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In the ginamagantic list of Crysis console commands listed in the special console commands text file (see below), most of the listed commands relate to tweaking graphics and game performance and will probably require you to do some heavy experimenting in order to understand exactly what does what. I took the trouble however to browse through the entire list of Crysis console commands and glean a short list of game cheats and other stuff that you might find useful and entertaining.

How to activate a cheat:

While the game is loaded, press the tilde key to bring down the console. Type in the cheat command and press Enter to activate the cheat. Press the tilde key again to close the console. The DEVMODE column refers to whether you need to start Crysis in DevMode to use that particular cheat. Please read the full details about the console and starting Crysis in DevMode for more information.

General Game Cheats

Cheat Command DevMode Notes
Full Console Access con_restricted 0 NO This is NOT the same as running the game in DevMode
Display framerate r_displayinfo 1 NO Set value to 0 to hide info again
Get all console commands dumpcommandsvars NO Creates a .txt file in game install folder listing all console commands (consolecommandsandvars.txt)
Invincibility (god mode) g_godmode 1 YES The health bar still goes down when taking damage but you won't die when it hits 0.
Disable "you died x times" hud_godfadetime 0 YES Even though you don't actually die, when god mode is enabled, it will will still calculate when you would have died and will keep a running total and display the message: "You died xx times" whenever you 'die'. This will remove that message.
Remove weapon limit i_noweaponlimit 1 YES Enables you to carry as many weapons as you like. Activate this cheat before using any 'get weapon' cheats.
Get any weapon i_giveitem [weapon] YES Usage: [weapon] is the special name for each weapon. Example: i_giveitem Hurricane gives the Minigun. (See chart below)
Get all weapons i_giveallitems YES No value is necessary. Just enter the command by itself. Make sure you remove the weapon limit (i_noweaponlimit 1) before activating this cheat
Level warp map [level name] NO Jumps immediately to the beginning of the specified level. [level name] is the special name assigned to each level. (See chart below)
Have enemy ignore you ai_ignoreplayer 1 Yes Enemy completely ignores you
Indestructible vehicles v_goliathmode 1 YES All vehicles become indestructible. NOTE: If you enable this on the tank level (Onslaught), it will prevent you from completing your objectives since enemy tanks have to be destroyed. Also, if you increase your strength (see below) and enable this, you can punch vehicles and they will go flying!
Disable autosave g_enableautosave 0 NO Disables all autosaves at checkpoints. However, all your manually saved games and the level-start autosaves will be unaffected.
Faster speed mode g_suitspeedmult 10 NO This applies to your movement speed while the nanosuit speed mode is enabled. The default value is 1.85. So a setting of 10 is about 5 times faster (really fast)
Faster walk / sprint g_walkmultiplier 10 NO This applies to your movement speed regardless of which nanosuit mode is currently enabled. The default value is 1 so 10 is a really fast.
Faster swim pl_swimbasespeed 10 YES Makes you swim faster. The default setting for this is 4. At high settings, if you dive down a bit and then swim towards the surface, you will actually jump out of the water like a dolphin.
Stronger punch cl_strengthscale 200 NO This applies to punches delivered while in strength mode. The default value for this is 1. So a setting of 200 is ridiculously powerful, e.g., 2 or 3 punches will destroy a tank. To have a laugh, set vehicles to indestructible (see above) and then try punching a tank or a jeep... :o)
Infinite Night Vision hud_nightvisionconsumption 0 YES This allows you to use night vision as long as you want.
No damage from high fall pl_falldamage_speedfatal 50 YES The default is 13.7
Low gravity p_gravity_z -4 YES Here's another way to avoid taking damage from high falls. Simply lower the force of gravity. The default value is -9.8
Execute batch file exec [filename] n/a This allows you to execute a batch file containing multiple console commands. (Please see Crysis Super Cheats Download for more details.)

Weapon Cheats

The Crysis console command i_giveitem [weapon name] will give you the specified weapon or attachment where [weapon name] is the special name for the weapon that must be entered as a value for the command (Crysis must be loaded in DevMode for this command to work).

Example usage:

i_give_item SMG

...will give you the submachine gun. (This assumes that you have a free slot available to carry the weapon. You should probably remove the weapon limit by running the i_noweaponlimit 1 command first.) The weapon names ARE case sensitive.

The chart below outlines all the weapon names and what they give:

Weapon name What it gives
SOCOM Pistol
SCAR Standard US Assault Rifle
FY71 Standard Korean Assault Rifle
SMG Submachine Gun
Shotgun Shotgun
LAW Missile Launcher
GaussRifle Gauss Rifle
DSG1 Precision Sniper Rifle
TACGun Tac Gun
Hurricane Minigun
GrenadeLauncher Grenade launcher
AssaultScope Assault scope
SniperScope Sniper scope
LAMRifle Laser Pointer Module
FragGrenade Grenade
SmokeGrenade Smoke grenade
FlashbangGrenade Flashbang
C4 Explosive Charge
Claymore Claymore
AVMine Anti-vehicle mine

Level Warp

The Crysis console command map [map name] will jump you to the specified level where [map name] is the special name that must be entered as a value for the command. The chart below outlines all the levels and their special names.

Example usage:

map tank

...will immediately load the Onslaught level (the tank battlefield level).

The chart below shows all the level names and which level you'll be warped to:

Map Name Warps you to this level
island Contact
village Recovery
rescue Relic
harbor Assault
tank Onslaught
mine Awakening
core Core
ice Paradise Lost
sphere Exodus
ascension Ascension
fleet Reckoning

Health Regeneration and Nanosuit Energy Cheats

Most of the console commands regarding the health regeneration or suit energy meters require Crysis to be run in DevMode. Also, if what you're looking for is to apply a cheat which will keep your health meter and your suit energy meter full all the time then you'll have to type in all the cheats outlined in the chart below as no single cheat necessarily covers all the bases. However, there is a much easier way to implement all these cheats by using my Crysis Super Cheats file. Alternatively, you could manually tweak your Crysis config files.

Cheat Command DevMode
Full health in Armor mode g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTime 0 YES
Full health in Armor mode while moving g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTimeMoving 0 YES
Full health (non-Armor mode) g_playerSuitHealthRegenTime 0 YES
Full health while moving (non-Armor mode) g_playerSuitHealthRegenTimeMoving 0 YES
No delay for health recharge after getting hit g_playerSuitHealthRegenDelay 0 YES
No suit energy recharge delay after getting hit g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeDelay 0 YES
Instant suit energy recharge g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTime 0 YES
Instant suit energy recharge in Armor mode g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmor 0 YES
Instant suit energy recharge in Armor mode while moving g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmorMoving 0 YES
No suit energy loss after firing weapon g_suitRecoilEnergyCost 0 YES
No suit energy loss from using Cloak mode g_suitCloakEnergyDrainAdjuster 0 NO
No suit energy loss from using Speed mode g_suitSpeedEnergyConsumption 0 NO
Extra health in Armor mode g_suitArmorHealthValue 500 NO


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    There is also "MAP CANYON" to skip to level 2.

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    My question is regarding Crysis 2.
    Do u know any tricks on how to adjust the crosshair size.

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