How to Have Fun Playing Far Cry 2


So you bought Far Cry 2, the new PC video game. Heard about it, heard about the whole open-world, go anywhere, anytime thing. Thought you'd give it a try. And you did. And let me guess... You got about halfway through and you found it extremely repetitive. The game seems to consist of one endless litany of encounters with guard posts that respawn too fast manned with guards equipped with telescopic vision and backed up by enemy patrols that always manage to take you by surprise and shoot your vehicle into a smoldering chug-a-lug. The game is just drive, stop, shoot, repair, drive, stop, shoot, repair, occasionally complete an objective and then more drive, stop, shoot, repair, et cetera, ad nauseam, ad what-the-hell-how-is-this-fun?!?

Well let me tell you friend... Been there, done that. But now things are different. Now, believe it or not, I happen think that Far Cry 2 is, far and away, the best video game EVER.

How did I make this miraculous transformation? I'm not sure exactly what sparked this revelation but about halfway through Far Cry 2, after experiencing gameplay very similar to that outlined in the first paragraph above, I suddenly had an epiphany of sorts and realized, hey wait a minute... I'm going at this all wrong. And I was actually so excited that I immediately restarted the game because I wanted to experience the game from the beginning with my new 'legs'.

And here's how I learned to have fun playing Far Cry 2.

First and foremost, I learned to...

Slow the F#@k Down

Enemy jeep getting destroyed by the RPG-7 rocket launcher...

Enemy jeep getting destroyed by the RPG-7 rocket launcher...

The first and most important change I made to my approach was I just simply slowed down. The epiphany I had was that Far Cry 2 is a game that doesn't lead you about by the nose but rather responds to you and the way you play. It waits for you to act and then it reacts. So if you go at the game hard and fast, it will come at you hard and fast. ALL the time. If, on the other hand, you slow down, and I mean really slow down, you will take the game by the balls, you will own the landscape, you will own the guard posts and you will own the enemy patrols.

And when you slow way the f#@k down, you have time to do things like...

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  1. Virago says:

    I totally agree with slack. No HUD, physical map, no sci-fi bullshit. This is the best game ever!

  2. El dude says:


    I'm having a bad time on finding the guy (or girl) moaning for help at a guard post near to a bridge.

    the subtitle of the cry for help appears, yet i can´t hear from where the sound comes.

    any help??

  3. Newb says:

    Major Slack, can I install farcry 2 on my Acer Aspire V5?

  4. PsiGen says:


    got here by searching how to play online... Ubisoft giving me issues...

    Anyway here is a quick stealth guide... Naz inspired me...

    You will need : Camo suit, Silenced MP5 Makarov and the Dart rifle

    The best time to do your stealth attack is between 10pm - 11pm and from 1am - 3am (at 12 am the moon is bright enough to cancel out some of the camo suites effectiveness, and OPTIMALLY attack in overcast, these conditions virtually make you a ninja)

    Step1 : Scout the base using the monicle and Dart Rifle, make sure you clearly mark cover and enemy patrols in your head (if your a real nerd draw a map :| )

    Step2 : some guards take a wee every now and then, and some patrol the outskirts, take them out with the dart rifle first, keep in mind that enemies will be alerted if they see him go down or find his body, so don't kill him if he has buddies checking on him, or if he is on ground with no grass

    Step3 : close into mid range using brush and physical cover to keep yourself concealed

    step4 : (the fun step) at this range you have 2 choices, either start sneaking in and picking off targets along your planned route... or cause some controlled chaos by freaking those poor unsuspecting NPCs out by killing one guy with a well placed makarov shot to the head, in plain sight... they will run in all directions saying "WHAT THE F##" "did you see that!?" "it has to be 5 guys atleast!" ........... ._.

    step5 : when you have reached your destination (be it ammo, buddy rescue, mission, assassination, sabotage, or just killing some NPCs for fun) go back exactly the way you came... bare in mind that you might have been spotted or a body could have been found, stay alert by listening for the tell tale signs of enemies going "what?, did you see that?" or "oh god he's dead somebody HELP!" ... if this happens KEEP CALM and GET OUT YOUR MP5 ... this weapon is louder than the makarov but allows mid ranged kills while leaving other enemies completely baffled at there buddies dropping like flies, remember to move from brush to brush to stay concealed... if you find no suitable targets, stay in cover and wait for an opening to flee the area, careful though prolonged 'camping' will cause the enemies to sometimes fire off a flare, if you see the flare gun in some guys holster, dispatch him quickly with the makarov (headshot please)

    Step6 : once at a safe distance, look at the base and feel LIKA BAWS for just sneaking in and out unnoticed... aw yea...

    HINTS : The machete is useless for stealth kills, it makes too much of a noise (apparently our hero can fight the effects of malaria, but is unable to silently slit some dudes throat with a more than suitable knife ._. ) The makarov is only effective if you get a headshot, if you miss the first, follow up quickly with a sure headshot... otherwise (reload <.< , try again) ... The MP5 is used when escaping or when you have to take out multiple enemies quickly without being heard... also keep in mind when firing, that nearby enemies can hear your shot, and bullets that hit walls or sink plates will alert the entire damn base... Stay crouched as often as possible, and take the direction of the enemy's head into serious concideration... when you want to cover some distance quickly without being seen, you can use sprint and quickly thereafter hit crouch to slide, this works great for slipping into, or to the next cover...

    These techniques work for any situation, it takes time to get used to it, and some time to master. If you have some experience in this after a bit of field work, you can replace the side arm with IEDs and sabotage the base to oblivion, rigging cars and ammo boxes, however this puts you at risk if you find yourself face to face with an unmarked enemy, the MP5 offers a quick kill but is louder than the makarov and will most likely alert the base. taking this path requires a sure fire entrance and exit route, as well as good marking of patrols and enemies, neutralising with the dart rifle and quick thinking when sneaking in and out...


  5. pastor Max says:

    its a great game

  6. STU77Y says:

    WOW thankyou Slack. That advice actually worked so well. I absolutly love this game now, slowing down really does work thankyou

  7. Malte says:

    Hi Slack,

    Wicked vedio luv the sneens from Youtube,

    But can you tell and help me out on something plaese having loads of trouble trying to jump but for some reason doesn`t wanna wor for me ?


  8. Diwas says:

    If they do decide to make a FC3 it should more like this game. I just hope they don't dumb it down for the Halo and Call of Duty crowd, and make it a linear experience. This game is unique as can be for an FPS. And this is coming from someone who traded in the game the first time. I haven't touched Black Ops in month and don't intend to. I'm at 66% in the story and i'm taking it slow, just taking in the wonderful environment and landscape. I can spend hours in this game just walking around, looking at the sunrise/set is amazing. And us fans need to make sure Ubisoft knows this. Because this game got a lot of hate, so here's hoping Ubi keeps the same formula and improve upon it. One of the very best games i've played right up there with COD4, Uncharted 2 and Assassins Creed.

  9. kalketas says:

    thanks!you helped me a lot.
    Oh, and AWAY WE GO!!!!!!!

  10. zippoman1950 says:

    ok..I'm not doing bad with FC2 but how do you upgrade weapons etc....I'm sitting here with 135 diamonds and can't figure out how to spend them

  11. Attrage says:

    Hi Slack, I just finished my first run through of Far Cry2 and have to say I am now a Far Cry 2-aholic. It worked against me that when I got FC2 I had just finished CoD, Medal of Honor and Battlefield BadComp2, so I went into FC2 running and gunning like a linear FPS and I got nowhere, FAST. But once I had a similar ephiphany to the one you mention you had, I started to "get" the game and quickly started having bucketloads of fun. I love everything about the game, it's just awesome. And I have also just finished watching your walkthrough on YouTube and found that really cool. What I found myself doing was playing through a mission my way, then watching your vid to see how an expert does it. Invariably your way was the easier way but my way made for some deliciously juicy firefights. Anyway, thought I'd share my impressions of the game now that I've finished it. (I'm starting my next run through tonight..)

  12. Some Guy Smith says:

    Found your website looking for info on the camo suit. I had the same experience the first time I played this game a year ago and since I picked it up again last week. I love this game.

    Its funny though, my girlfriend is constantly commenting "I don't get why you play this so much I can't even see what you are shooting at."

  13. Grimstone says:

    I started playing FC2 last year and just kept getting smashed. I was playing Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 at the time and just couldn't get over the sprint (from Vegas) and 'use syrette' (same button on xbox) for FC2.

    Anywho, there i was at work, wondering how best to invest my time, when i came across your walkthrough vids. Man, you do pack a lot of entertainment value. I can't stop saying 'Git Some'. I say it to everything... 'Git some, git some, git some'. Love it.

    Anywho, i watched your casual approach. Well, i say casual, but what i mean 'Norman Wisdom' stylie. It's not an insult dude. Your blundering style (which is far more effective than my meticulous style) is what got me playing it again.

    Anywho, i'm most grateful, so thank you.

    Plus, just wanted to say i have two prefered weapon setups; by day, Mac10/Uzi, Dragonov, RPG7; by night, M79 (or IED's for convoy missions), MP3 and Dart Rifle. Man, got to love playing at night. With a camo suit, the enemy just run around in a right panic.

    Thanks again dude.


  14. tinkivinki says:

    Nice giude :)
    If you did everything what's written here and you still think its boring. DO THIS: Increase the difficulty of the game to infamous, and use only weapons you find on enemies. I'm on my fourth walktrough and with this it's still fun!

  15. jake says:

    The fast lite little makarov is the best and needs more praise than it gets!

  16. jackson says:

    Far Cry 2, Mercenaries
    Best video games ever. Once you play with the freedom to wander, you will not enjoy linear trenchlike progression much as in World at War.
    Tip for sniping vehicles. Hit the driver when far away, keep holding on the driver seat and the gunner will get in the driver seat (snipe). If the vehicle is near, kill the gunner first. Then sidestep the vehicle, drop to your knee, and get the driver when he jumps out.

  17. clive says:


    I am running Far Cry 2 in Windows 7, it plays ok but the graphics are a bit ‘chunky’ and do not run very smooth and from other screen shots of the game I have seen the detailing is not as good. My current graphics card is a ‘Geforce 7050’, what can I do to improve the graphics ? is the best way forward to get this ‘NVIDIA 8600 GTS’ graphics card, how can I do that, can I get it free ?



  18. Rhys says:

    Your right, Far cry 2 is fabulous! The atmosphere in the game is great, some of the sounds are... addictive.
    Rather than doing the same attack plan every time you should always find a way to do it a bit different and have a load of fun.
    Gotta take out some guy driving around in a car? Rather than shooting it with your assault truck, make a road block- blow the crap out of it with IED's
    Gotta base to attack? try do it without using guns.

    Its a really great game, it only gets boring if you try to rush it, just as you said. Not having scripted firefights and linear levels means the game could possibly get boring, its the players job to liven it up which is a good thing, let the player use their imagination.

    Hopefully far cry 3 will not change the recipe from #2 very much because of the people that don't know how to enjoy a great game. My only real gripe about the game is the poor ending.

    Btw I like your videos :)

  19. RayCis says:

    Now, a question, I've been playing FC2 for the 3rd time, and 92% finished (must now go to prison, to meet Jackal). I have 28 out of 33 main missions, all buddy missions, but only 19 out of 40 side missions, where the hell are they, as far as I can gather, when given a mission, I accepted all times the phone calls and executed the mission therein given first, and after that the main mission. How come so many more side missions, if each of the main missions is accompanied by a side mission? And, do cellphone tower (assassination) mission and convoy also count as side missions? Did all of far as I know. Am now travelling all over the 2 maps to collect diamonds, and encountering -in Southmap- more and more g.launcherjeeps....Do these proliferate along with the amount of time you spend on the game?

  20. Ragnar Eðvarð Kristinsson says:

    heyy slack

    i enjoy youre vids more than playing the game btw i LOVE the game and its still more and more fun to start over with different load out and such bt i love the way u play it and i try to mimick that as much as i can and the more i do that i enjoy it more but i have the 360 verison and i love it more there than the PC but i love em both

    1st question do you have the xbox version

    2nd do you play online

    3rd do you know about any ither free roaming game that happens in africa if u do let me know i love the concept of it

    4th do you have msn. if you do id love to have it

    greetings from Iceland ;) love youre vids

  21. josh4b says:

    i've just done the last underground mission (im playing on the 360 and i got an achivement for doing all underground missions) will i die when i run out of pills

  22. Björn says:

    Hi Slack!

    Great job!

    I don´t know what is more fun - playing farcry2 ot watching you doing it ...?

    Greetings from Kassel, Germany

  23. RayCis says:

    Hi, Major, just watched your video of the APR mission where you have to blow up the pipeline. Just before that you unlocked the nearby safehouse. As I had done that mission yesterday, when unlocking this safehouse I found a g.launcher jeep PARKED AT THIS safehouse location, quite convenient, I'd say. But watching your video, I didn't see this Jeep, can it be that the game sometimes provides one or more safehouses/locations at random with these g.launcher jeeps?

  24. RayCis says:

    Thanks, Major, I did find out that multiple g.launcher jeeps are available. I do lament it when I myself wreck one, or drive it unintended into a gully and can't drive out anymore, a thing that happened on my way back to Mosate to apply for a mission...Well, than take a boatride back, and with the mission on hand (c4 pickup at mines) take the bus to the SW, pickup the buggy, park it near the crossing, and patiently wait for 1) patrol, not the right jeep, let it go, 2) second jeep, not the right one, go on your way, 3) and presto, the 3rd is the right one -shoot the gunner from a long distance -don't want to be on the receiving end of these g.launcer shots, then let the driver come closer -hate to walk- and shoot him as well...and I've got my favorite jeep again. Must give the enemy their dues, to deliver a needed vehicle...damn nice of them, don't you think?

  25. Major Slack says:


    Yes, there's g-launching jeeps all over Act 2. There's one parked in the airport, there's one near the weapon shop in the west sector, etc.

    Also be advised that enemy patrols sometimes get stuck. So if you're waiting for a patrol and it hasn't come by in, say, about 5 minutes, then it got stuck somewhere. Save the game and exit, restart and try again. That might fix it.

  26. RayCis says:

    Hi, Major Slack, have a lot of fun, after 18 months doing other games, I started FC2 for the 2nd time. It's like it's all new, found roads & passage ways I didn't encounter before, and benefited especially from the Jeep with the grenade launcher, makes dealing with roadblocks much easier! One remark, though, there's ANOTHER jeep with g.launcher available, apart from the one on patrol near the N.E busstation. After helping out my buddy at the airfield (I had a jeep with launcher with me then), I found a 2nd jeep with a g.launcher, parked there ON the airfield! And a question too, the jeep in the NE on patrol, is that one only available once you arrive in that sector by bus and the area is reset? Because I once waited 15min. for the patrolling jeep to didn't! Let me know!

  27. taB says:

    I'm currently doing the second UFFL mission. When I get into the fort the King isn't in the upstairs room (as he is in your walkthru)...any suggestions. Thanks.

  28. AARON says:

    what i mean was malaria pills in the game they make you have to keep going to get more before doing more missions and exploring the game world

  29. AARON says:


  30. dunefang says:

    nice guide and it was funny to expacly the balls part the best was when u yelled funny crap man keep it up

  31. You are awsome.You mare better than me.

  32. Aaron Schaal says:

    Thanks for responding. I did try to get another mission from the APR, but was unable. Fortunately I had another game saved in which I was 8% done so I picked up with that one, and I seem to be back on track. I'm now at 20% done, but I'm doing things in a little different order this time. I also read your essay on how to enjoy the game and it is definitely helpful in getting the most out of it. I still have much to learn but my frustration level has gone down, while the fun level has gone up. I am keeping two congruent saved games as I go along just in case anything like that happens again.

  33. Major Slack says:


    Go to town and see if you can get into the APR HQ to get another mission. If not then you have a corrupted save game. You'll have to delete your current saved game and start from a previous. Keep doing that and running through the 'save the buddy' mission until you can get it to completion.

  34. Aaron Schaal says:

    I need your help with something. I am 12 % done with the game. I went to get an APR mission and it started me on another mission that said Free the captive from the back room at the slaughterhouse. I went to the slaughterhouse and went into the room with the captive. He told me we needed to split up and he would see me back at Mike's Bar. I left the room but he didnt move, and the mission did not say accomplished. I went back to Mike's Bar and the guy who was in the back room was there but I couldnt talk to him. I went back to the slaughterhouse and the guy is not there. I did have to shoot my way back in again, though. No matter what I do I cant get this mission to end. Please help!!!

  35. 8Ball says:

    man i hope this works ive been trying to leave u a comment for ages stupid youtube so any way ur fukin awsome seen all ur vids ive completed FC2 3 times but somthing is awsome about watching u i mean its sooo cool most awssme saying "lets get the fuck out of dodge" lol montreal must be ace.....

    soooo any way what do u think the best wepon set is thats not got a sniper pr an ar-16 in it

    wb man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dude plz e-mail me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Cyril Thomas says:

    Remember to buy the Camo Suit, which is the most expensive item (45 diamonds) but very effective for stealth playing especially with the Dart Rifle. If you stay crouched in the grass, without any movements it will practically makes you invisible to the enemies. I found that even when they search you after you're discovered, if you ran for another cover and crouch again, it's tough for them to find you. Enjoy

  37. Patrick10152 says:

    Man, all I would do is mess around the whole time :D
    And yeah, that's about it.

    Sure, I'll do the missions... when I need cash XD

  38. Major Slack says:


    I don't know if I can advise you on that. It all depends on what YOU feel comfortable with. One thing though is you don''t have a long range anti-vehicle weapon so I would go with the M79 grenade launcher instead of the IED (C4).

  39. Matthew(toxicflood on youtube) says:

    When i start playing a prefer to go stealth this is my loadout dart gun quiet mp5 and c4( or whatever it's called in-game haven't played it yet) tell me if it's good.

  40. azlanberesford says:

    this is so useful, i was FLYING as fast as i could and i just kept dying. so then i tried slowing down (and watching your vids) and im now 60% past the game. thanks so much for the advise

  41. Teh Buer Gamer (LoL.. pwnagespree youtube account) says:

    Silent makarov's crap been there done that. You may want to consider the M72 Granade Launcher cause you need an explosive there somwhere and not evrything can be done in stealth. THe makarov takes like Fu**ing 7 bullets just kill a guy with nothing but a shirt on. Messed up the makarov is.

  42. Major Slack says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Naz.

    As for stealthily raiding a guard post without them hearing you, hmmm, wow that's a tall order. I only specialize in approaching a guard post without putting them on alert so you can recon their position and get the drop on them. But if you want to go super stealth, you should consider using silenced weapons such as the dart rifle, the silent Makarov and the silent MP-5. There's also a silenced shotgun in the Fortunes Pack DLC.

  43. Naz says:

    Awesome guide on how to play Far Cry 2! When I first started the game, I never even finished it because I was tired of being shot up all the time and I just left it collect dust in my drawer! Now, I started playing it again using the Sniper and the game has changed! Drastically! I'm still a little bit confused on how to stealthily raid a guard post without them hearing me. I have done it once or twice but no more than that. Maybe make a guide on how to stealthily raid a guard post/ Mission with minimal kills, minimum shots fired?

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