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Far Cry 2 Special weapons are located on the long wall to your right as you enter the armory. It has two sections, one containing four weapons and the other containing three for a total of seven. Below is a screenshot of the first batch of Special weapons, i.e., right wall - right side which consists of two rocket launchers and two light machine guns.

Click on a weapon to jump to a complete rundown including which convoy mission you have to do to unlock it (if applicable). Please note that the availability of weapons is based on Far Cry 2, v.1.03 for PC.


Carl G Rocket Launcher RPG-7 Rocket Launcher M-249 SAW PKM

Rocket Launchers

Carl G Rocket Launcher

This rocket launcher is invaluable for destroying swamp boats during the Barge mission which opens Act 2 of the game. This is largely because after launching, a rocket can be guided around by keeping the scope engaged and pointing the crosshairs to where you want the rocket to go making it excellent for hitting moving targets. A major drawback (which doesn't affect you on the barge but will affect you out in the field) is the Carl G will spit fire out the back every time a rocket is launched. This will often create a raging wildfire directly behind you forcing you to displace, a situation which may become quite annoying (and dangerous). For this reason alone, I do not recommend this rocket launcher at all. Still, if you don't mind getting your ass burned after every launch and you don't mind shelling out a whopping 35 diamonds to acquire it, the Carl G is superior to the RPG-7.

This weapon is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the THIRD CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 2.

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RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

The RPG-7 is part of my favorite Far Cry 2 weapon loadout and my preferred long distance antivehicle weapon that I use throughout the game when playing on Normal difficulty. Although it doesn't have a fancy-schmancy post-launch guidance system like the Carl G, at least it doesn't spit fire out the back after every launch as well as it's available in Act 1 and it only costs 20 diamonds. Also be advised that a used RPG-7 may even be part of your default weapon loadout when you first acquire weapons during the training and tutorial elements of the game. You can make sure you get the RPG-7 at the beginning of the game by deleting all your saved games, starting a new game and then when tasked to escape Pala (right after first contact with the Jackal), make sure you ESCAPE TO THE DOCK ON THE EAST SIDE. This will guarantee that you start at the Fresh Fish location with Carbonell as your boss and that you have an RPG-7 as part of your default weapon loadout (instead of the flamethrower).

This weapon is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the SECOND CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 1.

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Light Machine Guns

M-249 SAW

The M-249 SAW is one of two light machine guns available in the game, both of which have the advantage of sporting a huge 100 round magazine which means you can get into an extended firefight without having to frequently reload your weapon. Its main advantage over its counterpart, the PKM, is it is more accurate and it has a higher fire rate which translates into killing enemies easier. The main disadvantage the M-249 has is a low reliability rating which means it's more likely to jam up on you after extended use. Another minor annoyance is the carrying handle is more obtrusive than that of the PKM and may distract you as you aim down the iron sight. It's also twice the cost (20 diamonds) of the PKM and it is only available in Act 2.

The M-249 is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the FIRST CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 2.

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This is my preferred light machine gun in the game even though it is less accurate than its counterpart, the M-249 SAW (see above). Its advantages are that it's available much earlier in the game, it's cheaper and it's much more reliable which means less jamming up after extended use. Another plus —which is a big one for me but may not bother others— is the carrying handle is less obtrusive when aiming the weapon using the iron sight compared to that of the M-249 SAW.

The PKM is unlocked after completing the TRAINING AND TUTORIAL ELEMENTS portion of the game.

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6 Responses to Far Cry 2: Special Weapons 1

  1. Java says:

    thanks slack didnt know that you can guide carl g rockets

  2. crowy877 says:

    why do you prefer the pkm over the m-249 saw

  3. crowy877 says:

    i don't feel satisfied when i use the pkm but i love it when i use the M-249 SAW

  4. RBFG says:

    One thing that I noticed during my first playthrough is that the RPG's rocket loses power and fall down when it reaches its maximum range. This could be used to hit enemies over treelines and hills. The Carl Gustav's rocket simply explodes. You can use this fact to maximize the rocket's splash damage, like the Soviets did with RPGs during the invasion of Afghanistan.

  5. Bruce says:

    The inaccuracy of the PKM really isn't a drawback at all. Once you get used to the weapon, you can kill just as easily as with the M249 with about the same number of rounds.

  6. dmmmsarith says:

    training an tutorial elments portion. what that means?

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