I usually buy at some point, and occasionally use, but I could always get by easily without them.

    One point about the Makarov (mostly relevant to the 6P9, but except for the silencer, they're identical): it has a much tighter cluster than the MP-5, so when you're close enough for a headshot (and you pretty much have to be if you're using either the Makarov or the MP-5), the Makarov gives you greater accuracy and a much better chance of a one-shot kill. The MP-5, though, allows you to fire bursts, which means if your first shot misses, you might still silence the target without alerting his buddies.

    For both the Mac-10 and the UZI, I find it's best to use short bursts, 2 or 3 rounds, always aim for the head if possible. I use both extensively, and very rarely run low on ammo for them. With respect to the durability of the Mac-10, I've honestly never had one jam, even without the durability upgrade. However, I still find the UZI to be far superior.

  8. jake says:

    The first thing I did in farcry2 was take my sweet time and really enjoyed the time they put into the game as well. I've got 300 hours in and am just about done. Awesome game and your advice is excatly the reason I have made this the number one game in my books. Good call thanx

  9. Elvar says:

    I love your far cry 2 videos. I have watched all the house cleaning videos, the ending and the ufll mission videos. I think you are really funny like in one video that i´ve watched was really funny whith the molotov cocktail when you were throwing at an enemy but you were only hitting beside him and then you hit him and you were saying have some hasta, have some more hasta,have some more hasta and at the last throw you hit him. It was one of the ending videos.

  10. Elijah says:

    Thanks Slack , this is actually very helpful...I'm going to get Far Cry 2 back tomorrow and give it another chance....Once again thanks for the info and long live the slacks

  11. crapsniper says:

    it always takes a bout 7 shots for the makarov pistol for me to kill a guy (though I'm pretty crap at pistols apart form the silenced one)

  12. mph10 says:

    i liked this weapon loadout evn before using major slack's tutorials, unfortunately i missed the rocket launcher at the beginning, so i was always using grenades, but it was still fun :)

  13. Teh Uber Gamer (LoL.. pwnagespree youtube account) says:

    Messed up on my other name hehe... this is actually a great load out but to you starters... get two missions or so done first ( to build diomonds) Then do convoys. And enjoy your time doing some heavy thinking what to get.

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