More Bioshock Cheats, Tips and Tricks


Here are some more Bioshock cheats, tips and tricks to help level the playing field in the world of Rapture:

Free First Aid Kits

Use your wrench to destroy a health station to get it to spit out a one to three first aid kits. However, think twice before you do this because, in the long run, a hacked health station —which will restore your health bar completely any time you want for just $10— may be infinitely more valuable than a couple of first aid kits.

All 'Power to the People' Weapon Upgrade Locations

Okay now, first of all, Power to the People machines are special machines located throughout Bioshock that you can use to perform a weapon upgrade, e.g., make your shotgun rapid fire (which should be the first upgrade you choose because it will make it a lot easier to deal with Big Daddies from then on). Each Power to the People machine can only be used once.

And second of all, I see a lot of game sites out there posting an erroneous list of Power to the People machine locations. Obviously, the site owners are just doing quick Google search for "power to the people bioshock" or something like that, they find the erroneous list and then just copy-and-paste it to their sites without even verifying anything. You can tell because everybody with the 'bad list' has the same misspelling of 'Coctail Lounge' (*chuckle*)... At this point, it's questionable as to whether these site owners have even played Bioshock.

Now as far as I can tell (because I have played Bioshock extensively, currently working on a speed run) there is no Power to the People machine in the Cocktail Lounge. Nor is there one in Eve's Garden or in Suchong's Apartment. (Sheesh! Check your facts, people!)

Here is the real list of all twelve Power to the People machines in Bioshock (and I have personally verified all of these locations):

  1. NEPTUNE'S BOUNTY - Freezer Bottom Floor
  2. ARCADIA - Tree Farm
  3. FARMER'S MARKET - Winery Cellar Bottom Floor
  4. FORT FROLIC - Le Marquis d'Epoque (downstairs)
  5. FORT FROLIC - Sinclair's Spirits in the basement. (Press button behind counter to unlock door to basement)
  6. HEPHAESTUS - In Hephaestus Core opposite the Gatherer's Garden (Only one Gatherer's Garden on entire level. Check map.)
  7. HEPHAESTUS - In Kyburz's Office in the back on the left
  8. OLYMPUS HEIGHTS - In Mercury Suites courtyard on other side of elevator (opposite door to Culpepper's apartment)
  9. OLYMPUS HEIGHTS - Sander Cohens' upstairs bedroom (This is the locked door to right as soon as you enter Sander Cohens' apartment. To gain access to this, kill the two dancers in his apartment. NOTE: This won't work if you killed Sander Cohens in Fort Frolic.)
  10. APOLLO SQUARE - Hestia 4th Floor (access from secret stairs on 5th floor)
  11. POINT PROMETHEUS - Atrium (near beginning of level)
  12. POINT PROMETHEUS - Optimized Eugenics (near Gene Bank)

Repair Sputtering Security Bot

Hacked security bots that follow you around and help you shoot down enemies will get damaged in the process. If you see a security bot start sputtering and spewing sparks and bits of flaming debris and basically looks like it's in a she's-gonna-blow mode, you can fix this by simply deactivating the security bot for a moment and then reactivating it. I learned this by accident when one of my security bots —which was really messed up— flew right in front of me when I was trying to open a cabinet. So the 'Use' key ended up deactivating the security bot instead of searching the cabinet. When I reactivated the security bot, it was all fixed up good as new.

Cheat the Slot Machines

Here's another easy money trick. When you come upon a slot machine (e.g., Casino in Poseidon Plaza on Fort Frolic level), do a quick save right before playing the slots. Then play a slot machine. If it pays off, do another quick save. If it doesn't pay off, reload your quick saved game and play the slot machine again. Rinse and repeat until you got enough cash.

Bioshock Save Games Folder

The Bioshock save games folder can be accessed by clicking on Start >> Run and then typing in the following:

%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Bioshock\SaveGames

If you want to start a fresh game but still keep your progress from a previous run, then simply copy-and-paste all those save game files (*.bsb) to another folder on your computer for safe keeping. Then just delete all the save game files from your Bioshock\SaveGames folder and start a new game. If you want to go back to a previous set of saved games, delete all the files in your Bioshock\SaveGames and then copy and paste in your other saved game files to that folder.

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