Bioshock Super Cheats Pack


Here's a super cheats pack I worked up that you can install in the PC version of the Bioshock video game. This will allow you to instantly enable in-game cheats by pressing certain number pad keys on your keyboard.

How to Install the Bioshock Cheats

This was tested on Bioshock PC version with patch 1.1 on Windows XP (SP2). The cheats pack is installed in two parts. Part one involves some quick editing of the user.ini file located in the Application Data/Bioshock directory. Part two involves simply copy and pasting some premade .txt files into your Bioshock\Content\System folder. This is all detailed in the following:

Part One - Editing the user.ini file

  1. Click on Start >> Run and type in (or copy and paste) the following:

    %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Bioshock

    ...and click OK

  2. In this folder, right click on user.ini, click on 'Open With...', select Notepad and click OK
  3. With the user.ini file now open in Notepad, do a search (Ctrl + F) for "numpad0" (without the quotes). This should take you to the following lines:


    Replace all those lines with the following:

    NumPad1=exec powerup.txt
    NumPad3=GiveItem 500 ShockGame.ADAM
    NumPad4=exec allammo.txt
    NumPad5=exec allplasmids.txt
    NumPad6=exec eve_health_upgrade.txt

  4. Save the user.ini file and close Notepad.

Part Two - Copy premade .txt files to your Bioshock System folder

  1. Download these cheats pack .txt files, unzip them into a temporary folder on your computer.
  2. Locate the 'System' folder in your Bioshock game installation folder. If you went with the default installation folder when you installed Bioshock, the System folder would be located here:

    C:\Program Files\2K Games\BioShock\Content\System

  3. Copy and paste the cheats pack .txt files you downloaded and unzipped earlier (step 1) into your Bioshock System folder.

All done. :o)

How to Enable Cheats

After installing the cheats pack (described above), start up Bioshock and load a saved game (or start a new game). While in the game (and not during a cut scene), pressing any or all of the number pad keys* will produce the following results:

NumPad Key to press What it does
0 Toggles god mode (invincibility)
1 Fills health & Eve bars and gives you 9 first aid kits & 9 Eve hypos
2 Gives you $500
3 Gives you 500 Adam
4 Gives you all weapons and all ammo (all ammo counts up to 999)
5 Gives you all plasmids, including upgrades (some issues, see below)
6 Increases maximum health and maximum Eve
7 Enables 'ghost' mode (walk through walls)
8 Enables 'fly' mode (fly around)
9 Disables ghost and fly modes (some issues, see below)

* PLEASE NOTE: Number pad keys are not the number keys that run across the top of your keyboard but rather refer to the number keys grouped all together in a box on the right side. ALSO... Make sure NumLock is enabled on your keyboard.

Known Issues

All Plasmids Cheats

The all plasmids cheats key will have to be pressed three times to give you all the plasmids. This is because a screen will pop up telling you that certain plasmids have been upgraded and the allplasmids.txt file stops executing whenever this screen pops up. Typically, the first key press will activate 10 plasmids. The second key press will activate a total of 18 plasmids. The third key press will activate all the plasmids.

Also, the all plasmid cheats will automatically give you the maximum allowable plasmid slots. However using a Gene Bank (first one is located in Neptune's Bounty) will be problematic if you wish to reassign active plasmids to certain hotkeys on your keyboard (e.g. F1, F2, etc). However, you can use the 'next plasmid' key or typically the mousewheel to cycle through all 20 plasmids and use any one you want (the labelling may be a little messed up for some of them but they still function normally).

Ghost mode

This cheat can be used to actually go out into the sea and look around. However, it may be problematic to get properly back into the game, even if you position yourself back in the halls of Rapture and press numpad9 to disable ghost mode. So basically, to get back to normal, reload a saved game.

Invincibility (god mode)

The invincibility (god mode) may be disabled if you move to a new area or if a cutscene runs at which point you'll have to re-enable it by pressing numpad0 again.

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16 Responses to Bioshock Super Cheats Pack

  1. My previous comment hasn't yet been moderated yet. Thanks again for these cheats. I love playing videogames but I'm disabled physically. I have a very low manual dexterity level. These cheats let me participate. Thanks. Ran into a problem when we made the trip to Point Prometheus. The game discarded the User.ini file and replaced it with the old one. I redid it again and this time made a backup of the completed file, not just the original. But, I also made the user.ini file Read Only, to stop the game from changing it. It worked. I won the game on the happiest ending.

  2. By the way, Thanks very much for these cheats. They work beautifully. The user.ini file is this way in Windows 7: %username%\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock. When you do the NumPad0 etc entries you have to do every instance of them in the file. It's not a bad idea to save the file before you start. There's 28 instances of the numpad group in the file. They have to be all done/changed for the cheats to work. I wanted to see if BioShock would be playable on Win 7 Pro with 16 GB RAM. Yup, it works great and at the highest settings.

  3. NitroX says:

    Thanks a lot mate! I want to get through all Bioshock games but with the first one I don't wanna lose so much time and I want to have a fun gameplay. It is quite a difficult game, comparable with Metro series and I know how much time I lost with those 2 games because I played them fair&square.

    As the Ethyst says, for windows 8/8.1 users the location of the User.ini file is in c:\users\"your user name"\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock . Enjoy the horrors of the Rapture :) !

  4. Ethyst says:

    Guys, cheat codes DO work, however, location of the user.ini is different in windows 8. It is in c:\users\"your user name"\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock. As you can see, it is not in the folder Application Data but in the folder AppData. The folder is hidden, so you have to enable hidden items option from the view menu.

  5. Bill Dave says:

    Can someone respond to me, I did all this well in my case there were several .ini files that contained this, i changed all of the numpads to the ones provided however the "4 Gives you all weapons and all ammo (all ammo counts up to 999)" does not work I dont know if its me or the cheat. If you could respond that would be cool.

  6. Becca says:

    you can't find User folder becaus it's hidden.
    when you're in the "My Computer" window, click on "Tools" on top of the menu, then choose, "Folder Options"
    Folder option window pops up, click on the 2nd tab on top, named "View"
    in the Advanced Setting category, choose "Show hidden files and folders"

    Now, you can browse to your C:\Documents and Settings\[XP Username]\Application Data\Bioshock\User.ini

  7. Chase Owen says:

    I cannot find a user.ini file, only a defuser.ini and default.ini

  8. mcbull says:

    well the cheats makes game boring but if u have finished the game a thousand times u may wanna cheat a bit like in skyrim console commands: TGM is a god u infifte anything gold arrows magicka etc... and then the most useful commands: PLAYER.ADDITEM (item code)
    Item codes can be found in internet (lol well no shit in a internet :P) just type in a google search "SKYRIM ITEM CODE LIST" and then u get a items what u want to add. Ana a next command is PLAYER.SETAV (what u want) ok for example

    player.setav magicka 9999 ( this sets your magicka points :D) player.setav destruction 100 (this set your destruction to 100 :P) and if u want to know more cheats go serch in internet (AND THIS IS FOR SLACK TOO)!!!!!

  9. Tito says:

    Another tip (that I just found out playing through Bioshock for 4th time) is you can research Little Sisters with your camera. Whenever you get the bar full, it seems to always be a "Small increase to Health and Eve bar" upgrade. I never knew this, but maybe it's obvious. Just thought I'd share just in case.

  10. Snow1 says:

    I used run and copy and pasted the link in step one, but I didn't see the user.ini file

  11. BigBalls666 says:

    I wanted to comment and say that these worked perfectly for me. I have the steam version and Win 7. Not sure why no one seems to get it working. I noticed one person above was trying to do this for Bioshock 2. I have not tried it, but this is for bioshock 1. Also, you need to edit the user.ini file, I am not sure why people are looking for the defuser.ini file. It's super easy. Thanks!!

  12. Roger says:

    I agree with the rest None of the Cheat codes work in Bioshock I have input them into just about every defuser file I can find in Bioshock and Nothing

  13. Big Lazy says:

    I tried all the steps and it didn't work. I don't have an appdata file. I tried Run and the cut and paste of the file that you listed as a search, and it doesn't show. Through Win 7 Pro, I access the bioshock files as such:

    OS(C:)> Program Files> 2K Games> Bioshock 2> MP> Builds> Binaries> Defuser (INI file)

    I also have an SP file which has a Binaries and Defuser file, but no user file.
    I've played BS2 a few times (the hard way), but now I want to zoom through it without a struggle, but I just can't get the cheats to work. Do you think that Microsoft Live has something to do with it?

  14. Ryan says:

    Heyy this is prob a nub question but i know how to cheat on bioshock 2 but i cant find the list of all the GEP thingos to unlock like plasmids and ect for BIOSHOCK 2

  15. Major Slack says:


    Woops. Sorry about that. It's there now.

  16. TJ says:

    Is there any other way to get the txt files? It isn't on the site anymore.

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