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Continuing my Far Cry 2 weapons guide, let's take a look at the second batch of Special weapons adjacent to the explosives pile. Below is a screenshot of these three Special weapons which can be found on the right wall on the left side when you first enter the armory.

Click on any weapon to go to a full description including which convoy mission you have to complete in order to unlock the weapon for purchase at the shop's computer (if applicable).

Please note that the availability of weapons is based on the Far Cry 2 PC game, version (patch) 1.03.


Dart Rifle LP0-50 Flamethrower Type 63 Mortar

Dart Rifle

One of three silenced weapons in the game, the Dart Rifle pretty much guarantees a kill, head or body shot, although it doesn't have the same range as other sniper rifles such as the M1903 or the Dragunov. Since enemies use the sound of your gunfire to zero in on your position, the Dart Rifle can be used to effectively eliminate multiple enemies from a distance while they remain oblivious to your exact position. This also has the effect of them not knowing where to take cover even if they are alerted to danger in the area which makes them an easy target as they stand out in the open, alerted but confused. When using the Dart Rifle, it's best to first target enemies who can't be seen by their comrades in order to avoid putting the rest of them on alert. Some disadvantages of the Dart Rifle is that the bolt action must be worked after every shot and unlike the M1903 Sniper Rifle (which also has a bolt action, see Far Cry 2 Primary Weapons Guide 1), the game forces you to disengage the scope immediately after taking your shot even if you continue to press the aim button meaning you can't monitor post-shot enemy movement. Another disadvantage is the low reliability rating which causes the Dart Rifle to jam up after only mild use after which it usually breaks apart after one or two more shots.

This weapon is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the FOURTH CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 1.

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LPO-50 Flamethrower

The flamethrower is another special weapon that can be had right at the start of the game (depends on which side of Pala you escape to after the Jackal's opening speech). A little slow and messy to use as a close combat weapon (especially during an intense firefight) but it does effectively set an enemy on fire and in short order will get him to drop his weapon and writhe about while he fries to death. Can also be used to set tactical grass/bush fires although Molotov cocktails serve just as well and don't use up a Special weapon slot. This is not a weapon I could ever see being a part of a regular weapon loadout but, like the mortar, it could come in handy on some special occasions.

This weapon is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the THIRD CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 1.

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Type 63 Mortar

If you wish to lay in some heavy artillery from a great distance away, the Type 63 Mortar is the weapon for the job. This weapon fires smoke and explosive rounds; unlimited for the former and up to 3 (on Normal difficulty) for the latter. Fire some smoke rounds to gauge the distance and adjust in between launches by moving the mounted Mortar forward or back. Then when ready, press the reload button while the mortar is mounted to switch to explosive rounds (or back to smoke rounds). It takes some practice to get this down and precision will be hard to come by. What you'll mostly be looking to do is lay in a barrage to soften up an enemy position and/or force the enemy out into the open so you can pick them off with a sniper rifle. Definitely not a weapon I would recommend you include in your regular weapon loadout but one worth buying just to have it available for 'special' occasions. A sniper on the east side of the Airfield section in the Bowa-Seko world has a Mortar. You can take him down and try out his before spending 20 diamonds at the weapon shop to get them available in the armory.

This weapon is unlocked at the weapon shop after completing the SECOND CONVOY MISSION IN ACT 2.


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11 Responses to Far Cry 2: Special Weapons 2

  1. Kevin says:

    How do i get a mortar at farcry2

  2. alfie 2010 says:

    what is the mortar do and what is it

  3. My Act 1/Act 2 Weapon Loadout. Shock and Awe.

    Act 1
    Secondary: Flare Gun/Grenade Launcher.
    Primary: Bolt Action Sniper/Draganov Sniper.
    Special: RPG/Flamethrower.

    I utilize Gas/Explosive/Bullet ammo dumps equally. No matter what I find I can use it.

    The Flare Gun Rocks! Single shot kills, Stops a Vehicle dead, and creates fire and tons of it. Crouch and shoot and u got a fire wall. It's a grenade launcher and flamethrower in one tiny unit. Don't leave home without it.

    Grenade Launcher: ok that stops a vehicle dead :) I'll take it over the flare gun any day.

    RPG: While u wait for the grenade launcher.

    Flamethrower: I dont leave home without it. Once the RPG is replaced by grenade launcher. I equip the Flamethrower. The ultimate spray and pray. Throw the sniper rifles away.

    Act 2: (I'm only 80% through it)

    Secondary: Flare gun or The explosives with detonator.
    Primary: That Heavy Duty Grenade Launcher.
    Special: Flamethrower.

    I do the same thing I did in act 1 but with devestating power.

    I snipe with the grenade launcher. Soften the Base. Take out vehicles. Rush in, flamethrower blazing and burn the place to the ground. Place a few strategic Explosives and move on to my next objective. Complete my primary objective using devastating force in record time. Prepare to return home.

    Worst case scenario, I used all my ammo, I was reckless blew up ammo dumps. I used up all my syringes, I was reckless and ran through flames with my flamethrower blazing. And the base I need to pass through has respawned.

    Solution A: Hop in jeep, pedal to the medal back home. When I get to the respawned base I detonate my carefully planted explosives and drive right through. No pursuit, no problems.

    Solution B: I still have that flare gun. Respawned Base, No problem. From a distance I set the whole base ablaze. Ammo dumps and jeeps blow up. Men burn and scatter. Fire prevents approach or retreat. Pedal to the medal and sail right through.

    Final Note: my Machine gun? It's on my Assault Vehicle. Flare up that base and mow em down with the Vehicle gun while they scatter.

  4. woopersnaper says:

    Slack, your guides really help alot.

    Now I've got a decent midgame loadout:

    Primary: AR-16

    Secondary: M79 Grenade Launcher

    Special: Dart Rifle

  5. ??!!?? says:

    how dose a morter jam??

  6. none says:

    de dart rifle without the relaebility upgrade miss fires a lot

  7. crowy877 says:

    buy the accuracy and raliability upgrades (the wind effects the shell with out the accuracy upgrade, and the rariability is kinda self explanatory)

  8. crowy877 says:

    mortar tips:

    -each notch on the leaf site is about 80m (so if you had an enemy camp 240m away you would go up about 3 notches)

    - go in a field/desert and pace out 80m (each step is a meter) mark this spot with somthing like a truck go to high groud and learn the distance (i use my map to help me remember the distance)

    - after you have blown your desired target to smitherines pull out your sniper and shoot the stragalers

    - practice makes perfect

    -buy the ghillie suite (this helps when the search party comes)

    - just because there is a mountain in the way doesn't mean you can't hit your target

    - don't try hit moving targets (it's nion impossible)

    - when using the mortar remember to change from smoke to explosive rounds by pressing reload

    thats about it on mortar tips, if i get any more i shall post another comment


  9. jason says:

    i meant the mortar

  10. jason says:

    nice but rlly hard to get used to

  11. Leonardo says:

    Hey slack...what means...(depends on witch side of pala you scape to after the jackal`s openning speech??
    please reply me..:D

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