Bioshock Cheats, Tips and Tricks


Bioshock giving you a tough time?

If so, here are some no-hack in-game cheats that will help level the playing field for you. (Tested on the PC game version of Bioshock on medium and hard difficulty).

Easy Splicer Kills

Use the Telekinesis plasmid to pick up corpses and throw them at splicers. Most of the time, this results in an instant kill. Rumour has it that this also works with Big Daddies, e.g., pick up a Big Daddy corpse and throw at a live Big Daddy to kill him but THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Hacker's Cheat

Before you do any hack, do a quick save. Then if you screw up the hack, reload your saved game and try again. This is especially useful for those really tough fast moving hacks where the flow pipes are configured into a U turn right from the get-go and you have to quickly find just the right connector pipe to get the flow going in the right direction.

Quick Reload Shotgun/Grenade Launcher/Crossbow

If you're sick of it taking 5 light years to cock/reload the shotgun, the grenade launcher or the crossbow, you can cheat by firing the weapon, quickly switching to your plasmids and then switching back to the weapon. This will skip the whole reload/cocking animation and the weapon will be ready to fire again immediately. This can be repeated for as many times as the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon. For example, the shotgun holds 4 shells at a time so you can get off four quick shots before you have to do a full reload (i.e., stop and insert four new shells into the shotgun).

Easy $50+

Kill a Big Daddy. Even if you've already harvested/saved all the Little Sisters on a level, Big Daddies will keep respawning on that level (although they won't have any Little Sisters with them). Use one of the 'cheap' methods on my 5 Easy Ways to Kill a Big Daddy page (e.g. Target Dummy/RPG Turret or Explosive Object Trap) to get a quick $50+.

Easy $100+

Save three Little Sisters to get the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid. Then hypnotize a Big Daddy, make him follow you around until you find another Big Daddy. Then shoot the other Big Daddy and your 'protector' Big Daddy will attack him and they'll start fighting each other. Stand back and enjoy while they beat each other to within an inch of their lives. When one Big Daddy wins, finish off the other one with the shotgun (should only take one shot) and then loot both Big Daddy corpses for an easy $100 (much more on higher levels). This is a hell of a lot of fun and once you have the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid, your money problems are over.

Hypnotize Big Daddy Without Using a Whole Eve Hypo

The Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid will use up all the Eve you have left on your Eve bar (even if it's full) and, because of this, is the most expensive plasmid to fire. So essentially, as soon as you fire the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid, you'll immediately use up another Eve hypo because your Eve bar will get drained empty. You can cheat your way around this by simply switching to your active weapon immediately after firing the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid. This will delay the reloading of an Eve hypo until you once again re-enable your plasmids.

Now all you to do is find some Eve (any Eve, just a smidgen will do) to put your Eve bar back above zero. This will prevent the reloading of an Eve hypo when you switch back to your plasmids again.

So, with your hypnotized Big Daddy in tow, do your thing, e.g., search Rapture, fight enemies, etc, but keep your eyes peeled for any cigarettes, booze (if you have the Booze Hound tonic enabled), something to hack (if you have the Hacker's Delight enabled) or anything that will give you a smidgen of Eve.

Once you've got your Eve bar back up above zero, you can switch back to the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid and get ready to fire it again when your Big Daddy breaks out of the spell (90 seconds for Hypnotize Big Daddy 1, three minutes for Hypnotise Big Daddy 2). Keep in mind that even the tiniest bit of Eve will be enough to fire the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid. When you do, just do the same thing all over again, i.e., switch immediately to your weapon to stop the loading of an Eve hypo and then look for more Eve to put your Eve bar back above zero.

This is a cheap way to keep a Big Daddy by your side for extended periods of time.

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  1. Tito says:

    Posted this on the wrong page. Here it is again:

    You can research Little Sisters with your camera. You get a small health and eve upgrade each time you fill the bar.

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