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As with most PC games, Crysis has a number of cheats that you can implement to either make the game easier or to just have some weird fun. The cheats can be implemented by typing in special Crysis console commands. This page and the next covers the whole nine yards on how to do this. Those of you who already know all about the Crysis command console and DEVMODE should just skip right to the Crysis cheats charts on the next page. As for the rest of you, follow me...

We'll start with some basics...

First of all, I'm assuming that you're running Windows XP and you have it configured to show hidden files and folders and show all file extensions. If not, to do this, click on My Computer » Tools » Folder Options » View and then click to select "Show hidden files and folders" and click to clear "Hide extensions for known file types".

Crysis Command Console

The Crysis command console can be toggled by simply pressing the tilde key (`) on your keyboard. Press the tilde key once to show the console. Press it again to hide the console. This can be done anytime after the game is loaded (even while the game is paused and/or while the menu is showing).

The command console can be used to type in any and all special Crysis console commands by which you will be able to activate cheats and make advanced configurations. So basically what you do is press the tilde key to bring down the console, type in a console command, press Enter on your keyboard to activate the command (after which you should see some kind of confirmation message) and then press the tilde key again to close the console.

How to Get All Crysis Console Commands

All Crysis console commands can be accessed by typing dumpcommandsvars into the console (and then press Enter). This will create a huge .txt file called consolecommandsandvars.txt in your Crysis game install folder. You can then exit the game and open the consolecommandsandvars.txt file and see all the commands you can type into the console.

The commands will be labelled as either "Command:" or "variable:". There might also be additional information about the command next to the "help", "usage" and "default" headings which will give you some quick notes about the command, how to use it and what the default setting is, respectively.

Crysis Console Command Syntax

With the game loaded and the command console down, the syntax to follow is:

[command name] [value]

Many of the Crysis console commands have values that are simply any number. An example of this would be:

g_walkmultiplier 10

This command multiplies player movement speed by a factor of 10.

Other console commands have binary values with a value of 0 meaning 'false' (OFF) and 1 meaning 'true' (ON). An example of this would be:

g_enableAutoSave 0

The g_enableAutoSave command controls whether the game is automatically saved at every checkpoint or not. In this case, a value of 0 means that the autosave feature is turned OFF.

A few other notes about using console commands:

  • Make sure the console is not in restricted mode (it should not be by default but check anyway) by entering the con_restricted 0 command before you enter any other commands.
  • All commands are case-insensitive, e.g., both g_enableautosave 0 and g_enableAutoSave 0 will accomplish the same thing.
  • The current state (or value) for any particular command can be seen by simply entering the command without a value. For example, entering g_enableAutoSave will yield the following message:

    g_enableAutoSave = 1 [ ]

    (This indicates that autosave is ON.)

  • The help text for a command can be displayed by entering the command and using a question mark as the value. Example:

    g_enableAutoSave ?

  • The equals sign (=) is not necessary. You may have seen elsewhere that the Crysis console command syntax is supposed to use an equals sign like this:

    g_enableAutoSave= 0

    However this is entirely unnecessary. You may safely omit the equals sign and the command will work just fine.

Crysis DevMode

Some console commands can only be activated if Crysis is loaded with the 'devmode' parameter. For example, if you load Crysis 'normally', bring down the console and enter g_godmode 1 attempting to activate god mode (player invincibility), you will see the following confirmation message in the console:

g_godMode = 0 [ ]

This indicates that the current state of god mode is still OFF (0) and that the command did not 'take'. To get god mode and numerous other Crysis console commands to actually work, you will have to load Crysis in 'devmode'. (NOTE: This is NOT the same as disabling the console restricted mode, i.e., con_restricted 0.)

The easiest way to load Crysis in devmode is to simply create a special shortcut for it.

Here's how to do this:

  1. Go to your Crysis game install folder. (If you don't know what that is, right click on the icon on your desktop that you use to start Crysis and click on 'Properties'.)
  2. Go to the Bin32 folder
  3. Locate the Crysis.exe file and right click on it and click on 'Create shortcut'.
  4. Right click on the shortcut you just created and rename it to "Crysis DevMode" or something like that (not necessary but it will make things easier)
  5. Right click on "Crysis DevMode" and click on Properties.
  6. In the Target field, add a space and then type in -devmode to the end of the command line. So if your Target field initially read:

    "C:\Program Files\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe"

    ...change that to:

    "C:\Program Files\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe" -devmode

    ...and then click OK.

You can now start Crysis in DevMode by simply double-clicking on the Crysis DevMode shortcut. When Crysis is loaded in DevMode, all console commands should work. You also have the info display (including framerate) in the top right corner of the screen. To get rid of this, bring down the console and enter r_displayinfo 0.

And with Crysis loaded in DevMode, you will see that you can now bring down the console and enter the god mode command:

g_godmode 1

...and the confirmation message you will get will be:

g_godMode = 1 [ ]

...indicating that current state of god mode is now ON (1).

DevMode Hotkeys

Starting Crysis in DevMode automatically creates certain hotkeys which you can press to activate the following cheats:

  • F1 — Toggle between first/third person view
  • F2 — Skip to the next checkpoint (not entirely reliable)
  • F3 — Enable ghost/fly mode (press once to enable ghost/fly mode, press twice again to disable)
  • F10 — Return to previous checkpoint (not entirely reliable)

NOTE: After enabling ghost/fly mode, simply aim at the sky and move forward and you'll fly up in the air. Be advised however that if you disable ghost mode while up in the air, you will fall back to the ground (and you could potentially die depending on how high you were).

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36 Responses to Crysis Console Commands & DevMode

  1. Terry says:

    Just playing the game for the first time. Its really a game for pro player, not for people who play a game just for fun. The flying part really fucked up the fun. Your idea's did not work on pc. Not one of them. If you have anything to ad that's working, let me know.

  2. BlackHawk says:

    Just follow the damn instructions. It works just fine. DO NOT ERASE THE QUOTES... in the target file space! I hope that works for you.

  3. kevin says:

    this cheats for crysis 1 or crysis 2

  4. poo says:

    i have origin version and i dont have crysis.exe

  5. abdullah says:

    i did everything but i don't get where that bin32 folder is and also the same thing as the other people that it says problem with shortcut

  6. beekhbaakh says:

    I can see the console but no command is working. I get NO outputs.

    It is as if I haven't typed anything...

    I have the console mode, both with and without devmode.

  7. Despo_cheater :'( says:

    i have a pure client release version of crysis 3
    im not able to access the console i mean it just shows and when ever i enter a command , the command just vanishes effect what so ever.....please help
    in game console not working :( :(

  8. Alex says:

    I can open devmode but no commands work
    The only one that's gotten a response is

    r_displayinfo 1

    I have hunter editions and running it through origin (sadly)

    Any ideas on how I get the codes to start working?

  9. Alex says:

    Is there a way to spawn items? I accidentally dropped my bow and it was floating in the air, I just could not get it back.

  10. Jason says:

    When it comes to finding a console for a game, some people get a little confused with how to display a console. American keyboards are... Well lets say they're confusing American keyboards which make finding a console very difficult compared with European keyboards which are... Simplistic is the word that springs to mind.

    CRYSIS 2 and CRYSIS 3 Console is there, and they do work because I am in the UK and I can assure you they do work because I have got them to work. You are just need to press the correct key.

    This applies to Europe and the UK (United Kingdom)
    Developers place the console in may ways. Most common is `¬ ¦ which is next to N# 1 or just below Esc on your keyboard. Sometimes it can be Shift and ` or Tab and `. On the US keyboard layout it can be the same keys but different symbols. Shift and ~ or Tab and ~ which are the same keys.

    This applies to the (US only)
    Developers place the console in may ways. Most common is ~` which is the same key as the Euro/UK keyboard but with different symbols.

    Hope this helps

  11. jacob says:

    hi i've gone on steam and gone on properties and it says target and start in what should i change?

  12. Gary says:

    Thank you! It now works ;)

  13. WJohnson says:

    Nevermind, brother, figured it out. Ended up modifying the regular Crysis Launcher, not the Crysis64 Launcher. Appreciate the info on here, though!

  14. WJohnson says:

    Hey, Major Slack...

    I have a Windows 7 64bit OS with top-end parts. I recently downloaded Crysis off of Origin, and encountered both a Bin32 and a Bin64. I figured one was for 32bit OS and one for 64 OS, so I modified the Bin64 Crysis Launcher. However, whenever I start it, it goes to the black screen before loading the game and encounters a problem, then shuts down.

    You got any suggestions?

  15. ALittlebear says:

    Ive had no problem with it at all Thanks for the help setting it up man!

  16. Major Slack says:


    That's hilarious!

    I speak and write English perfectly. YOU obviously do NOT.


  17. grego says:

    I have the steam copy-sucks
    Did the rt click on Crysis thing. Ok. hit the tilde key and up pops devmode! tried con_restricted =0 got: in different color con_restricted =0 [RESTRICTEDMODE]
    typed i_unlimitedammo = 1, got, in green color, i_unlimitedammo = 0 []
    Typed : g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTime =0
    Got, in green color, : g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTime =8 []
    The number 8 was yellow, the brackets were blue.
    Of course, tried this without the "con_restricted" too. No help at all.
    I tried several different cheats and all were rejected and the default mode was displayed...
    When I first opened this damned steam folder, they tried to get me to also open something called: PunkBuster Service--I didn't.
    Then up pops something called: GameSpy Comrad. I didn't activate or log into it either.
    Can you understand what I am saying here?

  18. confused says:

    WTF speak ENGLISH with your instructions...

    i have no idea what who how to with your pathetic transcribe on the Queen's English

  19. Zeeman says:

    when type console it will display "unknown command"
    why is that?

  20. anonymous says:

    i tryed "-DEVMODE", "-CONSOLE", and "DEVMODE -CONSOLE" but no console!

  21. Mike says:

    Im having the same problem, i did as you said with the
    -devmode and i am still not allowed to get the console.
    i do not have the steam ver

  22. mitya_big says:

    hey guys i put -devmode at the end of target line as shown but still can't open console,need some help plz

  23. Your name says:

    sorry but the command autosave off do not work u sure its that the writhing? BUT YOU HERLPED ME WITH OTHERS!!!

  24. Ryan says:

    For those of you who can't get devmode to work - are you using Steam? If so, then you need to:

    1. Right-click on Crysis in your Steam Library
    2. Select "Properties"
    3. Click "Set Launch Options"
    4. Type "-devmode" without the quotes and hit OK, launch the game.

    That should work for you.

  25. LOLSSS says:

    i have problem whit devmode i canot open console whyyyyyy pliz help my skype znaroks1

  26. dragon-hacks says:

    yer i enabled devmode and i get the fps and other random thing bit no console pls help

  27. Eli says:

    hey guys i need BIG help ive done everything when i go into the short cuts properties the target feild says E:\ i chang it to "C:\Program Files\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe" -devmode but it dosent work even wit quatation marks outsude the word devmode it dosent work any suggestions?

  28. Eli says:

    well the comment at the top is wut i have

  29. Eli says:

    i have same thing.... :(

  30. Dude says:

    PLS someone help! I load crysis with Devmode on and as soon as level ends loading, crysis shuts down with error "Crysis encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience!" what should I do?

  31. Jake says:

    The shortcut is easy. The unchanged product should look like this : "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe"

    Final Product: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe" -DEVMODE

  32. Erik says:

    i did everything but i don't get where that bin32 folder is and also the same thing as the other people that it says problem with shortcut

  33. Major Slack says:


    Sorry for the delay and the inconvenience. Thanks for the correction regarding putting 'devmode' outside the quotation marks. I've corrected the text in the article.

  34. Talon says:

    Hey, Its me again, I figured it out. What i had to do was put the -devmode outside the quots after the Crysis.exe. That through me off a little bit. But i have Dev mode working now! Thank you very much you your site here, it has helped me out a lot! : )

  35. Talon says:

    Sorry but i got my email wrong on my last question about putting " -devmode" in the target line of properties. I put When i should have put (sorry for takeing up space >.<)

  36. Talon says:

    I am haveing a problem adding the "-devmode" to the end of the Target field in the Crysis DevMode Shortcut. It gives me this error

    "[Window Title]
    Problem with Shortcut

    The name 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe -devmode' specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct.


    I dont know what i am doing wrong.
    Am i doing something wrong?
    Do i need to make a new folder in Bin32 or something?

    I also have a Bin64 that has the same info <<< if that would do anything.

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